Night Flight (IFC)


Night Flight (IFC) – Premieres 20th April

A reboot of the 80’s series of the same name. This is a 10 minute long programme, that takes two interviews of prominent musicians in certain genres and mixes it in with music, comedy and animation from the era.

For a short show it’s does the job in what it’s trying to do, where it goes along at a decent pace and keeps your interest throughout. Though with the footage all being archival stuff, it’s not showing anything new but it’s an alright way to burn some time.



Brockmire (IFC)


Brockmire (IFC) – Premieres 5th April – Renewed

Comedy about sports commentator Jim Brockmire, who after having a breakdown while commenting a baseball match in 2007 flees the country for ten years in a drug induced haze before taking a job at a minor team as a play-by-play caller.

When he turns up at the team he begins to realise that his breakdown ten years earlier has become a thing of legend and the first viral video on the internet. After being talked into accept his past by his new employers he see that the team he’ll be play calling are a bunch of misfits that are taking gamesmanship to a new level.

It’s easily one of the better first eps of a comedy, the breakdown itself is more than enough to warrant a watch.


Stan Against Evil (IFC)


Stan Against Evil (IFC) – Starts 31st October – Renewed

A straight up comedy horror take on Ash vs. Evil Dead, set in the small town of Willard’s Mill that during the Witch Hunter trials made Salem seem like a minor event. During that time a curse was placed on the towns sheriff meaning that they will die in office.

After his wifes death, the curmudgeonly sheriff Stan assaults the priest at the funeral leading to him losing his job, where after he finds that his wife spend her evening taking out the demons trying to kill him. As he discovers this his replacement finds herself beset with supernatural attacks on her life and manages to get him to reluctantly agree to help.

While it is reminiscent of Ash vs Evil Dead, it’s enjoyable silliness.


Benders (IFC)


Benders (IFC) – Starts 1st October – Cancelled

Comedy about four friends that play on a terrible ice hockey team. They’re not much in the way of ice hockey in the show bar a couple of references to Wayne Gretzky, and is more about ludicrous situations they end up in.

It’s not good, and comes across as a rushed knock off hybrid of It’s Always Sunny and The League.


Gigi Does It (IFC)


Gigi Does It (IFC) – Starts 1st October – Cancelled

Comedy where the maths fella from Numb3rs plays a 74 year old jewish woman that’s just inherited $6m. With the cash she hires a nurse then goes around interacting with members of the public linking it together with a vague plot.

Reminiscent of a prankless take on Bad Grandpa, but the bits with the public don’t pay off and anything scripted isn’t that good.


Documentary Now! (IFC)


Documentary Now! (IFC) – Starts 20th August – Renewed

Introduced by Dame Helen Mirren, Documentary Now! takes known documentaries and parodies the subject matter in more and more ridiculous directions.

Whilst it nails the visual side of the documentaries it’s taking the piss out of, the jokes seem to dry up pretty quickly and it just runs out of steam halfway through.