All Night (Hulu)


All Night (Hulu) – Premieres 11th May

A coming of age comedy that’s set on the evening of an all night high school graduation party.

In the show it follows various groups of students, from some nerds trying to find out the identity of a cosplay model they believe to be in their year, two friends where one is trying to pluck the courage to ask the other out, through to popular girl wondering why her boyfriend isn’t showing any interest in her.

The comedy is reminiscent in parts to American Pie, where the party is seen as the last chance to finish their high school life in the best possible way. Though it’s not really funny and is a chore to get through, since most the characters are just annoying.



The Looming Tower (Hulu)


The Looming Tower (Hulu) – Premieres 28th February

Drama set in the late ‘90s where it follows the rivalry between the FBI and CIA during their attempts to catch Osama Bin Laden and to stop the threat of Al-Quada.

The show is centred around the FBI counter terrorism division, who after bringing rookie agent Ali Soufan into the team, use his knowledge of the area and the religion to begin to decipher the threats they’ve gleaned from the CIA. Who in turn, are unwilling to share information they’ve recently gathered from a hard drive they captured, fearing that the FBI would force them into operations based on the intel too early.

This leads to Soufan being sent out to participate on a raid in Albania where they break up a terrorist cell producing explosives. After Soufan relays this information back to the FBI, they work out that Al-Quada are planning to take out a high profile target that the CIA already know about. Which is then proved correct as they blow up the US embassy in Kenya.

For an opening episode the programme goes along at a decent pace and keeps your interest all the way through. It’s a well worth a watch.


Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu)


Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu) – Premieres 21st November – Renewed

Another Marvel TV series where this one follows six teenagers (Alex, Nico, Karolina, Gert, Chase & Molly),  who having been lifelong friends due to their parent knowing each other have grown apart after the death of one of their group.

As their parents get ready for their charity get together Alex decides to try and get everyone back together for the evening. The others initially decide not to go, but after a sequence of events the group all end up at the house.

As the get together stumbles along, Chase decides to go on a booze run in Alexs dads office. After the group rummage around they discover a secret entrance leading to an underground cavern where they find their parent performing some occult like business.

As an opening ep it’s as slow going as Inhumans, though does have enough about it to make it worthy of checking out the next episode.


There’s… Johnny! (Hulu)


There’s… Johnny! (Hulu) – Premieres 16th November

Set in 1972, it follows Andy Klavin a 19 year old from Nebraska. After sending a letter to Johnny Carson asking for an autographed photo for his parents and adding an optimistic request job a job. Andy manages to misread the letter that came with the picture and heads off to LA expecting to work on The Tonight Show.

After one of the production team talks him through is mistake another member of staff, Joy, gets Andy to do some errands while the they are missing their runner. During his brief time at the studio Andy manages to get a credit on a joke used on the show and a right hook from Joys ex. Then after the show is finished recording Andy is told that there is a job opening for him.

For a comedy is very light on actual jokes and feels like a Wonder Years version of Nightcap.


Future Man (Hulu)


Future Man (Hulu) – Premieres 14th November – Renewed

A sci-fi comedy that follows Josh, a janitor for a medical research company who is addicted to playing the The Biotic Wars, a video game set in the future where a mutated race rules the Earth and one that no one has ever completed.

After a day at the lab where he befriends the owner Dr Kronish and finds out why he started a lab focusing on researching herpes, Josh continues playing the game where he’s at the final stage. Deciding that he needs a new approach to tackle the level he always dies on, he switches his tactics and manages to complete the game.

This leads to two characters in the game appearing in his room who reveal that the’ve come from the future, where the plot from the game is actually real, and that they sent the game back in time to find the one player who can complete it. Becoming their saviour to win the war.

As comedies go it nicely juvenile in places and is an easy watch.


I Love You America (Hulu)


I Love You America (Hulu) – Premieres 12th October – Renewed

A comedy talk show hosted by Sarah Silverman where along with interviewing a guest, heads off to to meet folks with differing outlooks to see why they back the thing they do and what common ground they have with each other.

The show is like a watchable version of Chelsea, with Silverman actually listening to her guests answers and not talking over them at every opportunity.

It’s not too bad.


The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)


The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) – Premieres 26th April – Renewed

A drama that is set in a dystopian future, where after an environmental disaster that leads to only a small percentage of the female population being fertile.

During an escalation of subtle governmental changes, the US implements a theocracy, where the religious zealots in power strip women of all rights and leave the women that can carry children as concubines to the elite classes of the new society. While any women that lived their old pre-dictatorship life against the current religious teachings are sent to the toxic areas to work on the clean up condemning them to death.

It follows June who after failing to escape the US after the regime change with her husband and daughter, is condemned to become a concubine to a high ranking commander and his wife to bear them children. While there she finds out about a resistance forming and plots to find a way out so she can find her daughter, while making sure her actions aren’t discovered where if found guilty it would lead to her execution.

The show itself is one that uses it’s slow pace to maximise the bleak and suffocating feel to the proceedings, along with hearing the inner monologue of Jane adds to the desperation. Well worth a watch.