The Return of Shelby The Swamp Man (History)


The Return of Shelby The Swamp Man (History) – Premieres 11th October

A spinoff of The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man, this follows Shelby Strong as he returns to helping folk on the Louisiana Bayou after spending two years in isolation.

Teamed up with his trainee Angela, Shelby goes about getting his business back in order. As he gets his old boats back up and running, shows Angela how to fell trees and uses his new boat The Leviathan in a variety of ways.

In between getting his business up and running, Shelby helps out locals by getting various supplies for them, using his jet boats to smash up some illegal setups found in the Bayou and helping a historian dig up items found in the water.

If you’ve seen any of the other programmes featuring Shelby, then this is more of the same, as he does over-the-top solutions to the problems thrown at him. Overall it’s one of the trashier bits of programming that History pumps out, where it does exactly what you’d expect and is generally background viewing at best.



Hard To Kill (Discovery)


Hard To Kill (Discovery) – Premieres 31st July

Hosted by Tim Kennedy of Hunting Hitler fame, this is a show where he heads off to meet people who have dangerous jobs. Where he then goes through some of the training they go through to perform their daily tasks.

During the show Tim meets up with a few people that work in the field he’s looking into, where they either take him along to sample the job first hand, or is placed in some specialised training. Kennedy then finds out some of the situations they have to be prepared for, and how they have to know the techniques as second nature.

The programme is like a longer format to Nightwatch Presents: First Responders, with Kennedy getting a slightly more intense introduction to the jobs he’s looking into. And while it is a more entertaining piece of viewing, it’s still not something you’d go out of your way to watch.


Blood Money (History)


Blood Money (History) – Premieres 30th July

A show that adds a twist to the reality business genre. Where in each episode it follows two business owners who are trying to find out if their relatives have what it takes to have a stake in their companies.

In the episode it starts off with the owner explaining what the company does, along with them explaining the doubts they have over the relatives there are thinking about giving a stake in the business. After going through the back story, the owner, relative and Chris Parvin, a family estate planner, meet and draw up a contract. Where if the relative can fulfil the conditions they will end up owning a set percentage.

From there the programme follows the relatives as they work to complete the job. And when the deadline is up, Parvin return to announce whether the terms of the contract has been completed. Leaving the owner to announce to the relative if they are a business partner or not.

For what it is, the show is an easy bit of viewing, and while it doesn’t do enough to make it a must watch show. There’s enough about it where you’d happily sit through an ep if you stumbled across it.


In Search Of (History)


In Search Of (History) – Premieres 20th July

Based on the Leonard Nimoy fronted 70’s show of the same name. This has Zachary Quinto taking over the hosting duties, where in each episode he looks into left field subject matter ranging from UFOs to time travel.

During the programme Quinto looks into a couple of aspects within the episodes subject, where along with talking to experts to witnesses, takes part in and observes experiments and tests.

By the end of the show Zachary looks back at what he’s learned, and puts together whether he is a believer or not. And which parts of what he has seen has had the most effect on him.

The show itself is a pretty lightweight affair, where the things that are looked into don’t go into too much depth. And the vagueness of what is shown ends up making it a bit of a grind in places, though it does have enough going on to make it something you’d watch if nowt was on.


Master And Apprentice (History)


Master And Apprentice (History) – Premieres 3rd July – Pilot

A gun making competition where two teams consisting of a master and apprentice, go head to head against each other in the bid to win a $10k prize.

The competition is split into two rounds, in the first the teams are set a challenge to build a particular make of gun. With the stipulation that the apprentice and to make a certain part of it unassisted. The teams are then sent back to their shop where they have a week to produce the weapon.

When the teams return the guns are put through three challenges by the shows experts to find out who produced the best performing weapon. And after the tests the weakest team is then eliminated.

The second and final round puts the team against each other, where both master and apprentice are set a challenge, and whoever can complete it the quickest is the one that walks away with the prize money.

As competitions go, it has everything that you would want to see in that type of show, though the way it’s set out never really grabs your attention. All together, while it’s better than Fistful Of Steel it’s still a disappointing bit of viewing.


Fistful Of Steel (History Channel)


Fistful Of Steel (History Channel) – Premieres 26th June – Pilot

A competition show where three gun making companies challenge each other in producing an extreme version of a standard unique weapon.

It starts off with one of the gun companies texting the upcoming challenge to their competitors, where they begin designing and producing the weapon. The show follows them through the design and testing phases, as the teams find problems in their design, and create workaround solutions to get them operational.

After the teams weapons are finished they then all meat up at a test range where the host team has created three challenges. And the team that manages to perform the best through the round it declared the winner.

While the weapons the teams are making are interesting the show grinds its way through 45 minutes. With the members of the teams being a pretty dull bunch, the final tests looking like to have been made up with no real thought, the whole show comes across badly planned and never gives a reason to why you want to keep watching.


Swamp Mysteries With Troy Landry (History)


Swamp Mysteries With Troy Landry (History) – Premieres 7th June

A spinoff from the series Swamp People, this follows Troy Landry, who receives a call from folks he knows from around the country who need his help with animal problems in their area.

As Troy heads down to meet with his buddy in need, the show explains the problem they are encountering and what Troy will be looking for. Along with the dangers that they’ll end up encountering. Then when he arrives, Troy and his friend go straight to business where they set off trying to hunt down the animals, helping out at any opportunity.

After that Troy is introduced to another wildlife expert who is tackling another problem for the locals. Where he shows Troy the techniques they use to catch them, and how and why they animals have found themselves in an area they never used to inhabit.

The show then finishes off with another night time hunt as Troy ends up hunting one of the bigger animals, and witnesses it encounter the indigenous wildlife it’s threatening, before taking it down.

For what it is, it’s a no nonsense bit of viewing as it gets straight into the action from the off. Thought that said is does start to peter out halfway though and is only really one for those that enjoyed Swamp People.