IconocLIST (MSNBC) – Starts 10th December

A list show that interviews a famed entrepreneur, and get them to list 10 people in business that they get inspiration from.

As it’s a 45 minute show, the persons top 10 list is rattled through at an extreme pace. So much so they don’t even begin to scratch the surface of why some of their selections are important. It all very rushed and and they do spend a bit of time on one of the picks, not much is added that isn’t ready easily known.

It’s not worth the bother.



Split Second Decision (MSNBC)


Split Second Decision (MSNBC) – Starts 12th November

A programme that’s a more than a little similar to the short lived Weather Channel show So You Think You’d Survive, where it goes through 7 incidents that have been caught on camera. For each segment they have the people involved explaining what happened along with experts explaining what would be the correct course of action if you’re put in such a situation.

Also in each segment there are two multiple choice questions that pop up where to get to guess the correct action that should be taken. It then explains why the wrong answers are wrong, and the correct one is correct.

It’s easy enough viewing, with it having so many different situations shown,  it doesn’t drag and is pretty much something you could have on in the background and still follow along.