Window Warriors (Game Show Network)


Window Warriors (Game Show Network) – Starts 15th November

A store front window dressing competition where 8 of the best window dressers that applied, go head to head against each other for the chance to win a magazine feature about them, a contract at a property company, $100k and a holiday display at Macys.

The competition while being an al against all affair is similar another Game Show Network programme Steampunk’d, where the theme of their build is set and it’s the only challenge they have to complete in the episode. Their creations are then critiques by the three judges and the task setter, where the worst of all the designs gets booted from the comp.

It’s a below average competition programme.



Steampunk’d (Game Show Network)


Steampunk’d (Game Show Network) – Starts 19th August

Mixing the design competition aspects of Framework and Trashformers with house renovation competitions such as Beach Flip, Steampunk’d consists of 10 “makers” going against each other to win $100k.

The makers are split into two teams and are given identical rooms to redesign and modify within the steampunk aesthetic. Whilst they customise the room, they also have to create a costume for a character to wear in the setting. The winning team get to have their room placed within the studio house, whilst the worst performer in the losing team gets eliminated.

It’s your standard competition show but with quirkier contestants.


Chain Reaction (Game Show Network)


Chain Reaction (Game Show Network) – Starts 16th July

A no nonsense game show which kicks off almost as soon as it starts. Two teams of two go against each other in guessing what word either precedes or follows the word they have chosen.

There are three rounds, the first is where the couples take turns in getting a correct answer and it exchanges over to the other side when they get one incorrect. The second round which kills the tempo stone dead involves the couple putting a bet of up to $500 on getting the answer correct. And the third round is for the winning couple to get the big bucks in a speed round.

Something you’d watch in the mid-afternoon when there’s no much else on.