The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)


The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) – Premieres 26th April – Renewed

A drama that is set in a dystopian future, where after an environmental disaster that leads to only a small percentage of the female population being fertile.

During an escalation of subtle governmental changes, the US implements a theocracy, where the religious zealots in power strip women of all rights and leave the women that can carry children as concubines to the elite classes of the new society. While any women that lived their old pre-dictatorship life against the current religious teachings are sent to the toxic areas to work on the clean up condemning them to death.

It follows June who after failing to escape the US after the regime change with her husband and daughter, is condemned to become a concubine to a high ranking commander and his wife to bear them children. While there she finds out about a resistance forming and plots to find a way out so she can find her daughter, while making sure her actions aren’t discovered where if found guilty it would lead to her execution.

The show itself is one that uses it’s slow pace to maximise the bleak and suffocating feel to the proceedings, along with hearing the inner monologue of Jane adds to the desperation. Well worth a watch.



Dimension 404 (Hulu)


Dimension 404 (Hulu) – Premieres 4th April

From the internet production company that gave us the TV show Rocketjump, Dimension 404 is a series of one off story episodes along vaguely similar lines to old sci-fi shows like The Outer Limits.

Unlike the darker style of The Outer Limits this has more of a dark comedy and absurdist vibe to it all, while playing out as something that would be found on The CW.

It’s a watchable enough bit of TV, though nothing you’d go out of your way to view.


Shut Eye (Hulu)


Shut Eye (Hulu) – Starts 7th December – Renewed

Drama that follows Charlie Haverford, a failed magician turned con man psychic, runs a chain of fortune tellers that answer to Fonso, a Gypsy whose family gives the ok to all the fortune telling scams throughout the city.

After his sister runs foul of gypsies using a technique that is forbidden outside romany circles, it’s decreed that Charlie has to give up a couple of his earning shops to Fonso to still be allowed to operate in the area. With the impending financial shortfall his wife befriends a wealthy mark who could raise the income of the family fair beyond of what they already have.

Not wanting to further anger Fonso Charlie turns down the opportunity, but after being attacked by one of his clients boyfriends, hyponotised by a potential employee and witnessing his sister having her face cut as punishment, Charlie decides to run con in hope that it’s not discovered by the gypsies.

While it’s not the most innovate of stories it’s an easy going watch that you can switch off to.


Chance (Hulu)


Chance (Hulu) – Starts 19th October – Renewed

Drama where a forensic neuropsychiatrist Eldon Chance meets a woman suffering from a split personality caused by domestic abuse, after referring her to a specialist he digs into her background after finding out her previous therapist was murdered.

This leads to him linking the murder to her abusive husband who just happens to be a corrupt detective, who after meeting Chance in the hospital where the woman is receiving treatment from a new attack, gives a less than subtle warning for him to stop looking into her case.

Spurred on by wanting to get justice for the woman Chance enlists the help of D, a furniture metalworker and former military man who has a deep love of beating less desirable types to help him take down the husband. Though this leads Chance to question whether he is losing his moral compass and heading down a path he can’t come back from.

It an entertaining Thriller. Well worth the watch.


Freakish (Hulu)


Freakish (Hulu) – Starts 10th October – Renewed

Low budget horror series where a group of students, while on a Saturday detention at a suspiciously busy high school, get to witness the local chemical plant explode.

After hiding out in the basement for up to 5 minutes the students, which have rapidly reduced from the original amount before the explosion, veto the wisdom of the one teacher in the building to venture upstairs and to witness the death and destruction outside.

After a few of them decide to head off home, the appearance of disfigured survivors start approaching the school leading to some sub par faux zombie-esque shenanigans.

It’s all very poor stuff.


The Path (Hulu)


The Path (Hulu) – Starts 30th March – Renewed

Drama about a Scientologist-eque cult called the Meyerist Movement. In it one of the followers, after returning from its Peruvian retreat, has begun to question the movement and contacts a defector from the cult who believes they are responsible for her husbands death.

With the leader of the cult away, where he is writing the next three levels of their belief system, he’s second in command goes back to the compound to guide the followers into expanding the movement.

It’s well worth a watch.


11.22.63 (Hulu)


11.22.63 (Hulu) – Starts 16th February

Based on the Stephen King novel, 11.22.63 is about an english teacher who is shown a time portal by his cancer stricken cafe owning chum. According to his friend all the worlds problems should be easily resolved if JFK isn’t assassinated, helpfully the portal drops them off in 1960 so any attempt to stop it happening could happen.

However he’d have to stay there for three years since every time you leave the portal it resets to the initial entry time. To help with the three years worth of thumb twiddling time the cafe owner has a dossier filled with potential suspects, a handy homemade Sports Almanac and a wad of starter cash.

Armed with that the English teacher attempts to find out who killed JFK and to stop them, with the mild hinderance of whenever he tries to alter any historical points, time itself is doing its best to kill/stop him.

It’s a solid first ep and goes along at a decent pace without over doing it with spoonfeeding the plot. Well worth a watch.