Rustic Rehab (HGTV)


Rustic Rehab (HGTV) – Premieres 16th August

Based in Paradise, California, this is renovation show that follows the married team of David and Chenoa Rivera as they buy, renovate and sell a property.

Kicking off with the pair heading to a new property they’ve purchased, David and Chenoa go through the house highlighting what needs to be done, while pricing up the cost. Then at the end of the survey work out the totals, how much they could sell it for and the estimate cost.

The show then moves on the duo starting the renovation with their construction team, and as they go through the build discover hidden problems that add to the bill. And as well as the problems occurred, shows the pair changing their plan mid-build to get the rooms in the best shape for a quick sell.

At the end of the renovation David and Chenoa go through the pricing, highlighting how much over budget they went and working out a new price where they can come out with a decent profit. Then the couple show prospective buyers around the property, where they show off how the house now looks compared to how it was at the beginning. And after it finishes off by showing the final costs and how much they finally sold the house for.

The show is similar to other renovation programmes such as Rustic Renovations, with it keeping to the tried and tested format. Overall it does what you expect, and if you enjoy these types of show then it’s more of the same.




My Aloha Dream Home (HGTV)


My Aloha Dream Home (HGTV) – Premieres 22nd June

A house hunting show where Hawaiian estate agent Wayne Chi helps folks find their ideal property.

It starts with the clients being introduced where they say why they want to move to Hawaii. Then after meeting up with Wayne, they’ve told him what sort of property they are looking for and the budget they have.

Wayne then takes them to three different properties, and in a first for a property show, all within the budget that’s been set. After they’ve been viewed, the clients make a decision on which one they want to buy, where the show catches up with them a few months later to see what they done with the place.

For what it is the show does what you’d expect, but it’s one for those that especially like house hunting programmes.


Music City Fix (HGTV)


Music City Fix (HGTV) – Premieres 7th June

Standard house flipping shenanigans where married couple and business partners, Kortney and Dave Wilson, buy up a run down house in a desirable part of Nashville, do it up, then sell it on.

It starts off with the pair turning up to the house that’s up for sale, where they go through the property, listing what needs to be done and their initial plans on the remodelling. And after buying the home the pair do the sums of the renovation, listing how much it cost, their predicted expenses for the job and what they aim to sell it for.

Before Kortney, Dave and their team begin work on the property, they go through the new place of the house and what work they will be doing. It then goes into the usual property show stuff, where they find unexpected problems with the building or that the items they purchased need to be customised on the fly to fit where they need to go.

After the renovation is finished the pair then go through each room, highlighting the work that has been carried out, and showing a before and after. Then it cuts away showing how much that was spent and the price they managed to sell it for.

For this type of show it’s the usual run-of-the-mill format. So it you like programmes like Carolina Reno, Flip or Flop: Nashville, & Northwest Revival, this is more of the same.


Hidden Potential (HGTV)


Hidden Potential (HGTV) – Premieres 15th May – Renewed

A home renovation show where builder/designer Jasmine Roth specialises on working on generic new build homes, as she customises the building to the owners needs.

It begins with Jasmine meeting up with her new clients, where they show her around the house, pointing out what they’d like to be included. Then Jasmine runs through her plans on how she’ll implement the changes.

After the design is shown Jasmine and her team then set about renovating the building. Where along with what she had planed, Jasmine adds some additional design elements. All the while dishing out some hints and tips on the various things they are working on.Then when everything is finished the owners are shown their new and improved home to much rejoicing.

As home improvement shows goes, it’s pretty much more of the same.


Boise Boys (HGTV)


Boise Boys (HGTV) – Premieres 25th April – Renewed

A home renovation show that follows Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson, a Boise based designer and builder duo, who buy, renovate, and sell properties in their area.

The show kicks off with the pair checking out two houses that they are interested in doing up. Where they go through the homes working out what they want to do, and how much it will cost them. Then after seeing both places they decide on which property to buy.

After the house is purchased the show goes into the regular renovation show format. Where as they are working, certain problems pop up, or an altercation to the design plan happens, leaving the two to work out a solution that fits into their plans and budget.

During the build the pair also invite some of the neighbours onto the site to see what is going on and to help generate some interest for when the place is ready to be sold. So after the construction is complete the same neighbours are invited back and the pair show them around the building pointing out what they’ve done. Then at the end the programme it shows the breakdown of the cost they outlaid and the profit they earned from the sale.

As renovations shows go it’s a more interesting watch than the vast majority of the other shows. Especially with it being a 45 minute programme it never begins to feel too drawn out.


Bahamas Life (HGTV)


Bahamas Life (HGTV) – Premieres 1st January

A house hunting show where a couple have decided to buy a house in the Bahamas. The programme starts off with the couple meeting up with their estate agent and going through their list of wants and price limits for the new property.

The couple are then shown around three different homes, some of which are outside the price range they mentioned. Before each house the programme whacks up a graphic showing what the house offers along with the price tag, and shows the couple as they check out the rooms and and other areas.

After going around the three properties the couple then tell the estate agent which of the three they want to go for. Leading to a brief catch up showing the couple having a lovely old time in their new home.

For a property show it’s similar to Buying The Rockies & Buying The View and does exactly what you’d expect it to.


Fixer Upper: Behind The Design (HGTV)


Fixer Upper: Behind The Design (HGTV) – Premieres 10th April

A spin off from Fixer Upper that acts as a supplemental episode to the main series. It kicks off with the host Joanna Gaines briefly recounting a previously aired episode, and then sets out to show the some of the things that were cut and didn’t make it to air.

In the show it follows Joanna and her team as they do some of the design aspects and production of the more custom items. As well as showing some of the discussions they has in decided on how to remodel the rooms. Along with this it also shows a place in the house they did up but didn’t show in the main programme.

As a spin off this doesn’t really add much to the show that it’s supporting, and it’s covering things that other DIY shows manage to fit into their sole episode. It’s only really of interest to those that like the main show.