Nitro Circus Crazy Train (NBCSN)


Nitro Circus Crazy Train (NBCSN) – Starts 15th October

Docu-series filming the behind the scenes of the Nitro Circus, a live show featuring freestyle motocross riders and the like where they perform stunts and tricks in various places around the world.

It features Travis Pastrana, who created the show, and a selection of the performers and organisers going about their business getting the event booked, ready, and performed.

What it mainly covers is a few of the performers doing stuff in the city while the venue gets transformed, a couple snippets of the actual acts doing their stuff, and a few of the organisers awkwardly talking to each other on film as if it was a company in-house education video.

It was like an extreme sports take on the NOFX Backstage Passport series, with anything vaguely interesting removed.



Mobsteel (NBCSN)


Mobsteel (NBCSN) – Starts 16th August

Car restoration programme where an owner of a dilapidated vehicle in Detroit get their car fixed and spruced up by the Mobsteel garage. As is the norm with these shows, it follows all the processes the garage goes through along with them finding alternative ways of fixing the car up to reduce the bill for the customer.

At the end of the programme the restored car is shown to the owner and there is much rejoicing. It’s a show that’s been done numerous times before, but is a passable enough way of wasting 45 minutes.