This Time Next Year (Lifetime)


This Time Next Year (Lifetime) – Premieres 16th January 

US version of the UK show where Cat Deeley introduces people who have decided on setting themselves an inspirational challenge to complete within a year, ranging from learning to walk again to losing a set amount of weight.

After chatting to the person to find out what they are looking to do and the situation that led them to decide on setting themselves that task, they head off through a doorway. Then through the magic of TV and with brief recap from Deeley, the person emerges from another door a year on from the initial chat, where they reveal if they have managed to do what they set out to do.

Deeley then sits down with them and talks about how they went about what they did, along with showing video diary snippets they filmed throughout the year. And while this is going on there are plenty of shots of the audience welling up and being throughly emotional, before moving on to the next guest where more of the same happens. 



Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid (Lifetime)


Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid (Lifetime) – Premieres 11th January 

Modelling competition where after three months of pre-production Yolanda Hadid, mother of supermodels Gigi and Bella, has selected five girls who are offered the opportunity to battle it out in the chance to win a modelling contract and to be managed by her.

After the five girls along with their mothers arrive in New York, they are all put into a house where they will live together during the eight week competition. While the competition is running the girls and mothers are given advice on what to expect in the industry, and are also given a weekly challenge where the winner receives $5k.

When the challenged is finished, the winner is announced and then the remaining four told where they have finished in the ranking. After the ranking is revealed all five girls are told on what they have done well and how they can improve.

Along with the competition side there is the usual reality goings on, where the usual bitching and crying occurs. All together it’s a pretty forgettable reality competition.


Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One (Lifetime)


Married at First Sight: Jamie and Doug Plus One (Lifetime) – Premieres 19th December

A reality show the catches up with the Jamie and Doug, The only couple from the original series of Married at First Sight that stayed together. In the this series it follows them as they prepare to become parents for the first time.

Along with talking about the miscarriage they suffered, it shows the pair as they get ready for the due date. As they prepare, Doug is searching for a new job after being recently made redundant making Jamie wonder if she’ll be able to become a stay at home mum.

All the while they document the build up as they talk with friends and family about what they should be expecting. Then after the child is born, shows them getting to grips with parenting.

It’s some by the numbers reality programming that would only be of interested to those that watched the original series.


Little Women: Terra’s Big House (Lifetime)


Little Women: Terra’s Big House (Lifetime) – Premieres 13th December

Another spinoff from Little Women: LA, though this takes a completely different angle to Little Women LA: Couples Retreat. In this show it follows Terra and her husband, where after moving into their new home they decide that it needs to be renovated.

So the couple meet up with a designer and builder whose work they like, and hire them to make their home little person friendly. And to create more usable room for their family. After giving them their list of what they want done to their house, along with the budget they have, the design pair come back with their compromise of design to expenditure.

What follows after is a show similar to home renovation programmes like Renovation Realities: Ben And Ginger. Where the couple have to accept some build compromises, adapt their plans when unforeseen problems arise and occasionally argue with the people they employed about what’s going on. Overall, it’s a generic property programme.


Livin’ Large (Lifetime)


Livin’ Large (Lifetime) – Premieres 22nd September 

Some reality show terribleness that follows the Stepney family. In it there’s the mother, the eldest son who is a pastor and a father figure to the two twins, both of who are trying to work in the music industry. All while being incredible sassy and ridiculously overweight.

As a reality show it is bland and by-the-numbers, as the only thing it seems to be obsessed to focus on is the obesity, ignoring that the what the have is tedious as hell.

It’s some dire viewing.


American Beauty Star (Lifetime)


American Beauty Star (Lifetime) – Premieres 21st September 

A competition that pits 12 hair and make up stylists up against each other where the winner will take home $50k and get a beauty editorial in an edition of Teen Vogue.

In it the competitors are teamed up with someone who a skilled in the opposite discipline and a model, where they are set a challenge by the two hosts. They are then given an hour to complete the challenge where they have to develop a look and direct a photoshoot that best shows off their creation.

At the end of the challenge three judges rate what they’ve seen be granting safety to half the group, leaving the other half to either get the top weekly prize of immunity for the next challenge, or to be sent home.

It’s a pretty standard competition that’s reminiscent to a larger version of Face Off: Game Face.


Growing Up Supermodel (Lifetime)


Growing Up Supermodel (Lifetime) – Premieres 16th August

A reality show that follows a group of celebrity offsprings who are trying to get their modelling careers off the ground. It’s a lot like Growing Up Hip Hop where the kids socialise together as well as doing their work stuff, all the while having the interview bits with them on their own and with their parents as they waffle on about how hard it to achieve their goals.

It’s 45 minutes filled to the brim with bland and tedious shite.