The Gifted (FOX)


The Gifted (FOX) – Premieres 2nd October – Renewed

Another Marvel superhero show, but one that is connected to the X-Men films though set in an alternative timeline, where the X-Men have gone missing leading to no one knowing if they still exist.

Filling the void of the X-Men is the Mutant Underground, a group that finds mutants being hunted down by the Sentinal Services, then helps them escape and relocate them to the safety of Mexico.

As the Underground help out a teleporting mutant, things go awry when one of the groups leaders Polaris is captured and sent to a mutant holding facility. There she meets prosecutor Reed Strucker who informs her that if she gives up the location of the Mutant Underground, a reduced sentence is on the cards, and to encourage her to turn on the underground tells Polaris that she’s pregnant.

Meanwhile Struckers life is about to take a turn when his son Andy discovers he has mutant abilities after being bullied at a school dance where he loses control and lets his powers tear the building apart. Andy is only pulled out of the crumbling structure when his sister Lauren uses the powers she’s been keeping secret for years to rescue him.

Forced to go into hiding after the Sential Services attempt to bring them in, The Strucker family end up contacting the Mutant Underground with Reed informing Polaris’ partner Eclipse that his going to be father, Eclipse agrees to help them, though in their escape from the Sentinal Services Reed is captured.

As network Marvel shows go it’s definitely one of the better on offer, on a par with with Agents of Shield, and worth a watch.



Ghosted (FOX)


Ghosted (FOX) – Premieres 1st October 

Sci-fi comedy where after an agent for the Underground Bureau is abducted, his last communication urges them to recruit two civilians to work on his disappearance. Max, a former Stanford professor who worked on the multiverse theory and claims his wife was abducted by aliens, and Leroy, a mall cop who lost his job at the LAPD after his partner was killed.

Together Max and Leroy are challenged by the Bureau for a one off mission to track down and bring back the missing agent, and in return they get their old jobs back.

This leads to the pair finding the agent but witness him being transported onto a UFO. When reporting their findings they decide to stay on at the agency to uncover what really is going on, and find out that the bureau is monitoring a group of former abductees that includes Maxs wife.

As comedy most of the jokes miss the mark, and it’s a bit of a slog to get though.


The Orville (FOX)


The Orville (FOX) – Premieres 10th September – Renewed

Sci-fi with the occasional comedy bit thrown in shenanigans, where a year after finding his wife having an affair with an alien, Planetary Union officer Ed Mercer is finally given his own starship to captain. Only to find out that the first officer that’s been allocated to the ship is his ex-wife.

The show is like a Star Trek Continues version of Star Trek: The Next Generation where along with the usual Sci-fi setups there are quite a few poor jokes thrown in seemingly as an afterthought.

That said, it isn’t that bad. Though it’s not something you’d ever go out of your way to watch.


Superhuman (FOX)


Superhuman (FOX) – Premieres 12th June

A talent show where 5 seeming regular folk try to impress the studio audience and panel of judges the with their unique abilities, where the most impressive wins $50k.

Each of the contestants abilities demonstrate heightened mental capacities ranging from observational skills, maths, memory and the like. To show off their skills the are put through a live test where after completing it receive the verdicts from judges that include a neuroscientist who theorises on how their skills have come about.

After the 5 have completed their tests the judges pick the top three performers, then the crowd gets to vote on who of the remain three wins the prize.

For a talent show the uniqueness makes to more watchable than you’d expect, and yet it’s vaguely similar to the challenges last seen on an episode of You Bet.


The F Word (FOX)


The F Word (FOX) – Premieres 31st May

A US version of the former Channel 4 format, where Gordon Ramsey hosts a show that’s a mix between a cooking competition, chat show and pre-recorded skits in a live setting.

The competition aspect has two teams of amateur cooks facing off against each other where the best team at the end of the series wins $100k. The teams are judged by the diners, and the two teams with the highest approval rating get invited back for the grand final.

Breaking up the competition, Ramsey interviews a couple of the celebrity guests in the restaurant, does a quick 60 second recipe where after he shows off failed attempts from the public that were posted on Twitter, meets up with a celeb for a bit of off site cooking and does a some hidden camera pranking on some folks.

It’s pretty much identical to the original UK version, and while at times it there are a few awkward moments it does what you’d expect.


Love Connection (Fox)


Love Connection (FOX) – Premieres 25th May – Renewed

A reboot of the 1980’s US show, where a singleton is matched up with three people to go on a date with. It begins with the showing of the three video profiles of the upcoming dates and the studio audience are then asked to vote on who they believe is the most compatible.

After the video profiles are shown, the singleton is asked about the dates they went on with the three while chatting to their dates via a video wall about how their evenings went. When that section is concluded, the singleton then gets to pick which one of the three they want to go on another date with.

When the persons date selection is then revealed they are told that if their selection matches what the audience picked they’ll get an additional $10k to take home, but if the pick is different then they can either stick with the person they selected or go with the date the audience selected and take the money. And when that’s done they get a new person in and do it all again.

All-in-all it’s a run of the mlll dating game show.


Beat Shazam (Fox)


Beat Shazam (Fox) – Premieres 25th May – Renewed

Music based game show hosted by Jamie Foxx where three teams of two go through three rounds of music quizzery in the chance of winning up to $1million.

In the first round the teams go through three categories where they have to recognise a song in the quickest time to get the cash linked to the tune. After the categories have been completed the team with the lowest score is eliminated.

In the second round the remaining two teams have their current cash total carried over, and they continue through another three categories with increasing prize pots. At the end of that round the winning team goes through to the final round, and the losers, while being eliminated, get to keep half the cash total they earned.

The final round see the remaining team go up against Shazam, where they have 5 songs to recognise, and each correct answer gets the and additional $25k. After the five songs they are offered the chance to go for a 6th song, where if they get it right it doubles their total (or if they’ve answered all five correctly gives them the chance to win the $1million), and if they answer incorrectly halves their prize.

For a music quiz it isn’t that dissimilar to Tracks, apart from this is offering a far greater cash prize. It’s an easy enough bit of TV to sit through.