Love At First Bite (FYI)


Love At First Bite (FYI) – Premieres 22nd January 

A programme that looks into the life of a feature chef, where they talk about how they met up with their partner and how their career has affected their life.

In the show, along with the chef and partner being interviewed and explaining the important turning points of their relationship, the couple talk about the food they were having at the time. Where it then splits off to the chef showing how to make the dishes they were chatting about.

As well as talking about their relationship, the programme also goes into the chefs career, where they talk about how they started working in kitchens and how they ended up where they are now with their own restaurant. Where along with showing how to make some of the dishes during that period of their life it also goes into some for the problems that were encountered during that time.

For a cooking/biography type show it doesn’t throw up anything unexpected, but comes across as something that would only really interest those who know who the focus of the episode are.



Sheffield Real Estate (FYI)


Sheffield Real Estate (FYI) – Premieres 30th November

Reality show where DeLeon Sheffield and her business partner and mother Debbie help their high end clients find the home of their dreams.

As well as showing their clients around three properties, DeLeon also has to ask her husband, former baseball player Gary, to smooth over any faux pas her mother has dropped. Then the show also adds in some bits of Gary looking after the kids as well as the obligatory interviews to camera.

As a mash up of a property and celeb reality show, the reality side seems to be tacked on as an afterthought, leaving it to be a rather bland home hunting show.


Stove Tots (FYI)


Stove Tots (FYI) – Premieres 6th November

Cooking competition where three pre-teen kids go head-to-head to see who is the best chef. The small cooks are teamed up with one of their parents, so during the two rounds they can either bring in the parent to help for a minute or give them a time out if their advice starts to grate them.

During the first round all three go against each other, where they are given 30 minutes to cook a dish to use an ingredient that they were given a week in advance. If any rules of the competition are broken the team is is given a one minute penalty where they can’t do anything, then at the end of the round the worst performer is eliminated.

The second round involves the final two facing off creating a dish of their choosing within a set theme within 45 minutes. At the end of the time the dishes are judged and the winner gets a trophy.

The programme is the usual cookery style competition, and is only really for those that like to see overbearing parents harass their kids. It’s one to miss.


The Know It All Guide To… (FYI)


The Know It All Guide To… (FYI) – Premieres 31st July

Fact based programme that looks at a food stuff then goes through its origins, how it’s produced, food stuffs that are used with it and other general pointless facts.

For 30 minutes it rattles though the topic where along with going over some facts, shows how to make/cook the perfect version, talks to the producers of the foodstuff where they talk through the process and visit a popular restaurant that shows off a different take on the dish.

It’s a bit like version of The Quick and the Curious but for food.


You Can’t Turn That Into A House (FYI)


You Can’t Turn That Into A House (FYI) – Premieres 15th July

Renovation show where brothers Taimoor and Rehan along with their team go about converting run down and unique locations like a storage container or a school bus, into a liveable abode.

It kicks off with the brothers initially visiting the object to be converted, then after coming up with a plan, it follows them working on the site where they have to adapt their plans on the fly as they encounter unforeseen problems. By the end of the show the brothers show off they’re newly created home to the clients explaining how they solved any of the technical problems they faced.

It’s a nice spin on the usual building shows where the unique locations make it a surprisingly interesting watch.


A Question of Love (FYI)


A Question of Love (FYI) – Premieres 11th July

Relationship expert Damona Hoffman tries to help out three couples, who have more than a few issues, get their relationship back on track. In it each couple moves in together for 30 days, and while together they recieve advice from Damona, and have to ask and answer custom written relationship questions to each other. At the end of the 30 days the couples then have to decide where they want to carry on seeing each other or not.

The show is bit like the celebrity therapy shows like The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition, but where the regular folk don’t have to all stay living in the same house, and with what appears to be even less interaction with a therapist.

It’s a run of the mill relationship show dressed up as a social experiment.


Scraps (FYI)


Scraps (FYI) – Premieres 21st May

In a setup similar to Chuck and Danny’s Road Trip, chef Joel Gamoran heads off to cities around the US in a camper van where he meets up with a local chef who shows him around places of interest in the area.

The difference to this show to other cooking programmes is while picking up the main ingredients for the meal he’s making for the people he’s met, the focus of the dishes he is creating are the ingredients that would be classed as scraps, off cuts and parts of food that aren’t usually used in the making of a meal.

As a cooking show it’s a pretty run-of-the-mill affair.