Get Shorty (EPIX)


Get Shorty (EPIX) – Premieres 13th August – Renewed

Loosely based on the book that spawned the movie of the same name, this follows Miles a low level mobster who is questioning his career choice. Due to his profession he’s wife has left him which motivates Miles to try and get out of the gangster business so he can attempt to get his family back to together.

After being given a job to kill someone with a debt to the mob, Miles finds out that the person they’re after is a script writer who believes that they written a modern classic. So when Miles’ associated kills the guy, Miles takes the script and tries to formulate a plan to become a producer to turn the script into a film.

As he meets up with failing film producer Rick who tells him that he doesn’t have the cash to make the film, Miles decides to take the idea to his boss  offering the film as a way for them to launder their money.

While not an out-and-out comedy it’s a solid opening episode and worth a watch.



Berlin Station (EPIX)


Berlin Station (EPIX) – Starts 16th October – Renewed 

Modern spy thriller, where an Edward Snowden/Julian Assange type whistleblower called Thomas Shaw is releasing CIA secrets to the press in Berlin. After discovering the link between Shaw and a German paper, a CIA agent is placed within the Berlin station to find who the leak is.

Ignoring the fact this possibly has the worst theme tune in recent history, the show itself is at times reminiscent to Rubicon, and is an enjoyable watch.


Graves (EPIX)


Graves (EPIX) – Starts 16th October – Renewed

Former President Graves holds the title of being the most unpopular president in American history by his ability to have done virtually every unpopular and/or morally dubious decision he could while in office.

So after one night googling himself, decides on making an amends to his political legacy. Which of first entailed tormenting his new aide and then getting high with a waitress, before coming to the realisation on how to right his wrongs.

It’s a watchable occasionally silly comedy.


America Divided (EPIX)


America Divided (EPIX) – Starts 30th September – Renewed

A docuseries where each episode contains three stories covering inequalities suffered by different member of the US population.

In the first ep Common looks into the police shooting of a youngster in Chicago, Rosario Dawson goes to Flint, Michigan to talk to folks affect by the water problem and Norman Lear looks into how gentrification is pricing out long term residents out of their own homes in New York by unscrupulous landlords.

It’s a well made and interesting documentary, where the only negative out of it is that it doesn’t do one story at a time but flits between them, that at times, hinders the flow of the programme.