My Crazy Sex (LMN)


My Crazy Sex (LMN) – Starts 28th December

A show that’s like a sexcapade version of Greatest Party Story Ever where three women recount a memorable sexual encounter they’ve had.

So between the occasional talking to camera the story is reenacted with actresses that have a passing resemblance, and stories usually end with the reveal that they married the person in the end.

While it’s not that great, it’s funnier than Greatest Party Ever Told, Party Legends, and any other anecdotal story based show.



The Way Home (LMN)


The Way Home (LMN) – Starts 22nd October

A QVC style informercial for a furniture website poorly disguised as home improvement programme. From the off the two presenters inform you that everything you see could purchased from the website, every segment has items that you can buy from the website, everything can be purchased from the website.

And like an informercial, the hosts looks like they are under gunpoint to praise everything they see, and must remind everyone that they are having a great time.

It is a horrible piece of TV.


24 To Life (LMN)


24 To Life (LMN) – Starts 12th April – Renewed

Two people who have been found guilty and sentenced to jail time are followed during their final 24 hours of freedom, where they express their regret for the crime they committed, make arrangements with their families and say their last goodbyes before incarcerated for a couple of years.

Along with the aforementioned, interspersed throughout the show show it small clips where the subject are cut off before reveal what crime they committed. This gets resolved as they head off into prison, where they say what the felony was and what they did.

With a family member being imprisoned it’s obviously not a barrel of laughs and is pretty similar in vibe to Intervention where it focuses on the subject coming to terms with what they did.


Intervention: Codependent (LMN)


Intervention: Codependent (LMN) – Starts 8th March

Spinoff from Intervention, this take a couple who are in the pits of addiction and are told that in three days time they will be having an intervention, though are unaware that they will be separated when they are put into rehab.

For the first half of the show there is a lot of the drug use shown, along with the families talking to the councillor about how they’ve changed and how it’s affecting them. Then in the second half the couple are put into rehab and it shows them trying to kick the drugs as well as them attending any court cases for drug offences. And at the end they do the three months later recap.

It’s all pretty heavy going, but it doesn’t seem to have enough time show the whole story, the rehab period especially comes over rushed and it shows nothing of couple post rehab . Barring that it’s an alright bit over viewing but you really have to be in the mood for it.


The Last Goodbye (LMN)


The Last Goodbye (LMN) – Starts 22nd August

A shonky medium heads off to meet a family to spout vague statements in the hope that it sound that she can communicate with the spirit world. The family itself is given the first half of the show to go through their backstory, the people they’ve lost and how they lost them.

The medium then gets involved in the second half and shows off her mad skills, a highlight being after two twenty something girls say their mother is dead, the medium woman fires back the classic “she died young, true?”.

I don’t know how she does it.


I Was Possessed (LMN)


I Was Possessed (LMN) – Starts 11th July

Documenting two stories of folks being possessed by demonic spirits that are covered in the usual format. They interview the formerly possessed, their family and friends, but with the added bonus of showing the footage of them being exorcised.

Whilst the exorcism videos were definitely the highlight the build up to them drag on for an age as if it was padded out for the sake to fill 45 minutes.


Monster In My Family (LMN)


Monster In My Family (LMN) – Starts 1st July

A show documenting hosted by the daughter of a mass murderer who recounting both the life and crimes of the serial killer, and how the family reacted when the killer was revealed and how their life was living with them.

As well as that they go to meet the victims of the killer to pass on their condolences, which goes as well as you could imagine.