Midnight, Texas (NBC)


Midnight, Texas (NBC) – Premieres 24th July

Supernatural drama where Manfred Bernardo, a medium that can contact the dead is on the run from a loan shark. Taking the advice from his deceased grandmother he heads off to Midnight, Texas, a town where people go to drop off the grid.

As he meet the locals he discovers that the inhabitants aren’t as they seem, discovering that there are witches and vampires within the townsfolk. After the body of the wife of the pawn shop owner is discovered during a town barbecue, Manfred offers his help to talk to her spirit on trying to solve who did it.

While it’s the usual bit of light going trashy TV, it’s an easy enough bit of viewing.


Little Big Shots: Forever Young (NBC)


Little Big Shots: Forever Young (NBC) – Premieres 21st June

Spinoff of Little Big Shots where instead of kids showing off their talents, it focuses on the skills of elderly guests. Like the original show each act gets their brief backstory told, and they have a chat with Steve Harvey where a few jokes are cracked, and Harveys range of face pulling is shown off before performing their act.

Unsurprisingly the talents on offer in this version are slightly more impressive, though everything else is exactly the same. It’s one for those that enjoyed the original.


World Of Dance (NBC)


World Of Dance (NBC) – Premieres 30th May – Renewed

Dance competition where judges Derek Hough, Ne-Yo and Jennifer Lopez are given the take to find the best dance act in America, where the winner gets $1million.

The dancers are split into three groups, Junior (for the under 18s), Upper (for up to four dancers over 18) & Team (for 5 or more dancers over 18). As they each dance for the judges they qualify for the next round if their performance gets an average score of 80 or over. The scores are calculated by being scored in 5 categories (performance, technique, choreography, creativity and presentation), and each category has the max score of 20.

The show itself is typical of any other talent show that’s on, where they show the acts backstage, they have their acts appraised at the end of the performance, and if there’s any chance of an emotional backstory Disney-esque orchestral music will appear from nowhere.

It’s the usual run-of-the-mill gumpf.


Great News (NBC)


Great News (NBC) – Premieres 25th April – Renewed

Comedy about Katie Wendelson, a news producer who finds herself being continually passed over for working on the main news segments by her boss.

After beginning to accept she won’t be given a fair chance she accompanies her parents to the funeral of one of their friends, where she believes the vicars sermon is directed at her to pursue her dreams.

Armed with a new sense of purpose she gets herself the chance to produce the lead segment. While working on the piece she then finds out her controlling mother has taken an internship at the same news station revealing that she believed what the vicar said was aimed at her.

After the initial teething problems of her mum revealing personal details about her, they make up and where the mum imparts some advice and the news story that was about to bomb is saved and everyone is happy.

It’s a pretty bland network comedy.


First Dates (NBC)


First Dates (NBC) – Premieres 7th April

US version of the Channel 4 dating programme, where in a specially set up restaurant it follows couples enjoying their first meetings with each other on a blind date.

Along with showing the dates, there are the usual individual interviews along with each persons back story shown to pad out the time. As a dating show it does exactly what you’d expect, with slightest difference to other shows of the genre it gives a wee update on what happened after the date shown.

It’s all a much of a muchness.


Trial & Error (NBC)


Trial & Error (NBC) – Premieres 14th March – Renewed

A mockumentary comedy in the same vein as The Office and Parks & Recreations. Set in a small town in South Carolina, Larry Henderson has been arrested for murdering his wife. To help, his brother-in-law hires a New York lawyer to defend him only to get Josh, a junior lawyer who’s sent down to prep for the case.

After meeting up with his defence team of bumbling associates new evidence in the case leads to Larrys brother-in-law switching his support to the prosecution. Josh, believing that Larry is innocent then decides to work the case for free believing he can get Larry not guilty verdict.

It’s a solid opening ep, and is very similar in feel to Parks & Rec with its humour. So if you enjoy that style of comedy, then this is well worth a watch.


Chicago Justice (NBC)


Chicago Justice (NBC) – Premieres 5th March – Cancelled

Part of the Chicago franchise and spinoff of Chicago PD, this is a courtroom drama beginning with a crossover episode involving both Chicago PD and Chicago Fire.

It follows Assistant State Attorney Peter Stone and his department as they build a case, interview witnesses and look into the crime scene to gather possibly overlooked evidence to bring justice for the victims.

The show is more than a little reminiscent to Law & Order, which isn’t a surprise considering it’s another Dick Wolf show and that Stones father was a character in it. All-in-all it’s a run of the mill legal drama where at times it becomes littered lazy cliché riddled dialog.