Yellowstone Live (Nat Geo)


Yellowstone Live (Nat Geo)

Going along the same lines as Safari Live: Migration, this is a live wildlife programme that looks at the animals that reside in the Yellowstone area as they head into mating season.

Hosted by Josh Elliot and joined by wildlife expert Chris Packham in a studio on the site, the pair explain what to expect from the animals they will be looking at. Then hand over to the camera people following the animals in question, where they talk through what has been going on through out the day.

Along with the wildlife there are also a few bits where they talk to park rangers or show aerial shows and graphics of the parks geological aspects. Altogether it makes it a more interesting watch than Safari Live, though it would only really be of interest to those that enjoyed the aforementioned.



Drain The Oceans (Nat Geo)


Drain The Oceans (Nat Geo) – Premieres 28th May

Using a mix of ocean mapping and CGI, this is a programme that tries to get the answers to some ancient and modern nautical mysteries. Each episode has a specific subject, where experts in the topic talk about the the object or anomaly that is being searched for. Where they explain its historical significance and then shows the people in the field working on exploring the area.

After the exploration, the programme brings up a CGI version of the area and reveals how the ocean floor looks, along with the object they are searching for. The experts then explain what has been found, where they talk about how the newly discovered findings support current theories.

For what it is, this is a slow going bit of television where that fills like it’s been padded out to fill the 45 minute runtime. Making it a grind to get through.


America Inside Out With Katie Couric (Nat Geo)


America Inside Out With Katie Couric (Nat Geo) – Premieres 11th April

Docu-series hosted by Katie Couric where she heads off across America to look into some of the more sensitive recent cultural events that have been happening around the country.

In each episode Katie looks into a particular subject, where she heads off to the town/city/region where the recent outrage has been occurring. From there Katie talks to the locals about what has been happening, and then chats to various experts about how the events started off and why it is escalating.

As the programme goes on Couric talks to people on both sides of the argument, along going into the history of the events by visiting places that are trying to give a complete unbiased coverage to help with the education of the community. Then when everything is done Katie gives her final thoughts on what she covered.

The show has some similarities with programmes like Divided States & America Divided with its investigation to US current affairs. And while it does what it does well, it still lacks the watchability of America Divided.


One Strange Rock (Nat Geo)


One Strange Rock (Nat Geo) – Premieres 26th March

Hosted by Will Smith, this is a nature documentary that shows some of the ways the different parts of the world influences each other. All of this is linked together from interviews with astronauts that talk about what they’s witnessed from space and what was happening on Earth at that time.

As they go through each segment of the programme, Smith and the astronauts do their bit, and the programme shows people working in the region being talked about. There they explain what is happening, and how the things they are monitoring keep the ecosystem in balance. Then at the end of the episode it shows how everything that’s been shown is linked to each other.

As nature documentaries go it’s surprisingly watchable, and far better than shows like Wild Castles.


Chain of Command (Nat Geo)


Chain of Command (Nat Geo) – Premieres 15th January – Renewed

A documentary filmed over the course of 2016 and 2017 that looks into chain of command within the US military, going from the captain on the frontline and all the way up to the President. While showing how conflicts are managed and waged through the specific levels of command.

In the programme it focuses on the operations in Iraq where the military are working with local forces to liberate Mosel from ISIS control, and showing how the joint forces mobilise troops and arrange strategic strikes. As well as showing the Pentagon think tank that devises the long term planning of the operation after the conflict is drawn up to help the rebuilding and stabilisation of the area.

Along with these aspects, the programme shows the footage of the forces on the ground, news reports and the ISIS propaganda being released during that time. As well has having interviews with those in the command chain who break down the targets and how they are formulated.

As documentaries go it does what you expect and goes into detail with the subject matter. It’s a decent enough watch.


Dian Fossey: Secrets In The Mist (Nat Geo)


Dian Fossey: Secrets In The Mist (Nat Geo) – Premieres 6th December – Miniseries 

A three part miniseries that documents Dian Fosseys time in Rwanda as she studied mountain gorillas. In the programme it looks into Dians early life finding out how she became interested in studying animals, and how she ended up in Rwanda studying gorillas. It also looks into the conservation site she created and ran all the way through to her murder.

The programme interviews the people that worked with Dian during her time in Africa, and shows the Nat Geo footage taken while their cameraman spent years documenting her work. Along with this the programme looks into the events that lead up to her murder. And with interviews of a doctor that worked with Dian, reveals some of the theories of who could have been responsible.

It’s an interesting bit of viewing.


The Long Road Home (Nat Geo)


The Long Road Home (Nat Geo) – Premieres 7th November

Based on the book of the same name this is a drama that recounts what happened to the 1st Cavalry Division, who on their first patrol of Sadr City in Iraq are ambushed by local insurgents.

As the unit a holed up in an unsuspecting families house while defending their position, all support sent to help them fight their way out are either detoured or ambushed themselves. Leading to multiple firefights happening as the 1st Cavalry Division starts to exhaust their munitions.

At the same time rumours of what is occurring filter back to the US base where the units families are, leading to the wives of the main personnel being economical with the truth to stop any wide spread panic from happening.

For a military drama it’s a solid start that goes almost straight into the action and manages to create a nice claustrophobic feel to what the soldiers are going through. Well worth a watch.