Shotmakers (Golf Channel)


Shotmakers (Golf Channel) – Premieres 9th April

A golf competition where 9 teams of mixed doubles go head to head in a bid to win the grand prize of $50k.

The competition takes place at Topgolf Las Vegas, an adapted driving range where five targets are placed over the course each with a different points value that increases the further from tee they are.

Each episode covers one round of the competition all of which have a qualifier and a main event. In the qualifier the teams are given the rules then the team that amasses the most points gets a points advantage in the main event. In the main event the teams are then given the new rules to compete in, where the team that finishes top gets a bonus prize along with heading into the next round.

The two teams that finish in the bottom two place then go into the elimination round where they have two rounds to get the highest total they can. The team that finishes last is then eliminated from the competition.

While the show is not as good as Altered Course, there’s enough going on to keep it interesting. And is a more then decent way to burn 45 minutes.



Altered Course (Golf Channel)


Altered Course (Golf Channel) – Starts 15th June

Eight teams of two compete against each other for $100k worth of prizes playing golf against a time limit on non regulation holes.

The first episode is a bit slow going with it introducing all the teams but when it gets on to the competition proper where last place gets eliminated it should pick up quite a bit.