Americas War On Drugs (History)


Americas War On Drugs (History) – Premieres 18th June – Miniseries

Docu-series that looks into how the CIAs involvement in foreign matters spawned the opportunities in the drug trade that later effected the US.

The show looks into various CIA operations through the decades, where using reenactments and interviews with academics and former intelligence employees, show how their actions either created drug runners or allowed already nefarious types to operate within the country more freely.

Along with looking into those effects, it shows how the War Against Drugs was brought together and highlights the actual results of it aims compared what was publicly declared.

For a documentary it’s does exactly as you’d expect, and it’s an interesting watch.


The World Without Canada (History)


The World Without Canada (History) – Premieres 31st May – Miniseries

A three part documentary which looks at the inventions and discoveries that Canada has given the world. The show goes through the list by putting out the hypothetical situation that Canada is wiped from history to show how the lack of these discoveries would instantly effect the world.

With each invention the programme goes into back story of who the inventor/scientist was and who the breakthrough came about with the usual mix of expert interviews and some stock visuals. After explaining the discovery it then goes into how it not existing would cause almost instant disruption with the use of some dramatisations.

The programme itself is an easy enough watch though the way a couple of the inventors/inventions are claimed to be Canadian could at worse be seen as tenuous.


America: Promised Land (History)


America: Promised Land (History) – Premieres 29th May – Miniseries

A documentary the looks into the how the different immigrant groups that have settled in America have been part in creating who the country is today.

It starts off with showing a map of the States which shows where the the immigrant groups are clustered around the country, and then goes through highlight in group. With each group the focus on one pivotal immigrants contribution where in between experts being interviewed they reenact what that person contributed to the society at the time.

As a documentary about the historical roots of the US it is interesting, but with it being an hour and a half long to becomes a bit repetitive in its delivery.


Project Impossible (History)


Project Impossible (History) – Premieres 24th May

Like Impossible Engineering and Indestructible Mega Structures, this is an show that looks into 4 structures that are currently being built, and the new engineering processes that have had to be employed for the project to be completed.

During each of the four segments the show explains the initial problems that had to be solved before the assignment started and talks to the people involved about how they developed the techniques to construct the project.

For a factual show about modern construction, its execution is almost identical to Impossible Engineering. To the point if you were a fan of the later, then this is more of the same.


Superheroes Decoded (History)


Superheroes Decoded (History) – Premieres 30th April – Miniseries

A 2 part miniseries that documents the impact the creation of superheroes had on American culture. The first part looks into how the birth of superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Spiderman were linked to the public attitude of the time.

In it, along with the regulation interview with Stan Lee, various comic book writers and enthusiasts talk about how the characters reflected the time that they were in, and how they have been continually changed to fit and reflect the social and political backgrounds of the time.

For a documentary about comic book superheroes it’s surprisingly dull and a bit of a slog to get through.


JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald (History)


JFK Declassified: Tracking Oswald (History) – Premieres 25th April

Former CIA agent Bob Baer along with former LAPD lieutenant Adam Bercovici look into the recently released files regarding the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the possibility that Lee Harvey Oswald did not work alone.

Using the same computer equipment seen in Hunting Hitler, Bob and Adam running cross check searches over all the files released to find out about the movements Oswald made in the build up to the assassination, in the hope to uncover if his plan were formed by a third party and how exactly everything came to pass.

Along with the document checking being the same as Hunting Hitler it also follows the same structure with the investigators heading off around the world interviewing folks with vague recollections. Though while the format is the same it’s a less entertaining watch.


Road Hauks (History)


Road Hauks (History) – Premieres 8th April

Along the same lines as Diesel Brothers, Road Hauks follows Kenny Hauk, owner of Hawk Designs as he produces one-of-a-kind custom off road vehicles that are influenced by American history.

Kenny goes about building his vehicle by coming up with an idea on two things to merge together then setting off on creating the thing and hoping that he can sell it on when it’s completed.

It’s a pretty much of the mill show that has the usual tropes of the staff messing about before the build then knuckling down to the job at hand, last minute hitches occurring during the build, and the staple normal job that comes in that they need to help pay the bills. And after all that then Kenny manages to find a buyer for the offroader he’s created.

It doesn’t offer anything that really separates itself from what’s already out there.