Joyride (Esquire)


Joyride (Esquire) – Starts 15th November

Car show where Mischa Barton, rapper T-Pain, Englishman and actor Oliver Trevana and NASCAR driver Brian Vickers put forward a car nomination to be the best of whatever the theme of the week is.

Initially two of the four put forward a car then they pair up and drive them around town, then put them through a few tests before going through what they like and dislike about the car. After which the 2nd of the pairing puts forward their choice of car to test, and they repeat the process.

After going through their picks, the pairing select the favourite of the two and switch the cars over leading to to all four picking their preferred vehicle to fit the theme of the show.

It tries to come across as a thorough car review show, but it’s pretty lightweight and manages to feel rushed and uninformative.



Wrench Against The Machine (Esquire)


Wrench Against The Machine (Esquire) – Starts 15th November

Engineering competition where two teams of motorbike customisers go head to head to create the best looking modified bike from the supplied vehicle.

The teams have 3 days to complete the build, and are given $3k for them to purchase any additional parts. To find the winner the teams end products are test driven and judge by 3 expert bike customiser and the winning team are given an oversized spanner of a trophy, no cash prize, but they get to take away both their motorbike along with the losing teams creation.

It’s a more focused take on Swap Meet Showdown, and is equally as watchable.


This Is Mike Stud (Esquire)


This Is Mike Stud (Esquire) – Starts 21st June

Reality show following the unsigned rapper Mike Stud as he finishes off his album and sets off on a 40 date US tour.

Like a budget version of the NOFX Backstage Passport it talks to all the members of the entourage explain what each of the do whilst mixing it together with former tour footage and them getting organised before setting off on this tour.

For what it’s supposed to be it doesn’t really reveal anything with the problems sorting a tour, the producing/performing of the music or what life on tour really is. It’s a wasted opportunity.


Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country (Esquire)


Friday Night Tykes: Steel Country (Esquire) – Starts 22nd March – Renewed

Spinoff from Friday Night Tykes, this follows four youth football teams going through their season.

The show is more about the coaches how have varying degrees of intensity in the ways they train the kids, from one who gets a weeks ban from arguing with a parent to one where all the coaching staff have kids in the team and are trying to get them to challenge to he playoffs.

In parts it’s almost like a a mix between Coaching Bad and A Season With Notre Dame Football, worth a second watch.


Team Ninja Warriors (Esquire)


Team Ninja Warriors (Esquire) – Starts 19th January – Renewed

A reworking of Ninja Warrior, the team version pits teams of three former contestants against each other in head-to-head races over a course where the rules a slightly more lenient.

Even though a couple of races are pretty close it suffers from repetition from only having having four teams going against each other, and the lack of having less than prepared folks taking on the course removes any potential Wipeout style japery.


Spotless (Esquire)


Spotless (Esquire) – Starts 14th November – Renewed

A French crime scene cleaner living in London is roped into a shady drug deal after the local police don’t renew their contract with his company. His brother turns up with a dead drug mule asking for his help to remove the contraband and in return will split the profits with him.

Whilst being the rarest of rare things, a good programme on Esquire, it has a fair few nods towards Lock Stock and is well worth a watch.


Uncorked (Esquire)


Uncorked (Esquire) – Starts 10th November

A show following six sommeliers during the build up to them taking on the infamously difficult master sommelier examination.

During the programme it shows six meeting up in various place and testing each other on taste testing wine, and ending with them going against each other in a competition.

Literally only of interest to people who are really into wine based reality shows.