Atypical (Netflix)


Atypical (Netflix)

A comedy that focuses Sam, an 18 year old who has autism, a deep love for penguins and a doubt that he’ll ever get a girlfriend. After his therapist informs him that other people who have autism manage to have relationships, this encourages him to try and get a date.

When he reveals that he is planning to start dating, he’s sister and workmate try to give him advice on how to impress women along with Sam doing internet research on the subject. All the while Sam voiceovers how he processes the information and how his autism makes him do the things he does.

While this is going on Sams mother begins to question her role now that he is beginning to become more independent leading to her flirting with barstaff and generally being disillusioned with her future.

For a comedy it’s a more subtle take on some with a disability than something like Speechless, where the main humour comes from how Sam takes the advice he receives literally or how what he considers normal is interpreted by everyone else. The one thing that doesn’t really fit into it is storyline with the mother, which sort of jars against the rest of the show.


Daughters of Destiny (Netflix)


Daughters of Destiny (Netflix) – Premieres 28th July

Documentary that focuses on five girls who are in Shanti Bhavan boarding school, a place founded by businessman Abraham George where all the students are classified as untouchables by the Indian caste system.

As untouchables the kids are deemed to be worthless and would normally grow up in poverty and be given the most basic of jobs. The school takes in the children when they are four years old and looks after them until their first day of work, where the plan is for them to break the caste system and help get their families out of poverty.

While it’s not the most easy going of documentaries it’s a fascinating watch.


Ozark (Netflix)


Ozark (Netflix) – Premieres 21st July

Crime drama where after drug cartel boss Camino finds out that someone has been skimming off the profits, he gets the people involved in the money laundering part of the business together to find out who is responsible.

After executing those involved one by one, he is left with Marty Byrde who manages to talk Camino into agreeing to give him a second chance by convincing he has a plan in place by moving to the Ozarks to launder the cash. Camino agrees to this, though gives him 2 days to recoup the $8million that was stolen and then another two days to relocate his family.

As Marty and his family are heading off Camino gives back the $8million for Marty to launder to prove that his plan works, and wasn’t a scheme to get out of being executed. Camino then gives the stipulation that if Marty fails to fully launder the cash the cartel will murder him and his family.

The show is very slightly reminiscent to Breaking Bad, as in it’s a regular family man that descends into a criminal world under the guise of protecting his family. It’s well worth a watch.


Friends From College (Netflix)


Friends From College (Netflix) – Premieres 14th July

After spending a decade away, Ethan and Lisa decide to return to New York and reunite with their old college friends. On their return they move in with Marianne as they look for an apartment, who is secretly aware of the affair Ethan is having with their other friend Sam.

Along with this there’s Ethan being informed by his agent friend Max that his novel is unsellable and advising him to write YA fiction, leading Ethan to lie about his career when he and lisa go for a meal with Sam and her husband. After which Sam decides to have a house party leading to all the friends meeting up and generally all being a bit dickish.

It’s pretty much a comedy where everyone is unlikeable and has very little in the way of comedy.


Castlevania (Netflix)


Castlevania (Netflix) – Premieres 7th July – Renewed

Based on the old video game, this is a US anime set in Wallachia in the 15th century. After Dracula finds the one human woman he actually likes, he lets her use his science lab to forward her medical knowledge and they end up marrying. Things are then shortlived as the local Catholics believe his wife is a witch due to her medical knowledge and burn her at the stake.

Dracula, being understandably a bit peeved by the whole situation, declares that the town have one year to dismantle the town and leave the area, if not then he’ll release an army of demons to kill everyone there. The local priests after hearing the declaration instantly dismiss it as an idle threat and everyone does nowt.

As the one year time limit is about to strike the priests have set up a wee celebration of Dracula doing nothing only to get the big man himself to turn up and release his armies upon them. With the townsfolk being miffed about the imminent death situation they lay the blame towards the kingdoms noble families including the Belmonts. A family that was excommunicated by the church and the relations to Trevor Belmont a demon hunter who is believed to have the ability to stop Dracula.

It’s a surprisingly good piece of anime.


The Standups (Netflix)


The Standups (Netflix) – Premieres 4th July

Like Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level, this is a stand up show that features a different comedian in each episode. Unlike The Next Level, this features more established comedians doing a straight 30 minute set with no pre-set interview.

With the standups featured the difference in quality is noticeable straight away as their sets are clearly more structured, and is an entertaining bit of viewing. It’s well worth a watch if you enjoy stand up comedy.


Gypsy (Netflix)


Gypsy (Netflix) – Premieres 30th June – Cancelled

Drama that follows Jean Holloway, a therapist who begins to grow tired of the mundanity of her married life and suspicious of her husbands secretary. Jean starts to follow and befriend the people her patients have been confiding to her about, leading to Jean blurring the lines between her work and personal life.

While there is the vague similarity to this and Chance, where a therapist becomes too involved and it ultimately takes over their life. With the slow pacing of the first ep there’s nothing that really stands out and makes you want to continue watching. It’s all pretty disappointing.