Sarah Off The Grid (HGVT)


Sarah Off The Grid (HGVT) – Premieres 10th September 

Similar to Moving The McGillivrays and Building Belushi, HGTV host Sarah Richard and her family have found a remote location to where they want to build their ideal family home to get themselves out of the city.

The show follows Sarah and her husband as they construct their new home from scratch, where along with other HGTV hosts turning up and offering their advice, the couple who have decided to project manage the whole project. Along the way they have to compromise between affordable solutions to the build problems they encounter, while keeping as close to their plans as possible.

For a home building show it does exactly what you’d expect.



House Hunters Family (HGTV)


House Hunters Family (HGTV) – Premieres 31st July

Spinoff of House Hunters this follows a family looking to buy a new home, so head off to meet an estate agent that shows them around 3 properties that sort of fit into what they are after. After viewing the three places they then make a decision on which one they preferred and move in.

Literally the only thing that’s different with this to the original is that here the family take some of their kids to the viewings.


Tiny Paradise (HGTV)


Tiny Paradise (HGTV) – Premieres 3rd July

A short 20 minute show that follows a couple who are building a small house in the middle of an exotic location. In it, the programme follows them from going through the plan of the building, working on the construction and  finishes off with the final reveal of the the finished home.

For a property/DIY show it does go into more detail about the building elements that most, and surprisingly does a better job at holding your interest than other shows in the genre such as We Bought The Farm, Love Yurts and the like.


Flip Or Flop: Vegas (HGTV)


Flip Or Flop: Vegas (HGTV) – Premieres 6th April – Renewed

Another Flip or Flop spinoff, this time following the Marundes, a husband and wife team of MMA fighter/builder and estate agent, where they hunt down a run down property to buy on the cheap, fix up and sell on for a profit.

Like other shows with flip in the title like Desert Flippers, Zombie House Flipping & Vintage Flip, this goes along with the usual formula of setting a budget, finding problems during the renovation adding to the spend, then managing to make the money back on the sell.

It’s all the same content but with different hosts.


Save My Reno (HGTV)


Save My Reno (HGTV) – Premieres 5th April

A home renovation show where a builder and interior designer duo help out folk who have hit a brick wall in their renovation and need some assistance to get the job done.

After meeting with the owners and viewing the room that needs sprucing up, the duo come back with their plans, come up with a set budget and get the owners to help out during the renovation.

Before the job is complete the owners are sent off while they finish off the room, and when they return marvel at the handiwork performed. For a home improvement show, it’s just more of the same old stuff.


Vintage Flip (HGTV)


Vintage Flip (HGTV) – Starts 2nd June – Renewed

A renovation show with a husband and wife team find a cheap old house, set a budget then restore the home to it’s former glory before trying to sell it on for a profit.

Similar to other home renovation show like Zombie House Flipping or Desert Flippers where the goal is to set a budget and try to make as much on the resale as possible, this also tries to cover the period aspects of the building like Lone Star Restoration. Though this has them talking about tudor era buildings, then going against everything they’ve shown which also gets pick up by a couple of potential buyers.

It all a much of a muchness, and not that interesting to boot.