Animal PD (Nat Geo Wild)


Animal PD (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 14th April

A show that follows the Walton County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, as they respond to calls about neglected, abandoned or dangerous animals along with the Alaqua Animal Refuge.

In the programme it shows the sheriffs office as they are called out to assess an animal based situation involving neglectful owners, where give them an ultimatum to improve the conditions or have their animals confiscated. Along with this it also shows the Animal Refuge rescuing some abandoned animals.

After dealing with the call outs it then follows the Animal Refuge as they treat the animals saved back to health, before returning to the main case to see if the conditions set by the sheriff’s department have been fulfilled.

The programme is similar to The Guardians in the way it highlights animal mistreatment, but instead of following a volunteer organisation shows the procedures used by the police.

It’s one for those that the enjoy shows like The Guardians, When Nature Calls & Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue.



Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue (Nat Geo Wild)


Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 3rd March

A reality show that follows the workers of the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, as they rescue mistreated and abandoned animals, giving those animals medical attention, and when they are fully recovered putting them up for adoption.

The programme follows the different departments where it highlights a few of the situations the rescue teams have to deal with. As they go from breaking up a puppy farms, releasing animals trapped in various locations, and rescuing tamed animals struggling to look after themselves in the wild.

Then as soon as the animals reach the vets, it follows the medical folks are they diagnose and treat the animals. Showing how the conditions that they were living in caused the ailments and what the long lasting effects it has caused. Then after listing the recovered animals up for adoption briefly interviews those giving the pet a new home.

As pet rescue shows go it does exactly what you expect.


When Nature Calls (Nat Geo Wild)


When Nature Calls (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 21st August

A show that follows four teams of animal rescue workers as they go to call outs retrieving wild animals from folks properties. Along with catching the offending critters or apex predators and releasing them in the wild, they also help on trying to prevent the animals from returning.

The show itself is a more animal centric version of programmes like Lone Star Law, and is a pretty repetitive watch.


Lion Kingdom (Nat Geo Wild)


Lion Kingdom (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 4th August

Wildlife documentary that follows three pride of lions as they go about their business during the dry season in the Ruaha National Park. As it splits the story between the prides it shows the lions as the hunt prey and fight each other over one part of territory.

The show is similar to Savage Kingdom with the use of narration over dramatising what’s happening. Though unlike Savage Kingdom this has some sense of pacing to it all, and doesn’t rely on a multitude of slo-mo shots to pad out the run time. As a wildlife documentary it’s on a par with Natures Great Race.


Love And Vets (Nat Geo Wild)


Love And Vets (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 18th March

Reality show that follows a husband and wife who work and run a veterinary practice. Similar to programmes like Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, Dr Dee Alaska Vet and The Vet Life, this shows the couple as they treat animals suffering from various injuries and aliments.

Like the aforementioned shows it follows them as they diagnose and perform surgery/treatment to the animals, as well as them explaining to the owners how their pets got their conditions and finding new homes for any strays that are brought in.

It’s your typical vet show, but doesn’t have anything unique to it that makes it stand out from the others on offer.


Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation (Nat Geo Wild)


Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 3rd March

Dog training shenanigans where Cesar Millan and his son Andre jump in a tour bus and head off on a road trip around the States helping folk improve the handling of their dogs.

As well as doing his roadshow, Cesar travels out to one couple where he gives a one-on-one class to help train their dog to help with a problem there having, then with his son go to a couple of institutions to see how dogs are being used to help the local community.

The show is one for those who are fans of Cesar 911, and fancy watching something that has a bit more than dog training.


Puppy Days (Nat Geo Wild)


Puppy Days (Nat Geo Wild) – Premiered 7th January

Starting off with the explanation that puppies have the limited window of 2 months between the age of 8 to 18 weeks to train them and set their behaviour, after which it their ability to learn slows down.   

The first ep reveals the 6 families that are getting the puppies, where they talk about why they are getting one, their decision between getting a god from a breeder or a rescue centre. Then shows them being approved to own a dog, receiving them and then dealing the puppies first night.

Along with going through the techniques the families are using with the dogs it breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of what they’re doing.

One of those that either like watching puppies or have in interest in learn how to train them.