Detail: From The Mind of Kobe Bryant (ESPN)


Detail: From The Mind of Kobe Bryant (ESPN) – Premieres 14th April

Narrated by former LA Laker Kobe Bryant, the show has him analysing game footage of various playoff series he played in. During the episode Kobe breaks down what occurred and how over the course of the games they adapted their game plan to counteract certain situations the opposition forced them into.

As the plays are broken down and analysed, Bryant explains how certain player movements either aided or hindered the team. Highlighting in detail how each players roles we modified over time so the team gained an advantage in situations that were a problem to them previously.

For a show that goes into the minutiae of team tactics, it’s the level of details that makes the show work. And while the examination of the plays makes it come across a lecture in tactics, it’s an interesting watch for anyone that has an interest in team sports.



OJ: Made In America (ESPN)


OJ: Made In America (ESPN) – Starts 11th June – Miniseries

A five part documentary  miniseries from ESPNs 30 for 30 series, that goes through the life and times of OJ Simpson. In it it talks to the former friends and acquaintances of OJ where they reveal what he was like before during and after his football career.

With the whole series totalling around 7 hours this goes into fine detail about OJs life and standing in the community whilst his run ins with the law escalated.

Well worth a watch.