Gordon Ramsey’s 24 Hours To Hell And Back (FOX)


Gordon Ramsey’s 24 Hours To Hell And Back (FOX) – Premieres 13th June – Renewed

Using the same format as Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell, Gordon Ramsey heads off to help a restaurant that is failing. But this time only gives himself 24 hours to try and turn everything around.

So after going into restaurant in a disguise, he samples their terrible food and then reveals to the owners that he’s there to help. Where he closes the place and takes the owners and staff to his mobile command kitchen and big screen truck, and shows them the footage that they have secretly recorded over the past few weeks.

After talking the proprietors around Ramsey then begins his work. And while the design team start sprucing the place up, Ramsey dry heaves as he checks out the kitchen before it’s cleaned, and the chefs are taught a new menu..

Then when everything is finished, the restaurant is opened up for evening service. Where after a few teething problems there’s a marked improvement and everyone is delighted.

If you like Kitchen Nightmares, then this is more of the same, but with the time limit it doesn’t leave itself open for a classic confrontation like Amys Baking Company. But that said it’s an easy bit of viewing.



Showtime at the Apollo (FOX)


Showtime at the Apollo (FOX) – Premieres 1st March – Renewed

Revived variety show hosted by Steve Harvey, where performers show off their act to the Apollo crowd who decide who should move on to the final and get the chance to win the opportunity to play as a headlining act there. 

Like with every show where Steve Harvey hosts, he brings up the performers to the stage, has a chat with them, pull a couple of perplexed faces and then lets them do their thing. During the act the performers can be stopped if the crowd begin to turn on them, if they don’t they go through the vote at the end of the show. There the acts deemed good enough are lined up, and the one that gets the largest response from the crowd goes through to the final.

The show is a pretty standard take on the variety show format, where the acts they showcase are nowhere near as weird as the ones seen on the The Gong Show, though that said they’re not as entertaining either.


The Resident (Fox)


The Resident (Fox) – Premieres 21st January – Renewed

A medical drama set in the Chastain Park Memorial Hospital where it follows Dr. Devon Pravesh, freshly out of medical school and about to start his first day in the hospital.

After arriving he soon finds out that he’ll be under the tutelage of Conrad Hawkins, a maverick doctor whose arrogant demeanour leaves Devon wanting to get someone else to mentor him. But after a brief exchange with Nic, a nurse who was in a relationship with Hawkins, explains to Devon that his no nonsense style gets results, and is the best person in the hospital to learn from.

Along with tutoring the newbie, Conrad is also on a mission to reveal that the head of surgery, Dr Bell is a danger to his patients. Bell being the face of the hospital has been using his influence to cover up deaths that he has caused while performing operations, where he blackmails staff to cover up for his mistakes and for him to take credit for anything that puts the hospital in a good light.

As medical dramas go this is a surprisingly watchable, mainly for the borderline pantomime villain actions of Dr Bell. It’s a decent enough way to burn 45 minutes.


The Four: Battle for Stardom (Fox)


The Four: Battle for Stardom (Fox) – Premieres 4th January – Renewed

A singing competition hosted by Fergie form the Black Eyed Peas and judged by P Diddy, DJ Khalid, Meghan Trainor and a record exec, where they try to find the person they believe will be the next big thing. And where the overall winner would receive a record contract, get’s named iHeartMedia’s “On the Verge” artist and tutelage from the four judges.

In the show four singers have been preselected to be the starting calibre. Then each new singer that enters has the chance to displace one of them. To be able to the challenge, the singer first has to perform in front of the judges and receive an unanimous decision from them.

If they manage to get through, the singer is asked which one of “The Four” they want to challenge, then they both perform a song, and afterwards the crowd vote on which performer should stay.

For a singing competition the winner stays on format does give it a different angle to other programmes. Though it still feels and watches like any other singing competition, but with the added irritant of the judges consistently forcing out lines hoping to stumble upon a catchphrase.


9-1-1 (Fox)


9-1-1 (Fox) – Premieres 3rd January – Renewed

Drama that follows the lives of an emergency dispatcher, and the first responders she works with in Los Angeles.

After briefly showing the background of the characters, dispatcher Abby is looking after her mother who has dementia, fire captain Evan is a recovering alcoholic and police officer Athena is coming to terms with finding out her husband is gay. The show follows them as they go out to a range of calls, all of which need them to work together to save the lives of the people in need.

The show is generic as they come, and even though one of the calls they go to is a bit of a surprise to see on a network show, it still all plays out in the same way you see from CSI and the like.

So if you enjoy a procedural this is more of the same.


LA To Vegas (Fox)


LA To Vegas (Fox) – Premieres 2nd January – Cancelled

A comedy that follows the crew and passengers of the Jackpot Airlines flight from LA to Las Vegas, as they head out to go about their business on a Friday and showing the fallout of what they got up to on the Sunday return flight.

In it the crew question how they ended up working the route and how their careers have stagnated, while the passengers are a collection of gamblers, exotic dancers and general holiday makers who ended up interacting with varying results.

For a network comedy it’s easy enough to watch though it does lack any really funny moments. In the end it’s not something you’d go out of your way to watch.


The Gifted (FOX)


The Gifted (FOX) – Premieres 2nd October – Renewed

Another Marvel superhero show, but one that is connected to the X-Men films though set in an alternative timeline, where the X-Men have gone missing leading to no one knowing if they still exist.

Filling the void of the X-Men is the Mutant Underground, a group that finds mutants being hunted down by the Sentinal Services, then helps them escape and relocate them to the safety of Mexico.

As the Underground help out a teleporting mutant, things go awry when one of the groups leaders Polaris is captured and sent to a mutant holding facility. There she meets prosecutor Reed Strucker who informs her that if she gives up the location of the Mutant Underground, a reduced sentence is on the cards, and to encourage her to turn on the underground tells Polaris that she’s pregnant.

Meanwhile Struckers life is about to take a turn when his son Andy discovers he has mutant abilities after being bullied at a school dance where he loses control and lets his powers tear the building apart. Andy is only pulled out of the crumbling structure when his sister Lauren uses the powers she’s been keeping secret for years to rescue him.

Forced to go into hiding after the Sential Services attempt to bring them in, The Strucker family end up contacting the Mutant Underground with Reed informing Polaris’ partner Eclipse that his going to be father, Eclipse agrees to help them, though in their escape from the Sentinal Services Reed is captured.

As network Marvel shows go it’s definitely one of the better on offer, on a par with with Agents of Shield, and worth a watch.