Flip Or Flop: Vegas (HGTV)


Flip Or Flop: Vegas (HGTV) – Premieres 6th April – Renewed

Another Flip or Flop spinoff, this time following the Marundes, a husband and wife team of MMA fighter/builder and estate agent, where they hunt down a run down property to buy on the cheap, fix up and sell on for a profit.

Like other shows with flip in the title like Desert Flippers, Zombie House Flipping & Vintage Flip, this goes along with the usual formula of setting a budget, finding problems during the renovation adding to the spend, then managing to make the money back on the sell.

It’s all the same content but with different hosts.


Save My Reno (HGTV)


Save My Reno (HGTV) – Premieres 5th April

A home renovation show where a builder and interior designer duo help out folk who have hit a brick wall in their renovation and need some assistance to get the job done.

After meeting with the owners and viewing the room that needs sprucing up, the duo come back with their plans, come up with a set budget and get the owners to help out during the renovation.

Before the job is complete the owners are sent off while they finish off the room, and when they return marvel at the handiwork performed. For a home improvement show, it’s just more of the same old stuff.


Vintage Flip (HGTV)


Vintage Flip (HGTV) – Starts 2nd June – Renewed

A renovation show with a husband and wife team find a cheap old house, set a budget then restore the home to it’s former glory before trying to sell it on for a profit.

Similar to other home renovation show like Zombie House Flipping or Desert Flippers where the goal is to set a budget and try to make as much on the resale as possible, this also tries to cover the period aspects of the building like Lone Star Restoration. Though this has them talking about tudor era buildings, then going against everything they’ve shown which also gets pick up by a couple of potential buyers.

It all a much of a muchness, and not that interesting to boot.


Welcome Back Potter (HGTV)


Welcome Back Potter (HGTV) – Starts 11th October

House restoration show similar to Holmes + Holmes, where actress Monica Potter buys her old family home in Cleveland, then goes about doing the building up with the help of her three sisters and mother.

Each episode focuses on an individual room that they renovate, where in between reminiscing on the time they had there, they go about striping it down and completely remodelling it while possibly repurposing some old furniture.

It’s like Brothers Take New Orleans but if it was a family project.


Brothers Take New Orleans (HGTV)


Brothers Take New Orleans (HGTV) – Starts 23rd November

Renovation show where the Property Brothers have headed off to New Orleans where they are teaming up with a local organisation that takes derelict properties, renovates them and give them to deserving folk.

In the show the brothers are given a property each and they make a competition of it buy setting a spending limit on the renovation. They decide to set a number of room challenges where they will be judged by a roaming celebrity friend to pick the winner, giving them the advantage of having their labourer brother to assist them in the next challenge. The overall winner will be the one that gets the highest increase in value for the property after the rooms have been completed as judged by local estate agent.

If you like renovation shows it does exactly what you’d expect.


Holmes + Holmes (HGTV)


Holmes + Holmes (HGTV) – Starts 10th November

Yet more Mike Holmes construction action, this time Mike is helping his son Mike Jr to tear up his plans on improving his home, and putting forward the idea of some major reconstruction of the property.

After a minimal amount of discussion the plan to put an extra floor one a one story building gets put into action with Mike Jr drawing up the new layout, telling his missus on the change of plans with the renovation and finally the beginning of the construction.

Along with the working on the house and finding problems along the way it’s broken up with a few family get togethers and mild japery.

For what it is, it’s watchable enough.


Bryan Inc. (HGTV)


Bryan Inc. (HGTV) – Starts 25th September

House renovation shenanigans where after building their own home, Bryan Baeumler goes back to his building business with the plan of buying two houses within a $1.5m budget and 6 months to turn them around to sell for a profit.

Bryan also brings his wife into the company fold as a project manager to look after both renovations, and gives her the job to find and purchase one of the two homes. So after being shown around a few houses they both make their pick then begin on the renovation and trying to beat the onset of winter.

It’s a home renovation show that only focuses on two builds through out the series, so has more in keeping with programmes like Mark and Derek’s Excellent Flip.