Guy’s Family Road Trip (Food Network)


Guy’s Family Road Trip (Food Network) – Premieres 18th August

Another Guy Fieri culinary travel show like Guy And Hunters European Vacation, where instead of trekking across Europe with his son he’s taking the whole family in a motor home across the US.

As the family stop off in each location of their trip they head out to visit local restaurants, county fairs and producers to sample the food and drink and to see how it’s made.

If you’ve seen Guy And Hunters European Vacation then this is more of the same.



I Hart Food (Food Network)


I Hart Food (Food Network) – Premieres 14th August

Youtube personality Hannah Hart hosts a food show that is more than a little similar to programmes such as Haylie’s America, Beach Bites and Man Finds Food.

In it Hannah visits a US town and goes around visiting local restaurants, shops and fairs where she talks to the cooks creating regional dishes. While chatting to them she finds out how the dishes are made before then sampling them.

It’s a run-of-the-mill food/travel show.


Dessert Games (Food Network)


Dessert Games (Food Network) – Premieres 10th July

A dessert spinoff to Guys Grocery Games, where baker Duff Goldman hosts a competition where four pastry chefs go head to head through three rounds and the winner gets $10k.

In the first round the four are challenged to create a dessert within a set budget where after their dishes have been tasted by the three judges the worst performing contestant is eliminated. The second round is a themed round where they have to create something within a 20 minute time limit and once again the loser get booted out. In the last round the final two go up against each to create a dish where a set ingredient that should be no where near a dessert is incorporated.

It’s a standard cooking competition, where if you liked Grocery Games this is more of the same.


Incredible Edible America (Food Network)


Incredible Edible America (Food Network) – Premieres 5th June

Comedian Jeff Dunham and his wife, food blogger Audrey, set off around America to visit eateries that offer unique dishes and to see how they’re made.

In each episode they focuses on a US city, where the dishes the Dunhams try are on the more eccentric end of the culinary scale. Along with trying the dish, they meet the chef behind it and find how what was the inspiration in its creation, and how everything is cooked and plated.

For a cooking travel show there’s no real difference between this and other programmes in the genre like Vinny & Ma Eat America, Buddy’s Family Vacation or Guy And Hunters European Vacation.


Great Food Truck Rally (Food Network)


Great Food Truck Rally (Food Network) – Premieres 20th May

A cooking competition where three teams of wannabe food truck owners go against each other in the bid to win $10k to put towards their startup truck.

The competition is broken into two rounds, in the first the three teams are given their own food truck to designs they supplied and they are given 24 hours, from midday to midday, to earn as much as they can. To start them off they are each given $350 for them to buy their food for the competition.

After going to various itches during the first day, the teams are given an additional challenge to incorporate an additional dish to their menu, then with an hour to go the teams have to met at a selected spot where they go against each other. At the end of the 24 hours the team that has earned the least amount of cash is eliminated.

In the final round the remaining two teams have to include a breakfast dish to their menu, and the first team to make $200 in sales and reach the meeting spot win the grand prize.

While it’s reminiscent of Food Truck Face Off, for a cooking competition it’s not too bad a watch.


Iron Chef Eats (Food Network)


Iron Chef Eats (Food Network) – Premieres 16th April

Tenuous spinoff list show where chefs that have appeared on Iron Chef talk about the places where they have had the best versions of the meal that the episode is focused on.

Along the same lines as shows such as Best Ever, Food Porn and the like, have the chef describe how the dish is produced and why they like it so much, while showing someone as they piece it all together.

Bar the tie in to a cooking competition, It’s no different to any other food list show.


Iron Chef Gauntlet (Food Network)


Iron Chef Gauntlet (Food Network) – Premieres 16th April

Cooking competition where 7 regular chefs are pitted against each other, where the overall winner has the chance to become an Iron Chef if they can win a three round final against current Iron Chefs.

To find the overall winner the chefs go through the usual weekly knockout format where each week has two rounds. The first round has all the chefs creating a dish that has to use a required ingredient, after the dishes have be made and sampled, the worst performer is put into the elimination round where they face the chef that the round winner nominates.

In the second round the two chefs are given a main ingredient to use where they have to make three dishes featuring it. Their dishes are then tasted by three guest judges, and the loser is eliminated from the competition.

For a cooking competition it’s a pretty run-of-the-mill job.