Gritty to Pretty (HGTV)


Gritty to Pretty (HGTV) – Premieres 10th February

Property restoration goings on where home flipping builder Jeremy Cole buys up a near derelict property in Kalamazoo, renovates it and then selling it on for a healthy profit.

In the show, after buying the property Jeremy takes his real estate agent around the building explaining what he intents to do, then gets some confirmation that he renovation will get the price he’s after.

It then follows Jeremy as he gets his building team in where they start making everything liveable, where during the construction there’s the usual problems that pop up and get solved within the budget. And when everything is done, the real estate agent is given another viewing and a brief recap is given saying how much everything cost and the profit they made selling it.

For what it is it’s the standard renovation shenanigans, and doesn’t really have anything that makes it standout from the other property shows that have been released this year.



Carolina Reno (HGTV)


Carolina Reno (HGTV) – Premieres 27th January

Similar to Restored By The Fords & Brooks & Mortar, where the brother and sister team of San San and Roxy are called in to renovate some rooms for the properties owners.

The show kicks off straight into showing the rooms that are going to be worked on and what needs to be done after meeting the owners beforehand. Then the pair meet up clients and they talk through everything again where some graphics pop up showing the what they are aiming to turn the rooms into.

After the walkthrough Roxy and San San begin the remodelling and while they are doing the construction actually give out some hints and tips, which is a rarity for this kind of show. While the building work is underway Roxy brings the owners over to the design studio that resides in their families factory. There she goes through the finer points of the interior design aspects she wants to put in place, where the owners also give their feed back to what is planned.

Then when everything is finalised the pair finish off the home, and the owners are brought back to see the results. As property shows go this one actually gives out some tips, and feels like there is a bit of effort put in to try and show what went into the restyling. It’s easily more most interesting of the recently released renovation programmes.


Brooks & Mortar (HGTV)


Brooks & Mortar (HGTV) – Premieres 21st January

Standard home renovation goings on where interior designer Tiffany Brooks heads off to a client who asked her to spruce up some rooms in their house.

After being shown around the rooms that the clients want to renovate, Tiffany draws up some plans, and after showing them to the couple she brings in her team of builders and family members to start the restyling.

Along with the usual property show bits of finding unexpected problems with the building that need to be dealt with. Tiffany heads out to a couple of companies where she gets to produce some bespoke pieces for the refurb.

Then when the building work is completed she gets to added the newly created pieces to the finished rooms. And when everything is completed the owners return to see their newly redone rooms to much rejoicing.

Basically it’s a standard property show that does exactly what you’d expect.


Northwest Revival (HGTV)


Northwest Revival (HGTV) – Premieres 20th January

A renovation show where the husband and wife team of Jeff and Rachel Krause, who mainly purchase properties in the northwest via online auction sites, buy, renovate and sell on homes for a healthy profit.

In the show, after the building is bought the pair take a wander around room by room where they highlight the things they want to change. After they’ve finished looking around the property the programme brings up a graphic that shows how the layout will change after their renovation plans have been implemented.

It then follows the couple along with the team of builders as they go through the demolition phase and then remodelling the property. Like similar programmes the couple run into some unforeseen problems that get quickly rectified, then after the renovation is finished they set a guide price and as potential buyers view the home they show how they have changed the layout.

As property programmes go it’s no different to shows like Flip Or Flop or Good Bones.


Home United (HGTV)


Home United (HGTV) – Premieres 6th January

A home design show where Chris and Peyton Lambton head off to help a couple that are having trouble in merging their tastes together. After meeting them and being shown around the property finding out what the problem areas are and why. Chris and Peyton ask the couple to individually select pieces of furniture they like, and with the info they begin to remodel the home.

As the pair being the remodelling, the programme quickly skits over any of the construction performed, then with the styling it shows how they took the items selected by the couple and found a happy medium. And when everything is finished they show the couple the final results and there is much rejoicing.

Even for a DIY type show this one is phoning it in, and seems to be one big advert for the company supplying the furniture.


Restored By The Fords (HGTV)


Restored By The Fords (HGTV) – Premieres 2nd January – Renewed

A home renovation show where siblings Leanne and Steve Ford specialise in working on older homes and modernising them while keeping the aesthetic of the building in tact.

The show kicks off with the Fords going to the clients home, and walking them around each room explaining on what they are going to during the transformation, all the while the sketch up of the new layout appears as they are talking through it.

After going through the rooms, the owners leave for the duration of the renovation and the Fords being demoing, building and restyling the home. Like similar programmes it doesn’t get into too much depth but show the pair as they bring in reclaimed features and repurpose them for the project.

Then at the end the owners are brought by to see the final results. As they go through each room, some of which were barely covered in the programme during the build phase, and rejoice with the results.

For what it is, it’s a standard renovation show that doesn’t have anything in particular to make it stand out agains the rest.



Flip or Flop: Nashville (HGTV)


Flip or Flop: Nashville (HGTV) – Premieres 18th January

Continuing on from the 2017 Flip or Flop-ery of Atlanta, Vegas & Fort Worth, this is more of the same but set in Nashville.

The former husband and wife team of Page Turner and DeRon Jenkins do the usual of buying up a property that needs some working doing to it, with the intention of selling on for a profit after a quick turnaround. Then as they go through how they will modernise the property with the use of computer graphics to show the new layout, the couple then begin the transformation.

As they work through the building, the normal setbacks of wrong materials arriving and contractors not doing the job to the assumed standards appear, threatening to put the flip behind schedule. After a few phone calls and reworking on the schedule the house is finished on time, and after an open house viewing is sold for a profit.

The show delivers exactly what you’d expect for a Flip or Flop programme while offering nothing new to format.