Car Masters: Rust to Riches (Netflix)


Car Masters: Rust to Riches (Netflix) – Premieres 14th September

A car renovation show where owner of the Gotham Garage, Mark Towle, has a novel approach to his business compared to similar shows. As he sets out to initially buy a cheap beaten up vehicle, and when it’s restored, trade it for a more valuable beaten down vehicle where he repeats the process until the value for the final build is in the six figure area. And when that’s achieved, starts the process again at the beginning.

In each episode it focuses on one stage of the restore and trade process, where it starts with the vehicle arriving at the garage. Leaving the employees question whether it’s doable. Then after the plan is shown, the team begin work in the usual car restoration style.

As this is going on Mike then gets a small job coming into the garage to help pay the bills, which ends up providing more problems than the big job they are working on. Then when both jobs are finished, the small job returns to it’s owner, and the big job is taken to the owner of the next restoration job where the vehicles are swapped.

For what it is, the show does offer something slightly different to the norm, which does help this to be more watchable than other similar shows. All-in-all, it’s something you’d happily watch if nowt else is on.



First and Last (Netflix)


First and Last (Netflix) – Premieres 7th September

A prison based docu-series that is based at the Gwinnett County jail in Georgia, that follows the people that are either spending their first day in the jail, or about to be released after serving their time.

During the programme if follows a selection of people who fit the remit, and has them explaining what happened for them to be incarcerated, and then follows them as they either prepare to finally leave, or trying to arrange bail.

The programme then shows the leavers meeting up with their relatives, and the first day folks either getting out on bail, or being processed into the system. It the wraps up with giving an update on the people featured, showing if they managed to stay on the straight and narrow or have ended up imprisoned.

For a prison documentary there’s nothing in it that makes it stand out from the crowd. And with it going along at a painfully slow pace, as well as not much really happening, it makes it a forgettable piece of viewing.


Paradise PD (Netflix)


Paradise PD (Netflix) – Premieres 31st August

Animated comedy where as a kid idolising his police chief father, Kevin, accidentally shoots his dads balls off when playing around with his gun. The show fast forwards to when Kevin is grown up, where his parents are now divorced and his dream of being a police officer is dead in the water, with his father refusing to employ him.

With the department being understaffed and having no money the ragtag collection of officers, end up getting a new recruit when Kevins mum, the town mayor, gives him the job of his dreams. There he joins the team that contains a comedically obese officer, a psychotic female officer who sexually assaults the fat fella at any given opportunity, an officer that’s suffering from PTSD and a police dog that addicted to drugs.

There they bumble their way to solving that cases that come their way, all the while Kevin trying to get the approval of his dad who’s looking for any reason to kick him off the force.

The opening episode is a solid showing, where is does enough to get the set up going, all the while managing to throw in a couple of decent laughs. It’s worth a watch.


The Innocents (Netflix)


The Innocents (Netflix) – Premieres 24th August

A sci-fi drama where after growing tired of her controlling father, who has gotten worse since her mother disappeared. June plots to run away with her boyfriend Harry, who is also desperate to get away from his own home life.

The pair find themselves under a looming deadline, as Junes father is planning to move the family off to a remove Scottish island. Where it slowly reveals that they are under surveillance from a mysterious group.

June unaware of this, makes her escape with Harry the night before the move, and as they flee run into someone in distress. While helping them out, they discover it was a ruse to kidnap June, with the would be captors saying that they are with her mother and are trying to help.

After managing to escape, by possibly leaving one of the kidnappers dead on the side of the road. June ends up revisiting the scene, and ends up discovering that she has the ability of shape shifting into the person she touches.

For an opening episode, this one goes along at a sluggish pace where the only thing of note happens in the last 5 minutes. Altogether it never does anything during the first episode that hooks your interest, making all very forgettable.


Follow This (Netflix)


Follow This (Netflix) – Premieres 9th July

A docu-series that follows various Buzzfeed reporters as they look into some of the more niche things that occur on the interest and look into how they came about, and what kind of folks get involved with it all.

The 20 minute show kicks off with the reporter in question giving a brief synopsis of the thing they are about to look into. Then follows them as they meet up with someone that creates content on the internet, where they show the reporter what they do, giving them a brief tutorial, and then chatting about how people view their content and whether or not they think it’s beneficial.

After interviewing an avid viewer to find out how they content helps them, the reporter also brings in the opinions of an expert. Before finishing off by experiencing a real world equivalent and comparing how the real world version differs to the internet one.

With the programme having a short run time, this gets through everything at a decent pace, and keeps your interest throughout. Even though the subject matter in question does seem to be a bit flakey.


All Or Nothing: Manchester City (Amazon)


All Or Nothing: Manchester City (Amazon) – Premieres 17th August

A sports documentary that takes the NFL All Or Nothing format, and follows Premier League side Manchester City during their title winning 17/18 season.

Like the NFL version, this shows the behind the scenes goings on as the team prepares for the upcoming matches. As it follows and interview the players, management and backroom team, showing the roles they play and what the usual daily routine is like.

The during the match day, the programme shows highlights from the match, the half time talk and how the side deals with the final result. As sport documentaries go, while it lacks the player interaction usually seen in the US sport equivalents, it is a lot more enjoying than First Team: Juventus. All in all if you like football it’s worth a watch.



Magic For Humans (Netflix)


Magic For Humans (Netflix) – Premieres 17th August

A comedy where in each episode magician Justin Willman performs tricks to members of the public that are all tied together with the theme of a human emotion.

In the show between doing quick magic tricks to passers by, Willman also performs some more elaborate tricks that either take inspiration from old psychological tests through to some more complex takes on street magic. As he performs the tricks there’s a fair amount of playful mocking going on, as well as some left field adult swim sounding segments like “Magic for Susans” which has a Tim & Eric feel with it’s jingle.

Altogether the show goes along at a decent pace, and the tricks performed are all entertaining, making it a surprisingly pleasant bit of viewing.