VH1 Hip Hop Squares (MTV2)


VH1 Hip Hop Squares (MTV2) – Premieres 13th March – Renewed

It’s Celebrity Squares but with Hip Hop in the title, two celebs get to play naughts and crosses where they pick a square and the celeb caged in the box has to give an answer to a question. If the picker correctly guesses the answer is right or wrong then they win the square, if they don’t the square is given to the opposition.

It’s later revealed that the celebs playing are representing two fans who’ll get the cash. each square is given a random monetary value and the one that wins the game is given bonus cash. At the end the winner and his fan get to play the bonus round where they have 7 attempts to create a winning line of naughts or crosses, and if they do the cash is doubled.

The game itself is pretty much a secondary part of the show, to the point where it doesn’t start until about quarter of the way through while everyone involved are lovely time twatting about.

It’s better than other celeb based quizzery like The $100,000 Pyramid and Big Fan but not by much.



All Def Digital TV (MTV2)


All Def Digital TV (MTV2) – Premieres 3rd February

A show spawned from the Youtube channel of the same name, ADD TV is a sketch show that between a The Office style mockumentary of their office in action, splits it up by dropping a few rather bland sketches that cover the usual relationship stuff along with a couple that deal with cultural and racial based topics.

The sketches are all pretty clunky and most of the punchlines seem to have been replaced by someone who thinks that a few folk shouting is a decent payoff.

It’s one to miss.


World Star TV (MTV2)


World Star TV (MTV2) – Premieres 3rd February

An internet clip shows that appears to be MTVs answer to Going Si-Ral, where the host along with the shows barmaid have two comedians in the studio to watch some video clips and then give a comedy summary of what they’ve seen.

For the later half of the show, they the get a celebrity guest in go does the shortest of interview and pulling their new thing. After which the celeb is then shown a few clips and jokes around with the rest of the folks.

It’s a slog to get through with most the clips being boring and most of the jokes missing the mark.


Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N On Tour (MTV2)


Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N On Tour (MTV2) – Starts 28th June

Reality show following Nick Cannon and his Wild N Out improv comedy ensemble and they head off on tour. It talks to the members about life on the road, has a few snippets of the live show and  shows what they get up to when not performing and mingling with fans.

It’s not a million miles away in terms of similarity to This Is Mike Stud, though with it being a 2o minute long show it’s all rather rushed so it just ends up being by-the-numbers nothingness.


Kingin With Tyga (MTV2)


Kingin With Tyga (MTV2) – Starts 24th July – Renewed

Reality show following the rap artiste Tyga in what appears to be a mix of Cribs and proof for the accountants as to where the money went in any future bankruptcy cases. For instance, Tyga happily puts a £25k Egyptian gold throne to be converted as a toilet in a homage to his neighbour Master P.

Also thrown into the mix is a bit of bedroom decorating courtesy of Chris Brown, where he spray paints a mural in the bedroom of Tygas son King.

Standard reality tripe.


Not Exactly News (MTV2)


Not Exactly News (MTV2) – Starts 17th June

A clip show delivering a plethora of already seen internet clips under the premise of a comedy news programme. The main anchors are grating, and the “on location reporter” just does a poor narration to an already well known theme park ride clip, and they get to drag this out for 20 agonisingly long minutes.

It manages the almost impossible of making the canned laughter sound depressed, and has more commercial breaks than funny moments.