You (Lifetime)


You (Lifetime) – Premieres 9th September – Renewed

A thriller that follows Joe Goldberg, a book store manager who after meeting Guinevere, develops an obsession on her and is intent to do anything he can to get with her.

During the episode, between Joe helping out the kid next door who is being neglected and possibly abused by his mums new boyfriend. Joe begins to do some light online research on Guinevere, that slowly develops into him stalking and learning everything about her. Then from there Joe starts to try influence events and people in her life so that she will end up in a relationship with him.

The show is like a stalkers take on Dexter, and is a surprisingly decent watch for something that’s being shown on Lifetime. The opening episode goes along at a decent pace and has more than enough going on to get your interest, it’s well worth a watch.



Seatbelt Psychic (Lifetime)


Seatbelt Psychic (Lifetime) – Premieres 11th July

Ghost chatting reality gumpf, where psychic and medium Thomas John picks up passengers like a supernatural Uber driver. Where he kicks off asking them with they believe in mediums, before revealing he’s talking to their dead relatives.

The show follows john as he chats to four main passengers, where he cold reads them, and gets them to open up about the losses he is fishing for. While chatting, John gives the passengers the closure they are looking for and gives them a pep talk about their future endeavours. Leaving the clients happy and making Thomas look like he’s talked to the departed.

As well as the four main segments, it shows John talking other people, giving out vague nuggets of information with the show cutting to the astounded faces to the people he’s driving about.

The show is like a mobile version of Hollywood Medium, where if you like that type of thing then this is more of the same. Though it is all utterly forgettable.


Live PD Presents: Women on Patrol (Lifetime)


Live PD Presents: Women on Patrol (Lifetime) – Premieres 18th June

A spinoff of Live PD, this is a half hour show that follows a few female police officers from around the US as they attend call outs.

In the show each officer is dealing with a different type of call out ranging from drunken behaviour to suspected spousal abuse. As they attend the call the officer talks about what they expect to see, shows them dealing with the incident and also interviews them about why the job is important to them.

The show is more interesting than Live PD, mainly due to it showing the police officers actually doing something substantial. Though with it following 5 different officers in 30 minutes, it doesn’t really go into any real depth. And along with the show not revealing what happened after some of the arrests, there is a lack of resolution to it all.


My Partner Knows Best (Lifetime)


My Partner Knows Best (Lifetime) – Premieres 25th April

A Mr & Mrs style game show hosted by Jason Biggs of American Pie fame and his wife Jenny Mollen. Where three couples go against each other in the bid to win $20k.

The show is split into two rounds, in the first round the couples are put through either challenges or given personal questions. Where one of the couple is asked the questions, while the other is put off into a sound proof box before completing the challenge or answering the question. By the end of the round the couple who got the lowest score is then eliminated.

The final round has the remaining two couples take a turn at tackling a Fun House style go kart challenge, where the driver is blindfolded and the passenger has to give directions along with completing some tasks. Then the team that completes the course in the fastest time wins the $20k.

As game shows go it not something you’d go out of you way to watch, but is passable enough if nowt else is on.


Love At First Flight (Lifetime)


Love At First Flight (Lifetime) – Premieres 20th March

A dating show that manages to mix The Amazing Race series where they had blind date teams competing, with Love At First Sight and it’s threat of on-the-spot marriage decisions.

In the programme four couples are paired up by a mysterious and unnamed matchmaker, and are each put on a different 30 day long travelling holiday. On each leg the couples have to complete a dating challenge, where if they succeed they are rewarded with improved accommodations for the night.

Each episode follows the couples through one leg of their journey, where at the end of the 30 days will be put in front of an alter where they will have to decide to split up or marry.

As dating shows go it does have some vague similarities to Are You The One? Second Chances, but even though this is an easier watch it’s not something you’d go out of your watch to view.


Laurieann Gibson: Beyond The Spotlight (Lifetime)


Laurieann Gibson: Beyond The Spotlight (Lifetime) – Premieres 2nd March

Reality goings on where choreographer and creative director Laurieann Gibson goes about her daily business of running her company BoomKack Worldwide, as they work with some high profile clients on their performances. As well as Laurieann talking about her plans on becoming the driving force in promoting some new talent she’s discovered, in the hope of turning them into a household name.

So during the programme Laurieann explains the high profile job she is working on, where in the build up she discovers that some of the performers she’s employed now can’t make it to the show. After managing to find some untested talent at a dancing class she was teaching, Laurieann challenges her two assistants to get the group up to scratch while she working on other things.

Then after a couple of mishaps, and few heartfelt conversations and a couple of arguments, the show goes off without a hitch, everyone is happy and the programme is finished.

As reality shows go, it’s a standard as hell bit of programming which doesn’t have much to make it stand out from other similar shows. It’s one to miss.


Glam Masters (Lifetime)


Glam Masters (Lifetime) – Premieres 28th February

A fashion competition that is vaguely similar to American Beauty Star,

four make up artists go head-to-head for the chance to win the episode, where they proceed further in the competition that could win the title of Glam Master. And get to create their own limited edition make up line with Kim Kardashian.

The show goes through three rounds, in each round the contestants are set a challenge and have a time limit to get their work done in. Then at the end of each round the four judges assess the work, then eliminated the weakest contestant. This goes on until one person is left and they get to proceed to the semi finals.

As competitions go it’s all very straight forward, though is one for those that enjoyed show like American Beauty Star & Face Off: Game Face.