American Vandal (Netflix)


American Vandal (Netflix) – Premieres 15th September 

Mockumentary where after being found guilty by the school board of drawing knobs on 27 of the teachers cars, Dylan Maxwell is expelled but continues claim he’s innocent.

This leads student to Peter Maldonado and his friend Sam to create a documentary to look into the crime and find out if Dylan is innocent, and if he is, who was really behind the cock drawings.

As a parody of shows like Making A Murderer, it captures the presentation to a tee while still managing to drop some decent comedy bits without it ever dropping out of character. It’s a surprisingly good bit of TV.



Greenhouse Academy (Netflix)


Greenhouse Academy (Netflix) – Premieres 8th September 

A clunky as hell teen drama, where after 6 months from watching their astronaut mothers death as her ship exploded during the launch, Hayley takes her brother Alex to the recruitment exam of the Greehouse Academy.

The Academy being an elite school that their mother previously attended, which focuses on producing future leaders, where they split the sports based students from the book learners and place them into two competing houses. As Alex goes through the exams Hayley, who is against the whole idea of the school, begins to call out the perceived biases she’s spotted. This leads to the dean of the school offering a six month scholarship so they can show her it’s not as bad as she believes.

The whole thing comes over as an over sentimental Lifetime/Hallmark style drama but for kids. It’s all very forgettable.


The Confession Tapes (Netflix)


The Confession Tapes (Netflix) – Premieres 8th September 

A docu-series that looks into various criminal cases where the convictions have been based on apparent forced confessions.

In the episode the show recaps the sequence of events that led to the crime, then with interviews with police officers, members of the defence and their family and friends goes through what happened during the time leading to the conviction.

Along with the interviews, the programme shows the actual police interview tapes as well as archive recording of those suspects involved. Where they recount how they ended up admitting guilt to crimes they said they were innocent to.

As a crime docu-series it’s a bit like a condensed version of shows like Making A Murderer, and worth a watch if you’re into that sort of thing.


Fire Chasers (Netflix)


Fire Chasers (Netflix) – Premieres 8th September 

An impressively slow going documentary about the 2016 Californian forest fires where it follows the various groups of people involved in fighting, researching and trying to prevent the infernos.

Along with showing the footage of the people working to contain the fires it also shows a few initiatives of recruiting volunteer fire fighters from a womens prison, a photographer who chases the fires to record time lapse footage, showing how it spreads, and local government meetings where they explain how bark bugs are helping in the regularity of the fires.

The documentary as a whole is a slog to get through mainly due to the excessively slow pacing to it all, where it helps making anything that could be interesting become a dull bit of viewing.


Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light (Netflix)


Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light (Netflix) –  Premieres 1st September

The most Japanese of Japanese dramas, where after initially bonding over playing Final Fantasy when he was young, Akio now barely talks to his dad. After his father suddenly quits his job Akio decides to get his dad a PS4 and a copy of the new Final Fantasy, where he plans to befriend his dads avatar without revealing who he is so he can get to know him again.

The show is a mix between live action and machinima, and sort of plays out as a more serious take on the South Park episode Make Love Not Warcraft. It’s an incredibly niche bit of drama.


Disjointed (Netflix)


Disjointed (Netflix) – Premieres 25th August

A Chuck Lorre sitcom that is set in a weed dispensary, where the owner Ruth has just employed her son to help run the shop, but he has plans in turning the store into a franchise much to his mothers reluctance. The stores other stoned employees are then quizzed on whether the shop should expand or are roped in to make a few online adverts.

It’s like the weed answer to Superior Donuts while containing all the laughs of The Ranch. It is most unenjoyable.


The Defenders (Netflix)


The Defenders (Netflix) – Premieres 18th August

Superhero shenanigans that bring together the four characters Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage & Iron Fist, as they team up to bring down the clandestine organisation The Hand, before it goes all Ra’s al Ghul and culls the population of New York.

The first episode is used to get all of the fours stories up to speed in case the viewer hasn’t watched all of the series, while quickly getting them all back into New York. Virtually no time is spent in even trying to set up the upcoming plot, to the point where if someone jumped in straight to episode 2 they would have missed nothing in the way of the story.

For an opening episode it’s an absolute waste of 50 minutes.