Siren (Freeform)


Siren (Freeform) – Premieres 29th March – Renewed

Drama set in the mermaid obsessed town of Bristol Cove, where a fishing trawler off the coast managed to catch something they didn’t recognise along with their haul. After the mysterious thing attacks and injures one of the crew they manage to shove it into the storage bay while radioing for medical assistance. To their surprise a military helicopter arrives quickly taking the unknown catch and injured fisherman with them.

Back in the town, the mayors son Ben – who earlier skipped the unveiling of the statue of town’s founder and first mermaid fancier, his great-great-great-great-grandfather – meets the fisherman who was on the boat earlier. Who tells him they believe they caught a mermaid much to his disbelief. Soon after the chat a kid floats across a severed sharks head, where Ben and his marine biologist cohort and girlfriend Maggie can’t determine what attacked it.

As Ben heads back home he almost runs over a naked woman who happens to be a mermaid trying to find the one that was captured. As the show goes on Ben starts to twig that she might not be human, only for it to be confirmed when he follows her into the water and she attacks him in mermaid form.

As fantasy dramas go this one is a slog, the story barely gets going, and there’s a fair amount that’s briefly shown with no real development. Which only adds to the jumbled story, making it a grind to get through.



Grown-ish (Freeform)


Grown-ish (Freeform) – Premieres 3rd January – Renewed

Coming of age comedy that’s a spinoff from Black-ish, where Zoey Johnson has just started at college and finding out that not everything will go as she envisioned.

In the show Zoey along with her new college friends partake in the usual college life, where a certain problem arises and by the end of the episode Zoey, through either narration or 4th wall breaking, delivers the summary of what’s been learned that ties everything together.

All in all it does what you’d expect, and is one for those that enjoy Black-ish and want to see the college based take on it.


Alone Together (Freeform)


Alone Together (Freeform) – Premieres 10th January

Comedy that follows Benji a trust-fund kid without access to the trust fund, and Esther, his best friend who is trying to become a stand-up in LA.

During the show, the pair continually realise that they are outsiders to any social group they come into contact with. So end up mocking the shallow nature of the groups they encounter, while continually taking the piss out each other.

For a comedy it’s pretty sparse on anything funny making it a chore to get through.


The Bold Type (Freeform)


The Bold Type (Freeform) – Premieres 20th June – Renewed

A teen drama that follows three friends, Jane, Kat and Sutton who work at a fashion magazine as they go about trying to keep their private and work lives separate.

In the first ep Jane has just become promoted to a writer where in trying to pitch ideas to the editor talks herself into to writing an article about stalking her ex without using social media. While Kat who in the social media department, tries to save a story about a middle eastern lesbian artist, and ends up trying to help her get released from her home country after a dildo smuggling to get her onside goes awry. And Sutton who is working as an assistant, gets found out by her friends that she is having a relationship with one of the magazines executives.

It’s the typically fluffy type of drama you usually get on Freeform, where if you’re not a teenager it’s some of the more tedious bit of viewing you’re likely to watch.


Truth And Iliza (Freeform)


Truth And Iliza (Freeform) – Premieres 2nd May

A female focused comedy talk show along with the lines of Problematic With Moshe Kasher, where Iliza performs stand-up and skits on a subject of the week and finishing off with an interview with someone who has links to the subject.

Like Problematic the comedy can sometimes veers of into the realms of preaching to the converted, while also rehashing the usual comedy talk show segments. While it’s similar to her standup stuff it’s still a bit hit and miss, and the whole Theme Queen Of The Week is just someone sitting in a chair who adds nowt to the show.


Famous In Love (Freeform)


Famous In Love (Freeform) – Premieres 18th April – Renewed

Romantic drama where after trying out at a casting call for a Hollywood blockbuster, college student Paige, manages to get herself the role as the female lead, thrusting her into the media spotlight.

During the audition process Paige and the lead Rainer begin to start relations leading to Paige ending up in love triangle. All the while Rainer is under suspicion for the disappearance of his former girlfriend and pop star Tangey.

It’s a pretty by-the-numbers teem drama that is reminiscent to The Arrangement.


Beyond (Freeform)


Beyond (Freeform) – Premieres 2nd January – Renewed

Sci-fi drama where after going into a coma after a motorbike crash, Holden awakens 12 years later and discovers he now has supernatural powers, and the annoying ability to sleepwalk and awake that the scene of his accident.

During a shopping trip with his brother Holden attempts to chat up a woman who takes the time to write “You’re in danger trust no one” on his arm before disappearing. Leaving him in a quandary he meets up with his old friend and now school councillor, Jordan, to have a chat about the old times where he figures something is amiss.

It’s revealed that a nefarious secret organisation is blackmailing him, and before Jordan has the chance to reveal whats going on when meeting up with him in a bar, the agents attempt to snag Holden while apparently unaware of the extent of his powers. Holden manages to make an escape after the woman from the store pulls up and whisks him off, while they drive off she reveals that they have known each other for the past 12 years while he’s been in a coma and that only she can help him relearn to control his powers..

For a Freeform show it’s unsurpringly a pretty lightweight bit of sci-fi litter with some sketchy performances along the same lines of Shadowhunters.