Food Exposed With Nelufar Hedayat (Fusion)


Food Exposed With Nelufar Hedayat (Fusion) – Premieres 27th March

Along the same lines as Rotten, this is a docu-series where journalist Nelufar Hedayat looks into the lesser known problems within the food industry.

In each episode Nalufar looks into a particular aspect, where she travels to various locations around the world to see how the food demands influence the countries. And how the requirements from the main markets of the US and Europe have a trickle down effect.

As documentaries go it’s more watchable than Rotten, and while it’s an easy bit of viewing, it does go into some detail.



Car vs America (Fusion)


Car vs America (Fusion) – Premieres 18th October

A car show where hosts Mike and Raphael head off across America to sample the various car cultures they come across.

In the programme the pair arrive into town driving a car somewhat tenuously linked to the area. Where they chat about the culture of the area, and reveal what sort of car event they’ll be up to as they meet up with a local expert.

From there they find out what they need to do get their car ready, tricks of the trade, and receive guidance on how to tackle the challenge. It the wraps up with the pair at the final venue where they talk to the people there about how they got started, before finishing up with them tackling the event.

It’s an easy going bit of viewing, and while the production is shakey in places it reminiscent of something you’d find on Viceland. All-in-all it’s not a bad way to burn 20 minutes.


Big Papi Needs A Job (Fusion)


Big Papi Needs A Job (Fusion) – Premieres 31st January 

After retiring from playing baseball, former Red Sox player and club legend David “Big Papi” Ortiz is the focus of a reality show. In each episode Ortiz samples a couple of different professions and he tries to figure out what he wants to do for a new career.

In the programme Ortiz rocks up to the place of work, where he is met by his mentor for the day. There they go through what the job entails, give him a brief bit of training, then let him loose, where he does the job under some supervision. Then after he finishes his role say his goodbyes where the supervisor gives their verdict on his performance, and Ortiz mentions if that was a job that would interest him.

It’s a pretty basic fish out of water bit of reality tv, though for it being about 20 minutes long it does the job without doing too much repetition. That said, it’s one for those who are fans of Ortiz.


Sex.Right.Now with Cleo Stiller (Fusion)


Sex.Right.Now with Cleo Stiller (Fusion) – Premieres 5th October

Like a lighter version of shows like Sex On// & Slutever, where host Cleo Stiller looks into various aspects on how technology and differing social outlooks are changing peoples sex lives.

In the show Cleo covers a couple of subjects where she gives a brief summary of the topic the programme is about to look into. Then between getting some opinions from folk on the street, Cleo meets up with the people behind the subject to talk about why they do what they do, and why they advocate it.

For a magazine show the segments are lightweight as you’d expect, though it is slow going and a bit of a slog to get through.