Ultimate Beastmaster (Netflix)


Ultimate Beastmaster (Netflix) – Premieres 24th February – Renewed

An assault course style competition where in each episode 12 entrants made up from the six countries involved (USA, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, South Korea and Japan), go against each other where the last person standing wins $10k and gains entry into the grand final where they could win $50k.

The competition is split up into 4 rounds, where the competitors gain points for completing each obstacle and get bonus points for activating a points boost lever located on some of the challenges. At the end of the first round the top 8 go through to the next stage, where they keep the points already accumulated, at the end of the second round the three lowest point scorers are eliminated.

The third round offer the remaining 5 the option of completing a simpler course that offers a lower point yield, or the hard option where if they fail at an obstacle they have the points they could have gained, deducted from their score.

For the final round the top competitors have their scores reset to zero and they race against each other to tackle a Mount Midoriyama climb littered with additional challenges. The winner the person the achieves either the completion of the round, gets the highest score, or if the scores are tied whoever is higher up after 5 minutes.

For a obstacle course competition it is a more entertaining piece of viewing compared to American Grit or Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, though it lacks the atmosphere or watchability of Ninja Warrior.


The Keepers (Netflix)


The Keepers (Netflix) – Premieres 19th May

Crime documentary which looks into the 1969 unsolved murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a nun who worked as a teacher in a Catholic all girls school in Baltimore. Where two of her former students, along with a reporter who covered the case at the time, try to find out what happened.

The first episode is used to go into setting the scene of the documentary, where it covers the history of the school the sister worked at, showing how the murder was covered in the press, and how the body was discovered. Along with briefly covering another murder that happened five days later with a young girl in the area in similar circumstances. As it goes through the history of the case there’s are interviews with former students, clergy who knew the sister and former police who worked the case who give their of what they thought happened.

For an opening episode it has more in common with the documentary Paradise Lost than Making A Murderer, and with it only revealing the next lead at the very end of the episode gives it a slow paced vibe. That said it’s worth watching.


Dear White People (Netflix)


Dear White People (Netflix) – Premieres 28th April

Satire based on the film of the same name, following the aftermath of the white students of an Ivy League school having a blackface fancy dress party, which the college had banned, to protest Sam and her radio show Dear White People which pointed out the racism happening in the school.

While in a meeting with the black student unions as they try to put a plan together on how to respond, Sams secret boyfriend posts a pick up of her leading to her being shunned by some of the group due to him being white.

Then after being told by one of the college reporters that they found out how the party started, Sam announces on the school radio that she was behind sending out the invites as to highlight the racial problems in the school, much to the joy of the black students.

While as a satire it does more than a good job, but with comedy hitting the mark it’s lacking.


Girlboss (Netflix)


Girlboss (Netflix) – Premieres 21st April

Comedy centered on Sophia, a spoilt rich kid whose problem with any type of authority means she can’t hold down a job. With an impending eviction on the cards, Sophia after a night on the town, gets sacked from her job leading her to have a lovely day out buying a vintage jacket in a charity shop and nicking a rug.

After meeting her dad in a restaurant where she turns down his offer of moving back into the family home, she heads back to hers to view eBay and ponder on her situation. After noticing that the presentation on some of the items on eBay leave a lot to be desired she does an impromptu solo photo shoot with her newly acquired jacket, and marvels at the instant success it has with buyers.

And lo she then decides it’s time to mature.

As comedies go this is pretty much devoid of any jokes and it’s a bit of a chore to get through.


Bill Nye Saves The World (Netflix)


Bill Nye Saves The World (Netflix) – Premieres 21st April – Renewed

Focusing on various real world problems this is a science show looking into the cause and effects of current issues. After showing a school level science demonstration to give a brief illustration on the topic, the show then goes into some more depth with on location reports and a round table discussion with people involved in trying to improve the situation.

While the show tries to cover the topic it’s focused on, it never really gets to disproving the current misinformation believed by some, could have been done in the round table segment of the show, and ends up with Bill Nye ranting to a crowd that already agree with him while not doing much to explain why.

For something that sets out to show the science behind certain issues it never really gets past giving brief outlines to the subject matter and at times comes across as a bit preachy.


Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On (Netflix)


Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On (Netflix) – Premieres 21st April

Docu-series that is a spin off from the Hot Girls Wanted documentary which looks in more detail as to how porn is changing and how it’s effecting the women that work within the industry.

Each episode looks into a different aspect of the business where it documents some of the leading females in the sector. In it they recount how they got into the business, how the internet has created production problems within their field due to the lack of people actually paying, and finding out why they’re still wanting to work in the industry.

It’s an interesting look into the behind-the-scenes aspects for the adult entertainment world.


Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return (Netflix)


Mystery Science Theatre 3000: The Return (Netflix) – Premieres 14th April

Revived series where a space worker, Jonah Heston, while working for Gizmonic is lured to the dark side of the moon when he is held captive by Kinga Forrester and is forced to watch B-Movies with his robot friends.

In it, each episode is a full showing of an old B-Movie while Jonah and his buddies do a running commentary of the film making fun of it’s bad script, visual effects and general terribleness.

With it being basically a commentary track to a film there’s a lot of hit and miss jokes thrown in, but the ones that hit do get a laugh.