Livin’ Large (Lifetime)


Livin’ Large (Lifetime) – Premieres 22nd September 

Some reality show terribleness that follows the Stepney family. In it there’s the mother, the eldest son who is a pastor and a father figure to the two twins, both of who are trying to work in the music industry. All while being incredible sassy and ridiculously overweight.

As a reality show it is bland and by-the-numbers, as the only thing it seems to be obsessed to focus on is the obesity, ignoring that the what the have is tedious as hell.

It’s some dire viewing.



American Beauty Star (Lifetime)


American Beauty Star (Lifetime) – Premieres 21st September 

A competition that pits 12 hair and make up stylists up against each other where the winner will take home $50k and get a beauty editorial in an edition of Teen Vogue.

In it the competitors are teamed up with someone who a skilled in the opposite discipline and a model, where they are set a challenge by the two hosts. They are then given an hour to complete the challenge where they have to develop a look and direct a photoshoot that best shows off their creation.

At the end of the challenge three judges rate what they’ve seen be granting safety to half the group, leaving the other half to either get the top weekly prize of immunity for the next challenge, or to be sent home.

It’s a pretty standard competition that’s reminiscent to a larger version of Face Off: Game Face.


Growing Up Supermodel (Lifetime)


Growing Up Supermodel (Lifetime) – Premieres 16th August

A reality show that follows a group of celebrity offsprings who are trying to get their modelling careers off the ground. It’s a lot like Growing Up Hip Hop where the kids socialise together as well as doing their work stuff, all the while having the interview bits with them on their own and with their parents as they waffle on about how hard it to achieve their goals.

It’s 45 minutes filled to the brim with bland and tedious shite.


Date Night Live (Lifetime)


Date Night Live (Lifetime) – Premieres 27th July

Like Safari Live: Migration but for humans, this is a 2 hour show where three relationship experts watch nine first dates happening live while commenting on what is going right or wrong.

Most of the time it’s just a live feed of a couple having an awkward conversation, before cutting back to the studio where the hosts joy for whats occurring is delivered with innuendo and the gushing excitement announcing that this may be the best thing ever.

It isn’t.


Little Women LA: Couples Retreat (Lifetime)


Little Women LA: Couples Retreat (Lifetime) – Premieres 26th July

Another Little Women spinoff where a group some of the couples in all the other spinoffs meet up at a couples retreat to sort out their relationship problems. As the couples meet up at the resort the wee woman that sorted the trip is then surprised by the fact another couple had invited along the woman she hates. Thus ensuring some textbook reality show squabbling.

It’s a more staged take on Little Women if that’s even imaginable.


So Sharp (Lifetime)


So Sharp (Lifetime) – Premieres 26th July

Reality dancing shenanigans that follows the University of Louisville dance team as they go about their business in preparing to get a hattrick of national titles. Like other dance based shows like L.A. Clippers Dance Squad or Step It Up, it has the despotic choreographer demanding constant perfection along with the usual drama between the dancers as they squabble about who should dance or not.

It’s the standard reality gubbins that’s all instantly forgettable.


Little Women: Atlanta: Monie Gets Married (Lifetime)


Little Women: Atlanta: Monie Gets Married (Lifetime) – Premieres 7th June

Reality gubbins that’s a spinoff of a spinoff, where Monie from Little Women: Atlanta is the centre of attention. After originally agreeing to marry her boyfriend and then calling it off after high maintenance arguments and losing the engagement ring, ends up proposing to her fella and for him to accept.

The show follows the volatile two has they try to arrange their big day, where Monie and the rest of the Little Women lot have a couple of minor disagreements, and find out her wedding is the same weekend as her cousin.

It;s all the usual low grade reality rubbish that you’d expect and makes Ben and Lauren Happily Ever After? look positively high brow.