Iron Chef Showdown (Food Network)


Iron Chef Showdown (Food Network) – Premieres 8th November – Renewed

Yet another version of Iron Chef, where in this iteration two professional chefs enter the Kitchen Stadium where they face off against each other in the bid to see if they can beat an Iron Chef.

In the first round the two pros have 30 minutes where they have to incorporate the given secret ingredient the best they can into a dish of their choosing. At the end of the round the host Alton Brown then picks the best dish, where the winner then gets to go head to head against an Iron Chef.

In the second round the two are given an hour to create a three course meal using secret ingredients revealed by the Chairman. After 20 minutes into the challenge the two have to serve the starter to the judges where they give a score to the two while they cook. At the end of the hour the remaining to dishes are served and judged, and a winner is decided.

It’s a show where if you like Iron Chef, this is more of exactly the same stuff you’ve seen before.



Vegas Cakes (Food Network)


Vegas Cakes (Food Network) – Premieres 5th November

Along the same lines of shows like Cake Boss & Texas Cake House, this follows the staff of Freed’s Bakery in Las Vegas, as they get commissioned to produced large overblown and elaborate cakes within a short timeline.

In it they have a brief chat with their clients to find out what they want the then bomb along with the production of their order. Unlike the other shows that follow them making one main cake with a supplementary order this show the team getting through four different orders meaning that the programme goes along at a decent pace.

For what it is, this is one of the more watchable reality cake making shows.


Guys’ Big Project (Food Network)


Guys’ Big Project (Food Network) – Premieres 5th November

Having come to the decision that the Food Network needs another food travel show to add to its roster, Guy Fieri hosts this reality competition where eight initial pitches are chosen and the people behind them go head to head over six weeks, where the winning show gets ordered to series.

The format is slightly similar to that of Food Network Star where those competing are given challenges to show their competency in front of a camera, their food knowledge and how they see their shows concept playing out. After the challenges Guy and his production team highlight the best and worst performers, leaving Guy to make the final decision on who should be eliminated that week.

Even though it’s not the most original of formats its a passable way to burn through 45 minutes.


Freaky Sweets (Food Network)


Freaky Sweets (Food Network) – Premieres 23rd October

Like Texas Cake House, this is a show that follows cake maker Barbarann Kym and her team as they produce custom cakes for their clients that have a weirder appearance than most.

In it, Barbarann visits her new client to find out what they’re after, then after receiving the brief she heads off back to her bakery to start on the job. While working on the main cake of the show, Barbarann also takes on a second order that offer a different set of challenges.

While making the cakes the team run into a few problems which they manage to work around, then head off to the venue to set up the final display which ends up being a race against time. Then at the end the finished cake wows the client and everything is good in the world.

It’s pretty much identical to any other reality cake making programme.


Man’s Greatest Food (Food Network)


Man’s Greatest Food (Food Network) – Premieres 11th October

A food list show that focuses on a particular dish for the episode, and then goes through the top 15 places around America for that foodstuff.

For each venue the host heads off to sample the food, where after talking to a couple of patrons, gets to see how the place makes the food. Then after sampling the final product waxes lyrically about the taste before moving onto the next on the list.

The show is like Best Ever & Top 5 Restaurants, though with the way it rattles through the list it does enough it stop it dragging, and is some okish background viewing.


Late Nite Eats (Food Network)


Late Nite Eats (Food Network) – Premieres 28th September 

A food show that follows the standard formula where the host Jordan Andino heads off to a US town, and then goes around to a few recommended late night eatieries.

When there he chats to the customers about what they like about the place, then does the usual visiting of the kitchen when the owner of head chef talks him through how the biggest selling dishes are made. Then it has the usual bit of the host sampling the food while waxing lyrical about it.

It’s no different to Big Bargain Eats, Beach Bites & I Hart Food, bar for the time of day the restaurants are visited.


Best Baker in America (Food Network)


Best Baker in America (Food Network) – Premieres 27th September 

A baking competition where 8 professional bakers go head-to-head in the quest to win $25k. The set up is in the same vein as Iron Chef Gauntlet, Kids Sweet Showdown, & Worst Bakers In America, where after a couple of rounds the worst performing baker is eliminated.

In the competition the first round is a Bake Off style skills challenge, where they are given an hour and a half to make a particular type of dessert. When the time is up the bakers dishes are judged and the best performing contestant is revealed where the performance is taken into the final verdict.

The second round is called the Master Round where the bakers are given five hours to create a particular cake where they have to include a required ingredient. When that is all done the cakes are judged and the worst performer of the the two rounds is given their marching orders.

For a cooking competition is pretty standard viewing.