The Deuce (HBO)


The Deuce (HBO) – Premieres 10th September – Renewed

Drama set in early 70’s that depicts the legalisation and rise of the porn industry in New York. The show follows Vincent a bar manager who is having to pay his twin brothers gambling debt back to the mob. Candy, one of the few prostitutes working without a pimp, CC and Larry Brown, two pimps who use violence to control their stable of women, and Abby a feminist college student who after getting arrested buying drugs, befriends Vincent.

The first episode is an incredibly slow paced affair that is used to set up all the main characters though barely anything of note occurs. And for no real story progression to happen in an hour and half that becomes a bit of a grind to get through and doesn’t give you much urge to watch the next episode.



Barry (HBO)


Barry (HBO) – Premieres TBA

Comedy about ex-marine Barry who after leaving the military works as a low rent hitman where he’s becoming disillusioned with his life, and is looking for something he feels worthwhile.

After being given a job in LA to kill the lover of an Armenian gangsters wife, Barry accidentally befriends him as he followed him into a drama class and ended up having to perform a scene with him. This makes Barry that believe that acting is his calling much to the dismay of his handler Fuches.

As a comedy it’s a pretty gentle going affair where it occasionally mixes it up with some dark moments. It’s a solid opener.


Room 104 (HBO)


Room 104 (HBO) – Premieres 28th July – Renewed

A anthology series tells the story of the occupants who have all stayed in the same room of a hotel. The stories themselves while ranging from horror to black comedy are all contained within the room and generally have a last minute twist to them.

For a 30 minute show it can feel a bit condensed and rushed as it fits everything within the short timeframe, though it is more than watchable.


The Defiant Ones (HBO)


The Defiant Ones (HBO) – Premieres 9th July – Miniseries

A three part documentary that looks into the careers of Beats founders Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, where it goes through how they got started in the music business, through to them collaborating together in the creating the Beats headphones.

Along with interviews and archive footage of Dre and Iovine the documentary also talks to the musicians that they worked with, looks at how they both contributed in developing artists and how the music industry effected how they worked and changed their outlooks.

It’s definitely one of the better music documentaries to be made though the Dre portion of it is easily the more interesting of the two.


Crashing (HBO)


Crashing (HBO) – Premieres 19th February – Renewed

Comedy loosely based on Pete Holmes life and career, where he is a struggling comedian who after six years of marriage finds his wife in bed with another man. This leads him head off to New York where he ends up bombing on stage after being talking into using his marriage break up as a routine.

After dying on stage he meets up with Artie Lange who takes Pete under his wing and give him a place to stay after his attempt at reconciling with his wife ends before it starts.

The show is reminiscent of the Louie style comedies knocking about, though with Pete being an over trusting christian trying to become a comedian it’s weirdly upbeat even though everything goes against him.


Big Little Lies (HBO)


Big Little Lies (HBO) – Premieres 19th February – Renewed

A murder mystery involving three housewives, Madeline the local town gossip, Jane the newly arrived single mother and Celeste who is in an abusive relationship.

It beings on the reveal that there has been a murder committed at a trivia night, before backtracking to the first day of school showing how the three women met. After spending the day together they return to the scool to pick up their children only to find that Janes son has been accused to strangling a girl in his class, while claiming his innocence.

As this is played out the cuts between locals being interviewed by the police where they cast their aspersions on the three women and how any of them could be the murderer.

The show is similar to a mix between Revenge and the flash forward police interviews of The Affair. While keeping the same soap-eque quality of Revenge.


The Young Pope (HBO)


The Young Pope (HBO) – Starts 21st October – Renewed

Religious drama where the vatican have selected the first american to become Pope. His selection raises a few questions when the new pope reveals his plan to  remove himself from the spotlight, and systematically replacing advisors and long term staff with his own people.

This brings in the doubt from the old guard as to how the sales of decorative plates will be hit, and more so from his confirmation speech where the new pope announces that the people aren’t worthy of god and the by extension him, and proclaims to bring in a more conservative take on catholicism. This going against the assumptions of him made by the Vatican Secretary of State who engineered his nomination.

It’s the sort of high budget drama where everything looks good but just seems to lack in anything to make it watchable. Disappointing