The Platinum Life (E!)


The Platinum Life (E!) – Premieres 15th October

Following the scripted reality of the WAGs of rappers and music producers who live in Florida who between balancing their careers and relationships, tell the camera how lavish their life is.

So after going through what they do for a job and how in love they are, the women all meet up for a jaunt where one will try to upstage the rest, or dig up past indiscretions so the reality show shouting and arguing quota can be checked off.

It’s a typical reality show, and unsurprisingly tedious to watch.



Life of Kylie (E!)


Life of Kylie (E!) – Premieres 6th August

Another unwatchable Kardashian spinoff appears, this time a film crew follows Kylie Jenner about as she questions what she actually does. It’s a bleak look into the life of a woman with apparently one friend and a group of paid assistants not doing much bar filming mundanity for Instagram.

She does however answer the call from a lads mother to be his prom date, pretty much leading Kylie to constantly repeat how she’s never been to one and how it’s something that no one should go through. So this slowly becomes all about her attending her first prom with the lad she’s “helping” slowly getting pushed further into the background.

It’s a horrifically shit bit of TV.


What Happens At The Abbey (E!)


What Happens At The Abbey (E!) – Premieres 14th May

Unsurprisingly for a show on E! this is yet another reality programme, where this time they follow the employees of The Abbey nightclub.

After going through each of the people involved where they talk about what they do in the club and their plans to get famous. It then descends into a nightclub version of Hollywood Cycle and Work Out New York, where everything generally involves around them getting drunk out of work hours and bitching about each other.

It’s all as tedious as you’d imagine it would be.


Second Wives Club (E!)


Second Wives Club (E!) – Premieres 4th May

A show that highlights the plights endured by a group of women either married or dating older gents who have been married before. This is a reality show where in between day drinking and not doing much the women either act really pally with each other or have the usual slanging matches in filled restaurants.

It’s a by-the-numbers piece of scripted reality along the lines of WAGS and The Real Housewives that is utterly crap to watch.


The Arrangement (E!)


The Arrangement (E!) – Premieres 5th March – Renewed

Drama Megan Morrison a struggling actress gets the her change to audition for a film starring opposite Kyle West, an action star that has recently been jilted at the alter and is part of the Institute of the Higher Mind. An organisation that bears a resemblance to Scientology, and where its leader Terrence Anderson is looking for the right future partner for West.

After dismissing Megan on her audition tape, Anderson is talked into calling her back for a reading by his assistant. At the call back Kyle becomes enamoured by Megan taking her for a jaunt to Mexico where after, her agent gets in contact saying she’s been offered a $10million marriage contract and a deadline for her to accept.

For a drama made by E! it’s far better than initially expected, though there’s not much to it that would makes you want to watch any more.


So Cosmo (E!)


So Cosmo (E!) – Premieres 8th February – Cancelled

Scripted reality gumpf, this time from the Cosmopolitan magazine office. In it the editor-in-chief does brief introductions for all the departments within the magazine then it descends fully into the reality schtick.

In the first ep there’s an interview for a fitness instructor to work there, that ends up with the woman interviewing ending up going on a date with them, a celebrity comes in for a photo shoot, and the Editor-in-chief announces she’s leaving, leaving a lot of people crying and wondering if their job is safe.

It a tiresome watch.


Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian (E!)


Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian (E!) – Premieres 12th January – Renewed

Khloe Kardashian, straight from the car crash that was Kocktails With Khloé, hosts a show where two overweight regular folk go to her to get help with losing weight.

After recounting a banal anecdote Khloe and finding out the person behind the need for them to lose weigh, she then hooks the two up with a personal training and nutritionalist each, giving them 12 weeks to lose weight before having a reveal to family and friends of their new figure.

It’s like any of the recent dietary shows, but intersperses it all with occasional “wisdom” from the Kardashian.