Sugar Rush (Netflix)


Sugar Rush (Netflix) – Premieres 13th July

A competitive baking show that adds a new wrinkle to the genre, where four teams go head-to-head as they try to win the $10k prize.

The competition is split into three rounds, and before the competition starts, the judges reveal the theme of the episode. Where everything made has to fall into that remit.

To add to the challenge the teams have to complete the first two round within a three hour time limit, where any time left over gets added to the three hours allotted for the third and final round.

Before the first round of cupcake production starts, the judges introduce an added stipulation they have to incorporate within their cupcakes. And during the round as soon as the teams finish, they stop the clock for the judges to taste the food.  Where they then instantly lead into the second round of confectionaries.

When all the teams have finished the first round, the judges then announce which team has been eliminated, leaving the remaining three teams to continue on with the second round. After all three teams finish the second round the judges eliminate another team leaving two to go head to head.

In the final round the judges introduce another stipulation, and the teams have three hours, plus the time they save over the first rounds to produce a cake to fulfil the judges requirements. Then at the end of the show, both cakes are sampled and the winner is crowned.

For a cooking show it’s a decent addition to the genre, with the time management aspect leading to some teams underdelivering to earn more time for a round they might not get to. It’s a nice tactical element you don’t usually see.

If you like cooking competitions it definitely one to check out.



The Comedy Lineup (Netflix)


The Comedy Lineup (Netflix) – Premieres 6th July

Like The Standups & Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level this is a comedy series where each episode is dedicated to an up and coming comedian, though in this series they perform a 15 minute set opposed to a full half hour.

With the show allowing a longer set than the usual network stand up programme, where there’s multiple comedians doing 5 minute bits. This allows you to get more into the routine. Though it’s still like an episode of Live at the Apollo where it’s cut out one comedians set and made it as an individual show.

Still, it’s not too bad a way to check out some new comedians.


Cooking On High (Netflix)


Cooking On High (Netflix) – Premieres 22nd June

A show that takes the premise of Bong Appétit and turns it into a 15 minute cooking competition. Where two chefs go head to head to be crowned the bestest chef to use cannabis edibles in a meal, and win a gold pot and a lovely sash.

The show kicks of with the host introducing the two judges. Where they chat about their love of weed and how stoned they usually are, before the chefs are brought in.

From there chefs are told the theme of the dish they will have to produce, along with a weed expert bringing in the strand they will have to cook with. Then after describing what they will be making, the chefs cook their dishes in front of the judges. Where after they are eaten and scored, a winner is crowned.

Even for a 15 minute cooking show this one goes along at a slow pace and is a bit of a chore to get through. Especially if listening to folks talking about how stoned they’ve got isn’t your thing.


The Break With Michelle Wolf (Netflix)


The Break With Michelle Wolf (Netflix) – Premieres 27th May

A weekly comedy show hosted by former Daily Show contributor Michelle Wolf. During the episode show comes across as a split between Wolf doing a chat show style opening monologue, a topical Daily Show section, and few comedy sketches before finishing off an guest join her so a sit down routine.

The programme itself is hit and miss with the it’s content, where the whole Amazon Alexa pisstake sketch being one of the most painfully unfunny skits committed to film for a long time. But the bits where Wolf is performing a subject that is obviously close to her it does get a lot better. That said overall it’s more miss than hit, and with the jumbled approach to the content doesn’t give you the urge to check out another episode.


Explained (Netflix)


Explained (Netflix) – Premieres 23rd May

A short no nonsense docu-series that takes a specific subject for the an episode and sets about cramming as much information into 15 minutes.

As the programme plays out it, brings up facts and figures on the topic, archival footage to support its arguments and statements. Along with interviews from authors, experts, politicians and historians who highlight various aspects, leaving the narration to link everything to before the time runs out.

For a short run documentary it definitely covers a lot of ground and with the almost nonstop barrage of information it keeps your interest throughout. And with the series covering a massively wide range of subjects it does enough for you to wanna check another episode. It’s a decent piece of viewing.


Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist (Netflix)


Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist (Netflix) – Premieres 10th May – Miniseries

A crime documentary that looks into the 2003 failed bank heist in Erie Pennsylvania. Which included a pizza driver with a bomb strapped around his neck who performed the robbery, through to the couple behind the plot and their motives behind it.

The opening episode goes through the crime itself, where the programme interviews members of the police who were at the scene and investigated the case. Along with members of the FBI who were brought in to help work out what happened and why.

The programme goes through the sequence of events and the major clues that were found that led to the arrest of the suspects, and how certain pieces of evidence linked everything together, while showing news footage from the time. All of which leads up to the documentarian ending up talking to the people involved in the crime. Where their contradictions of what happened adds to the mystery of whole situation, and who was really behind it all.

As a first episode it has more than enough going on to get you’re interest. And with the strange sequence of events behind it all, it’s keeps your attention as it goes through unravelling everything. It’s well worth a watch.


Safe (Netflix)


Safe (Netflix) – Premieres 10th May

Set a year after the death of his wife, this is a thriller that follows Tom Delaney, a surgeon who is trying to reconnect with his eldest daughter who blames him for the death of her mother.

When his eldest daughter goes missing after attending a house party the night before, Tom begins to try and recount her steps before she disappeared. There he discovers some suspicious events surrounding the boyfriend she met up with.

While this is going on the families to the other kids involved begin to start showing suspicious traits of there own, from one of the mothers being investigated for possibly having a relationship with a student, one of the dads hiding a dead body in a freezer and even Toms work colleague and friend being spotted near the party around the time of the disappearance.

The show itself is reminiscent to The Killing with the amount of potential suspects, though with The Killing the twists developed in a more natural way. While any reveals in this seem to be thrown in with no real thought, which hinders the watchability of it all.