Love And Vets (Nat Geo Wild)


Love And Vets (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 18th March

Reality show that follows a husband and wife who work and run a veterinary practice. Similar to programmes like Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, Dr Dee Alaska Vet and The Vet Life, this shows the couple as they treat animals suffering from various injuries and aliments.

Like the aforementioned shows it follows them as they diagnose and perform surgery/treatment to the animals, as well as them explaining to the owners how their pets got their conditions and finding new homes for any strays that are brought in.

It’s your typical vet show, but doesn’t have anything unique to it that makes it stand out from the others on offer.


Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation (Nat Geo Wild)


Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 3rd March

Dog training shenanigans where Cesar Millan and his son Andre jump in a tour bus and head off on a road trip around the States helping folk improve the handling of their dogs.

As well as doing his roadshow, Cesar travels out to one couple where he gives a one-on-one class to help train their dog to help with a problem there having, then with his son go to a couple of institutions to see how dogs are being used to help the local community.

The show is one for those who are fans of Cesar 911, and fancy watching something that has a bit more than dog training.


Puppy Days (Nat Geo Wild)


Puppy Days (Nat Geo Wild) – Premiered 7th January

Starting off with the explanation that puppies have the limited window of 2 months between the age of 8 to 18 weeks to train them and set their behaviour, after which it their ability to learn slows down.   

The first ep reveals the 6 families that are getting the puppies, where they talk about why they are getting one, their decision between getting a god from a breeder or a rescue centre. Then shows them being approved to own a dog, receiving them and then dealing the puppies first night.

Along with going through the techniques the families are using with the dogs it breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of what they’re doing.

One of those that either like watching puppies or have in interest in learn how to train them.


Savage Kingdom (Nat Geo Wild)


Savage Kingdom (Nat Geo Wild) – Starts 25th November – Renewed

Wildlife documentary that focuses on the apex predators of the Kalahari as they go about their business hunting prey and having territorial scraps.

While it has the Attenborough style footage of the animals its narrated with a script that forces the anthropomorphism of the subject matter, trying to create an epic pitched battle idea where different pack animals are plotting to bring the other side down to take control of their land.

Along with the forced narrative idea, it also goes along at such a slow pace due the numerous slow-mo footage you just start to lose interest quite quickly, making the show drag on for ages.


Safari Brothers (Nat Geo Wild)


Safari Brothers (Nat Geo Wild) – Starts 14th October

A show that follows the two brothers Brent and Grant Reed who run the Letaka Safari in Botswana. In it they take tour groups around the safari park finding the animals the group want to see and finding other bits to keep them entertained.

Along with the safari based shenanigans, they help out the locals with any wild animals causing a ruckus in the town with the hunting, capture and release of them.

It’s a by-the-numbers type show, which is at best background viewing.


United States Of Animals (Nat Geo Wild)


United States Of Animals (Nat Geo Wild) – Starts 29th April

A wildlife show that wanders into the travel show realm, it shows four different animals that can be found in the US and where they can be found.

With each animal it shows the popular tourist attraction based on them where it talks to people there whilst throwing out stats and facts about the creature. Then at the end of each segment it brings up the dates in the year where the animal is easiest to spot.

It’s a run of the mill wildlife show that does what you’d expect.


Vet School (Nat Geo Wild)


Vet School (Nat Geo Wild) – Starts 19th September

Reality show following a variety of student vets learning the trade at  the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. Unlike other veterinary programmes like Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, there is a larger focus on showing the operations and less of the interactions of the animals owners.

Along with the operations it shows a few of the students using the colleges large collection of animals where they are taught how to handle and correctly perform tasks on them.