Mr Inbetween (FX)


Mr Inbetween (FX) – Premieres 25th September – Renewed

A black comedy drama inspired by the Australian film The Magician where it follows Ray Shoesmith, a hit-man who is trying to balance his nefarious lifestyle while looking after his daughter and trying to start up a new relationship.

In the show, Ray spends his time doing hits and collection work for his boss Freddy, who also runs the strip club that Ray works the door at. Between that Ray is also trying to hook up with a woman he met while walking his dog, that he later finds out is a paramedic, as well making time for his daughter that he has shared custody of.

For what it is, this does have a few decent comedy moments in it. But with the pacing being so slow it does drag along, making it something you wouldn’t go out of your way to check out.



Mayans M.C. (FX)


Mayans M.C. (FX) – Premieres 4th September – Renewed

A spinoff to Sons of Anarchy set after the original series, where it’s centred on the Mayan motorcycle club. Where after being released from prison, Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes has joined the club where his brother is a already a patched member.

Ez is brought into help guard a drug run the club are doing for a Mexican cartel, then ends up in disaster when the convoy is hijacked and the drugs stolen. This leads the cartel to demand that the Mayans find out what happened before they start dishing out their own retribution on them.

Remembering a tattoo on one of the hijackers, EZ tells the club, that leads them to jump a rival gang. Where they find out job was pulled by Mexican rebels intent of forcing the cartel out of their area.

As this is going on EZ is called out to attend a meeting where it’s revealed he was released from prison early on the condition that he supplies information to the police. Before EZ finds out that his brother is the leak in the club telling the rebels where and how to hijack the drug runs.

The show itself has the same vibe as Sons of Anarchy, where a member of a biker club is bringing it down from the inside. Making it something only of interest to those that liked the original.


Pose (FX)


Pose (FX) – Premieres 3rd June – Renewed

A drama set in New York in 1987 this follows the LGBT ballroom scene, where after discover that she has HIV. Bianca decides to leave the House she vogues for and start her own group.

While Bianca is leaving the house, aspiring dancer Damon gets kicked out of his family home after his parents discover that he’s gay. So heads to New York to trying achieve his dream. After getting to New York Damon ends up sleeping rough and while dancing for change is discovered by Bianca. Who after taking him to a ball to show him what goes on, asks him to join her house.

After Damon accepts the offer, Angel, a sex worker who use to be in Biancas old house, joins the duo where Bianca tells them that they have a week before they are going to compete against her old mentor.

For a drama this is for those that enjoyed the Viceland show My House, where it takes that scene and delves into what it was like in the 80’s. The pacing of the show keeps the story going along nicely and keeps your interest.


Trust (FX)


Trust (FX) – Premieres 25th March

An anthology series based on a true story, the first series follows at the kidnapping of John Paul Gettys grandson, John Paul Getty III in 1973. 

After the suicide of his son George, Getty makes sure that the reason behind his death is kept unknown for fear of what the public opinion would be. At the funeral of his son, Getty hosts the wake at his home in England where his other son, John Paul Getty II, plans to propose a business opportunity. Only to be upstage by the unannounced arrival of his own son John Paul Getty III.

As the wake finishes, Getty III asks if he can stay at the house for a few days, where during that time Getty I takes a shine to him and plans to bring him into the family business. After being shown around the business and how the finances are set up Getty III reveals that he needs $6k to pay off some folks in Rome that he is in debt to. Getty I offers a deal where he’ll pay the money as long as his grandson accepts to work on the oil rigs for 6 months. An offer Getty III rejects out of hand.

Getty I then refuses to give the cash to his grandson, who in turn heads back to Italy. Where after a night on the town ends up being kidnapped, though when this is revealed both the police and Getty I believe this is a scheme to get the cash out him.

For an opening episode it goes along at a good pace, and manages to set up the backstory nicely without ever dragging. It’s worth a watch.


Snowfall (FX)


Snowfall (FX) – Premieres 5th July – Renewed

Set in South Central LA in the early 80’s, this is a drama that tells the story of the beginnings of the crack cocaine epidemic in LA.

The show follows three people, Franklin a low lever dealer who after picking up some cocaine for one of his clients decides to change the drugs he deals. Gustavo a wrestler who also works as a cartel enforcer, and disgraced CIA operative Teddy, who after finding out his colleague overdosed at a mansion where he was running a drug ring to finance Central American insurgents, manages to talk his superiors into letting him take over.

The opening episode manages to get all three of the stories up and running without it getting bogged down in exposition, meaning the story goes along at a decent pace. It’s a solid bit of drama that’s worth a watch.


Feud (FX)


Feud (FX) – Premieres 5th March – Renewed

Biographical drama focusing on the personal feud between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during the production of the film What Happened to Baby Jane.

It kicks off just after the death of Joan Crawfords husband, where at an awards ceremony Joan is peeved with the success of Marilyn Munroe and after being interviewed proclaims that she is returning to acting.

After finding out that there are no scripts that interest her Joan starts looking into books that could be adapted to film and finds What Happened To Baby Jane. She then gets the director/producer Robert Aldrich on board and is give n the task to get a studio on board while she heads off to talk Bette Davis into signing up to the project.

After virtually every studio turn down the opportunity to take on the film sighting their doubts about having to older women in the lead roles, Aldrich ends up at Warner Brothers where both Crawford and Davis are blacklisted by the studio head.

There he manages to talk them around with the offer that they’ll be paid first. And from then on as the filming is about to start the game of oneupmanship and and visible loathing of each other begins between the two stars.

For an opening episode it’s a enjoyable start.


Legion (FX)


Legion (FX) – Premieres 8th February – Renewed

Set in the X-Men universe it’s centered on David Haller, who while in a psychiatric hospital it lead to believe he has schizophrenia. After meeting a new impatient Syd, her disappearance leads to him being picked up a government agency and begins to learn that he’s in fact a mutant. Not only that, he’s the most powerful mutant to exist.

While being interrogated he’s recounting of events leads the story to flit between what actually happened, false memories and him going into dream like periods where he can talk to other communicating to him.

During one of his subsconious chats to Syd, she lets him know that her and the group she is with are going to break him out, leading him to escape to meet her boss Ms Bird, who reveals that he has mutant powers and her team need his help in their war against the government.

The show itself unsurprisingly jumps around a fair bit, similar to the film 12 Monkeys, where you’re never 100% as to what is going on as David struggles to work out what’s real or not. Though that said It’s a solid opener.