Wild South West (Nat Geo Wild)


Wild South West (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 1st August

A nature documentary where in each episode it looks in to a specific animal that lives in the South West of the US.

In the programme, it follows the animal in question, where it shows what they do to survive, and how they fit into the local ecosystem. And shows the other creatures that require the animal to survive itself, along with the creatures the the animal preys on, and the beneficial effect it has on the human population. As well as the the other animals that prey on the one in question.

As nature documentaries go this one is a lot more enjoyable compared to shows like The Mighty Northwest & Wild Castles, mainly due to how everything gets interlinked. But while it is one of the better nature shows, it still lacks something that really keeps your interest.



Secrets Of The Zoo (Nat Geo Wild)


Secrets Of The Zoo (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 29th July

Sharing more than a few similarities to the Animal Planet programme, The Zoo. This follows the employees at the Columbus Zoo as they go about their daily business working with the animals.

In the episode it follows the keepers of five different species, where they go between acclimatising new animals to the enclosures, maintaining their health and looking into ways to help other zoos with medical aspects. With each group of keepers they explaining the quirks of the animals they look after and what and why they are doing the things they are doing.

Overall if you like The Zoo, then this is more of the same.


Howie Mandel’s: Animals Doing Things (Nat Geo Wild)


Howie Mandel’s: Animals Doing Things (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 16th July

A run of the mill comedy clip show hosted by Howie Mandel, where he adds one liners and the like to clips of animals doing silly things found on the internet.

Like other clips shows the segments are split into certain categories, where it focuses on a particular animal. During which Howie adds some comedy narration to drag out some of the footage. As well as the comedy, they also mash up the clips for a musical number, and drop in a couple of experts giving out facts about the relevant animal.

For a 45 minute show it really starts to drag around the 10 minute mark, where you start to become numb to the humour being shown. it’s one to miss.


Alaska’s Deadliest (Nat Geo Wild)

Secret Life of Predators Episode 101: Wet aka Oceans NGCUS Ep Code: 6481 NGCI IBMS Code: 035368

Alaska’s Deadliest (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 27th April

Like The Mighty Northwest this is another wildlife documentary, but one that is centred on the animals that are native to Alaska.

In the show it looks at a variety of animals as they go about their daily business, where the narration informs the viewers about the dangers it faces, how the animal survive and how their specialised features help them in the environment. Along with showing how the young animals learn to survive on their own.

As the show is almost identical in structure and quality to The MIghty Northwest, it also suffers the same problem that other shows have done this genre better. Though if you like The MIghty Northwest this is more of the same.


The Mighty Northwest (Nat Geo Wild)


The Mighty Northwest (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 27th April

A narrated nature documentary that focuses on the animals that live in the northwest region of the United States.

In the programme it follows a range of animals, as it shows how they hunt, procreate, and look after their young and themselves. Along with covering those aspects it also show the evolutionary quirks the animal has and how it benefits them within their habitat. As well as showing how their interaction with other animals can either be beneficial or deadly.

For a nature documentary this is a standard affair that’s in a format which has been done better by folks like David Attenborough. It’s something where if you’re interested in the subject material it’s viewable enough, though it’s not something you’d go out of you way to watch.


Alaska’s Grizzly Gauntlet (Nat Geo Wild)


Alaska’s Grizzly Gauntlet (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 27th April

A nature show where the host, survivalist Les Stroud, heads off to a remote part of Alaska to track animals as they go about their business in their natural habitat.

After Les is dropped off in the location, he soon finds the animal the local wilderness guides have told him about, and be begins to document them. In the show Les ends up following about three different animals who each offer the opportunity to witness various aspects of that animals lifecycle.

As nature documentaries go it’s an interesting enough watch, with Stroud ending up in a few sketchy moments as he tries to get as close as he can to the animals. Though that said it’s really one for those that are after this specific kind of show to watch.


Animal PD (Nat Geo Wild)


Animal PD (Nat Geo Wild) – Premieres 14th April

A show that follows the Walton County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, as they respond to calls about neglected, abandoned or dangerous animals along with the Alaqua Animal Refuge.

In the programme it shows the sheriffs office as they are called out to assess an animal based situation involving neglectful owners, where give them an ultimatum to improve the conditions or have their animals confiscated. Along with this it also shows the Animal Refuge rescuing some abandoned animals.

After dealing with the call outs it then follows the Animal Refuge as they treat the animals saved back to health, before returning to the main case to see if the conditions set by the sheriff’s department have been fulfilled.

The programme is similar to The Guardians in the way it highlights animal mistreatment, but instead of following a volunteer organisation shows the procedures used by the police.

It’s one for those that the enjoy shows like The Guardians, When Nature Calls & Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue.