Dark (Netflix)


Dark (Netflix) – Premieres 1st December

German drama set in the small town of Winden, where two months after his father had committed suicide, leaving a letter to be opened at a specific time. Jonas returns to school, finding out that one of his classmates Erik has been missing for almost two weeks.

After meeting up with his friend they agree to head to the local cave where Erik kept his stash of drugs so they could split it with each other and sell the rest. On the evening where they plan to raid the cave they are joined up with their friend who also happen to be the offspring of the principal. After getting the drugs, the gang are spooked by something coming from the cave leading them to make a hasty exit. When they regroup the notice the youngest of the principals kids Mikkel has gone missing.

While all of this is kicking off, a parents meeting at the school is interrupted by an old fella proclaiming that “It’s happening again”, the local copper who’s is married to the principal is continuing his affair with Jonas’ mum. And there is a couple of cuts to a bunker, made up as an 80’s bedroom with a decorated electric chair, which is housing Erik.

As opening episodes go, there is a lot happening all with a hinted time travel vibe. While it’s slow for it to reveal what is going on, it does keep the intrigue up nicely.



The Day I Met El Chapo (Netflix)


The Day I Met El Chapo (Netflix) – Premieres 20th October – Miniseries

Documentary that recounts the events that occurred after Mexican actress Kate del Castillo sent out a tweet that referenced the drug lord El Chapo and was widely misinterpreted.

After weathering the initial storm of news coverage, two years later Kate finds herself chatting with Fernando Sulichin and Olivier Stone where they talk about their interest in making a film about El Chapo. Kate then gets the added coincidence of El Chapos lawyers getting in contact with her about them giving the rights for Guzmans life story to her.

This then leads to Sean Penn getting involved with the project and for Kate and Sean heading off to Mexico for a face-to-face meeting with Guzman, which ultimately leads to his capture.

While showing the events of the main story, the programme also covers the history of Mexico and their love of Robin Hood style folklore, as well as the back story of both del Castillo and El Chapo. It’s worth a watch.


She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix)


She’s Gotta Have It (Netflix) – Premieres 23rd November

TV adaptation of the Spike Lee film, that follows Nola Darling, an artist who is three different relationships as she tries to work out what kind of chap she wants to date while keeping her personal freedom.

She is in a relationship with Greer a narcissistic model, Mars a wise cracking bicycle courier and Jonathan a banker who isn’t best pleased with Nola dating other folks.

The show has Nola trying to work out what she wants, before coming to the decision that maybe a monogamous relationship isn’t for her. Though she has to deal with the fact the men she’s dating are pushing her to make a decision to dump the others for them.

The show is a more stylised sort of take on Insecure and The Climb, where if you liked the film this is pretty much the same deal.


Godless (Netflix)


Godless (Netflix) – Premieres 22nd November

Western centered on the small town of La Belle, a town mostly populated by women after a mining incident killed off the majority of the male population. The towns sheriff Bill McNue, who is labelled a coward in the town and beginning to lose his sight, is told that the outlaw Frank Griffin has been operating nearby.

Bill is told that during a stagecoach heist, Roy Goode, a former member of Franks gang, broke up the robbery and managed to shoot Franks arm off. In retaliation Frank massacred the nearby town, and is hunting down Roy who was seen in the nearby area.

After heading out the try and broker a deal to get some horses for the town from the widow that lives on the outskirts. Bill discovers that she is harbouring Roy Goode after shooting him when he was trespassing on her land, leading to Bill arresting him and taking him back to La Belle.

For an opening episode it sets everything up nicely and is worth a watch.


Shot In The Dark (Netflix)


Shot In The Dark (Netflix) – Premieres 17th November

A docuseries that follows three freelance news teams as they work the nights of the LA area, where they try to get and sell the best footage of newsworthy events.

As they monitor police and fire dept scanners, they try to get to crime scenes, fires and accidents before the others where they film, edit and upload what they’ve captured in a race to be the first to sell their footage to the local news channels.

It’s a surprisingly interesting bit of viewing and worth a watch.


The Punisher (Netflix)


The Punisher (Netflix) – Premieres 17th November – Renewed

Six months after Frank Castle has killed everyone linked to the death of his family, he has assumed a new identity and is quietly working away on a building site twatting the crap out of walls with a sledgehammer.

During a lunch break he overhears a couple of the more nefarious co-workers planning to rob a poker game, though decides to do nothing about it. After the new kid on site accepts the offer to go on the job, he manages to let accidentally reveal his identity to the room full of gangster as they robbed them. Realising this will mean he will be hunted down the others take him back to the building site to kill him, unaware Frank is doing some wall twatting personal therapy at the same time.

This leads to Frank defending the kid from his imminent doom by showing of some handy sledgehammer skills and getting the info of the game they hit where he continues his classic brand of violent retribution.

As this is all going off, Dinah Mandani, an homeland security agent who has been restationed from Afghanistan to New York and is determined to find out why her partner her partner was killed, leading her to look into a conspiracy that involves Franks old unit.

For an first ep, it’s on a par with the Daredevil opener and is a good bit of viewing.


Mindhunter (Netflix)


Mindhunter (Netflix) – Premieres 13th October – Renewed

After being involved in a hostage negotiation that doesn’t go exactly to plan, Agent Ford is removed from field duty to teach hostage negotiation at Quantico.

After watching the class of fellow instructor Professor Rathman as he talks about the problems of finding the motive of random killings. Ford and the professor talk over a beer and agree that no one is looking into the causes of what turns someone into a murderer.

Ford hooks up with a sociology student who after talking about what she’s studying and talking him to watch Dog Day Afternoon, Ford talks to the Quantico bigwig to start looking into Criminal Psychology. After being told that the FBI frowns upon the use of psychology in finding criminals, he manages to be allowed to study the field with the caveat that he has to recruit some of the professors.

After seeng his revised class, the Quantico bigwig gets Ford to team up with Agent Tench in Behavioural Science where they head off to around the country to teach classes to police departments, to teach them some of the techniques the FBI are using and in return they are told how the police are currently tackling cases.

After one of the classes the duo are told about an active case currently troubling a detective where they go over the evidence, but Ford irks the detective by refusing to give any information by revealing they don’t have the knowledge to currently help. And that their knowledge of killers is only in its infancy.

As an opening episode it set ups the scene nicely, and though it doesn’t reveal too much in the way of plot it’s definitely watchable.