Gone (NBC)


Gone (NBC) – Premieres TBA 2018

Procedural crime drama that is centred on Kit “Kick” Lannigan, who as a kid was abducted for 5 years before the FBI saved her. 15 years later Kick is running self defence classes in a building she shares with another abductee survivor James who spends his time hacking various government agency sites.

After one of her classes Kit is offered the chance to help on an abduction case by the FBI agent who found her, as he has formed specialist a team to work on abduction cases, and is in need of her knowledge on how the kidnappers operate. After tentatively agreeing to help Kick and James get brought onto the team where their skills help solve the case.

The show is the usual lightweight CSI style bit of programming that is watchable enough to waste 45 minutes. Though it’s something you don’t have to follow it that closely to know what’s going on, and isn’t something you’d go out of you way to watch.



Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC)


Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC) – Premieres 26th September – Cancelled

A Law & Order take on American Crime Story this is a dramatised version of events of the Menendez Murders. Where after discovering their parents killed upon returning home, the two brothers Lyle and Erik behaviour begins to arouse suspicions with the police that they may have committed the crime.

As it goes through the first ep, the story drops in a few flashbacks to bring you up to speed about the family as well as introducing the characters that will involved later on, though while it does this it never really grabs your interest like you’re expecting it should do.


The Brave (NBC)


The Brave (NBC) – Premieres 25th September – Cancelled

A show that shares a couple of similarities to Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CMBB), where the fine employees of the Defence Intelligence Agency work to find US citizens that have been kidnapped by terrorist groups. Then when their targets have been found, they call in their Special Ops group to the area who save the kidnapped from imminent naughtiness.

As with CMBB, it’s the usual kind of flag waving action schlock that’s entirely predictable, though this is trashy enough to be vaguely entertaining. It’s the sort of thing you’d only really sit through if there was nothing else on.


Marlon (NBC)


Marlon (NBC) – Premieres 16th August – Renewed

A sitcom that’s not a million miles away from bumbling-fathers-doing-their-best comedies like Kevin Can Wait and Man With A Plan. This one follows internet star Marlon, who while spending most of his time around his ex-wifes house after their divorce, tries to help any family problems by dropping not so great nuggets of wisdom. All the while, Marlon is trying to deal with the fact that his ex is moving on and that he’s personal life is stuck in a rut.

It’s the standard network comedy where after every five seconds there’s rapturous laughter and not much else. It’s not good.


Midnight, Texas (NBC)


Midnight, Texas (NBC) – Premieres 24th July

Supernatural drama where Manfred Bernardo, a medium that can contact the dead is on the run from a loan shark. Taking the advice from his deceased grandmother he heads off to Midnight, Texas, a town where people go to drop off the grid.

As he meet the locals he discovers that the inhabitants aren’t as they seem, discovering that there are witches and vampires within the townsfolk. After the body of the wife of the pawn shop owner is discovered during a town barbecue, Manfred offers his help to talk to her spirit on trying to solve who did it.

While it’s the usual bit of light going trashy TV, it’s an easy enough bit of viewing.


Little Big Shots: Forever Young (NBC)


Little Big Shots: Forever Young (NBC) – Premieres 21st June

Spinoff of Little Big Shots where instead of kids showing off their talents, it focuses on the skills of elderly guests. Like the original show each act gets their brief backstory told, and they have a chat with Steve Harvey where a few jokes are cracked, and Harveys range of face pulling is shown off before performing their act.

Unsurprisingly the talents on offer in this version are slightly more impressive, though everything else is exactly the same. It’s one for those that enjoyed the original.


World Of Dance (NBC)


World Of Dance (NBC) – Premieres 30th May – Renewed

Dance competition where judges Derek Hough, Ne-Yo and Jennifer Lopez are given the take to find the best dance act in America, where the winner gets $1million.

The dancers are split into three groups, Junior (for the under 18s), Upper (for up to four dancers over 18) & Team (for 5 or more dancers over 18). As they each dance for the judges they qualify for the next round if their performance gets an average score of 80 or over. The scores are calculated by being scored in 5 categories (performance, technique, choreography, creativity and presentation), and each category has the max score of 20.

The show itself is typical of any other talent show that’s on, where they show the acts backstage, they have their acts appraised at the end of the performance, and if there’s any chance of an emotional backstory Disney-esque orchestral music will appear from nowhere.

It’s the usual run-of-the-mill gumpf.