Ashlee & Evan (E!)


Ashlee & Evan (E!) – Premieres 9th September

Generic reality tv goings on, where singer Ashlee Simpson and her actor/musician husband Evan Ross have cameras following them as they go about their usual business.

The show follows the couple with Evan returning from 3 months away shooting a tv programme, and has the pair planning on what they want to do together while he’s back between jobs. This entails meeting friends, heading off to meet Evans family, where they play one of the songs they’ve been working to his mum, Diana Ross. And ends with Evan trying to work out if he wants to accept a job offer, that would mean he’d leaving for an extended period soon after returning home.

As reality shows go it has more in common with programmes like Miz & Mrs, Very Cavallari & We’re The Campbells, where there’s minimal conflict, and more about publicising the upcoming things they’ll be releasing. It’s a forgettable bit of viewing.



Very Cavallari (E!)


Very Cavallari (E!) – Premieres 8th July – Renewed

Reality show gubbins that follows Kristin Cavllari as she prepares for the opening of the first commercial property of her online fashion store Uncommon James.

During the show Kristin and her employees are working on the new product line as well as getting ready with the opening. While a couple of her employees are already at loggerheads, leading to some discontent brewing in the ranks.

Along with the business side of her life Kristin is also getting used to her husband, recently retired QB Jay Cutler, being around her house all the time. Where he is constantly getting peeved with what her employees are getting up to while they work from their home.

While the programme is a standard by the number piece of reality tv, the one good thing in it would be Cutler. Who along with being constantly miserable, gets up to some very old man antics where the importance he puts on the most mundane of things adds some unexpected comedy.

That said it’s still not something you’d willingly watch.


Model Squad (E!)


Model Squad (E!) – Premieres 12th February

Reality show that follows nine models as they go about modelling stuff, going to castings to model stuff, then attend after shows where the meet folks that could progress their career modelling things.

During the show each of the models talk about how they got into the business and how they see their career developing in the future. Then as the programme shows them getting up to their daily business it’s interspersed with small segments where one of the models gives a beauty tip or fashion pointers.

Weirdly for a reality show there was no arguing or near fisticuffs moments, but along with that there was nothing else going on either. It was all very boring.


Citizen Rose (E!)


Citizen Rose (E!) – Premieres 30th January 

A reality docu-series that follows Rose McGowan as she works on highlighting the sexual abuse that occurs within Hollywood, and her campaign to help women who have been victims of sexual abuse.

The show begins with Rose briefly talking about her childhood and the cult she was born into, then going through the timeline of her initial meeting with Harvey Weinstein and when he assaulted her. The programme then follows Rose attends a support meeting and making a personal appearances as a guest speaker at conventions. She then explains how her abuse allegations were covered up and the extent of how Weinstein would go to discredit her. Which culminated in her having a warrant put out against her for fabricated offences.

As well as going into her battle against Weinstein and forming her own movement, the programme follows Rose as she meets up with friend and family as she tries to get some rest bite from legal battles she’s dealing with.

As docu-series go it’s an interesting watch to see the extent of the cover-up and how far it went with the subterfuge. 


WAGs: Atlanta (E!)


WAGs: Atlanta (E!) – Premieres 3rd January

“Yay” the third instalment of WAGS is here. And just like the versions before it this follows a selection of Atlanta based wives and girlfriends of sports stars of varying fame.

The show does the usual of following them as they get up to their daily goings on, where they do stuff with their partners, meeting up with friends who have a history of trying to get into the WAG group, and organising get togethers where everyone involved meets up.

It’s a completely run of the mill reality show, but does have a surprising lack of bitching and fighting. It’s still an absolute grind to get through.


The Platinum Life (E!)


The Platinum Life (E!) – Premieres 15th October – Cancelled

Following the scripted reality of the WAGs of rappers and music producers who live in Florida who between balancing their careers and relationships, tell the camera how lavish their life is.

So after going through what they do for a job and how in love they are, the women all meet up for a jaunt where one will try to upstage the rest, or dig up past indiscretions so the reality show shouting and arguing quota can be checked off.

It’s a typical reality show, and unsurprisingly tedious to watch.


Life of Kylie (E!)


Life of Kylie (E!) – Premieres 6th August

Another unwatchable Kardashian spinoff appears, this time a film crew follows Kylie Jenner about as she questions what she actually does. It’s a bleak look into the life of a woman with apparently one friend and a group of paid assistants not doing much bar filming mundanity for Instagram.

She does however answer the call from a lads mother to be his prom date, pretty much leading Kylie to constantly repeat how she’s never been to one and how it’s something that no one should go through. So this slowly becomes all about her attending her first prom with the lad she’s “helping” slowly getting pushed further into the background.

It’s a horrifically shit bit of TV.