The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer (History)


The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer (History) – Premieres 14th November

Sharing some similarities to JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald and Hunting Hitler, where former LAPD homicide detective Sal Barbera and former FBI agent Ken Mains have teamed up to look into the Zodiac Killer case and try to finally find the killer.

Along with following the two as they go over the old evidence the police gathered and visiting the murder sites to try and gain a new perspective. The two have also employed the help of codebreaker and computer science bod Kevin Knight, who with a supercomputer and a team of experts are trying to break Zodiac Killers Z340 code. A code that has never been cracked and is believed it can reveal the killers real name.

For a cold case docu-series it’s an interesting watch.



The New Age of Terror (History)


The New Age of Terror (History) – Premieres 20th August – Miniseries

Two part documentary that looks into how modern terrorism groups formed and evolved since the 9/11 attack. In it the show has interviews from former military types, historians and local experts as they explain how the War on Terrorism has effected the approaches of the various groups and in some ways escalated their rise.

As a documentary a lot of its subject matter it shows has already been covered and explained in similar documentaries, and recovering of this makes it a grind to get through.


The Cars That Made America (History)


The Cars That Made America (History) – Premieres 13th August – Miniseries

Using the same format as Barbarians Rising, this is a 3 part show that looks at how the car gained its popularity in the US. Using talking head snippets from NASCAR racers, historians and biographers, along with archival footage from the era. This reenacts how the car industry was born and follows the people behind the major companies, showing the innovations they made to vehicle development and the production process. 

While it’s not as interesting as the straight drama of Harley And The Davidsons, it’s an interesting enough watch if the birth of the automotive industry is your thing.


American Ripper (History)


American Ripper (History) – Premieres 11th July

A crime documentary in the similar vein of Hunting Hitler and JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald, where Jeff Mudgett, the great grandson of notorious US serial killer H.H. Holmes, believes his ancestor was also Jack The Ripper.

To back his claim Jeff enlists the help of former CIA operative Amaryllis Fox, and together the begin to trawl through the history of Holmes to see if they can find any links between the two murderers.

The show is an interesting watch though the whole Jack The Ripper aspect doesn’t appear to be half as interesting as Holmes Murder Castle hotel which is briefly touched upon.


Americas War On Drugs (History)


Americas War On Drugs (History) – Premieres 18th June – Miniseries

Docu-series that looks into how the CIAs involvement in foreign matters spawned the opportunities in the drug trade that later effected the US.

The show looks into various CIA operations through the decades, where using reenactments and interviews with academics and former intelligence employees, show how their actions either created drug runners or allowed already nefarious types to operate within the country more freely.

Along with looking into those effects, it shows how the War Against Drugs was brought together and highlights the actual results of it aims compared what was publicly declared.

For a documentary it’s does exactly as you’d expect, and it’s an interesting watch.


The World Without Canada (History)


The World Without Canada (History) – Premieres 31st May – Miniseries

A three part documentary which looks at the inventions and discoveries that Canada has given the world. The show goes through the list by putting out the hypothetical situation that Canada is wiped from history to show how the lack of these discoveries would instantly effect the world.

With each invention the programme goes into back story of who the inventor/scientist was and who the breakthrough came about with the usual mix of expert interviews and some stock visuals. After explaining the discovery it then goes into how it not existing would cause almost instant disruption with the use of some dramatisations.

The programme itself is an easy enough watch though the way a couple of the inventors/inventions are claimed to be Canadian could at worse be seen as tenuous.


America: Promised Land (History)


America: Promised Land (History) – Premieres 29th May – Miniseries

A documentary the looks into the how the different immigrant groups that have settled in America have been part in creating who the country is today.

It starts off with showing a map of the States which shows where the the immigrant groups are clustered around the country, and then goes through highlight in group. With each group the focus on one pivotal immigrants contribution where in between experts being interviewed they reenact what that person contributed to the society at the time.

As a documentary about the historical roots of the US it is interesting, but with it being an hour and a half long to becomes a bit repetitive in its delivery.