Hip-Hop Houdini (Fuse)


Hip-Hop Houdini (Fuse) – Premieres 17th July

Hosted by magician Smoothini, this is a show where he meets up with a hip hop artist, talks to them about their life and career and performs some magic tricks that link everything together.

During the episode, after meeting up with the artist in question Smoothini begins to casually interview the guest. And with each part of their life and career they delve into, Smoothini has relevant trick which then gets his guest to open up, revealing some pivotal moments in their their life that are spawned from the result of the trick. As well as befuddling the artist in question, the show is also broken up with Smoothini perplexing members of the public as he performs variations of the tricks he showed the rapper.

With the show being a hybrid of a magic programme and chat show, it’s a pretty unique format. Though it is very lightweight in terms of what he finds out, and the other magic shows do have better tricks on offer. That said it for a 20 minute show it’s it’s an easy enough watch, but not something you actively hunt down.



The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow (Fuse)


The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow (Fuse) – Premieres 11th July

Playing out along the same lines as Greatest Party Story Ever and Party Legends, this gets two celebrities to retell a slightly fucked up story from their past which is played out by marionettes.

The quality of the stories vary quite a bit, but mostly it’s all very forgettable and doesn’t offer anything different from the two aforementioned shows.


Clash Of The Corps (Fuse)


Clash Of The Corps (Fuse) – Starts 5th October

In the similar college competition lines of Sing It On and Pitch Slapped, this follows two Drum Corp teams as they prepare for the world championship held at the Indianapolis Colts home ground.

Like Sing It On, it follows the reigning champs and general team to beat The Blue Devils, and outsiders trying to improve on there previous performances The Cadets as they put their team together and rehearse the bollocks out of the routine. With that, there’s the usual back story of certain team members and people struggling to get the routine down and being threatened with the cut.

It’s all a much of a muchness.


Transcendent (Fuse)


Transcendent (Fuse) – Starts 30th September – Renewed

Reality show following a group of transexual dancers in San Francisco, it does the usual of showing them doing their job, learning dance routines mixed in with explaining to one of their friends that’s starting to make the change, and the difficulties he’ll face transitioning as a woman.

Does more about showing the problems faced by transexuals in one episode than I Am Cait would over 10 series.


Fluffy Breaks Even (Fuse)


Fluffy Breaks Even (Fuse) – Starts 1st October – Renewed

Rotund comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias is on tour with a few fellow portly colleagues where they go to a recommended restaurant, eat a big meal then the next day find a place to work out to lose the calories they ate the day before.

Along with them going to these places there’s a multitude of pop up facts and bits of them talking crap with each other. Though it never says how much they are over or under calorie wise after the work out, but with the eatery they chose to go to it’s pretty safe to say they were no where near breaking even.