Holmes: Next Generation (DIY Network)


Holmes: Next Generation (DIY Network) – Premieres 17th April

Home renovation show where Mike Holmes of Holmes Buy It Right & Holmes + Holmes fame, relinquishes project management control to his son Mike Jr and daughter Sherry. 

Like any other renovation programme, the three are called in to meet a home owner who needs help doing their place up. So after chatting to them to find out what they need done to the place, they take a wander around the property highlighting any problem areas along with giving a rough plan on what they will be doing to the rooms.

It then follows the Holmes’ working on the remodelling where along with going into a bit more depth of what they’re doing compared to other similar shows. It has Mike Jr and Sherry overruling Mike Sr’s ideas and advice and putting in the design elements they want.

Then at the end of the ep the pair give Mike Sr a walkthrough on what they’ve done, before revealing the finished job to the home owner.

As DIY/renovation shows go, it’s more watchable than most due to the interaction between the three. And the fact it does try to give some tips on what they are to doing to achieve the final results.



Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray (DIY Network)


Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray (DIY Network) – Premieres 3rd March

Property development programme with an investment twist, this has Scott McGillivray visit two developments, where the folks behind it need some assistance in making sure they can create a property that will get them the optimum return.

As Scott is shown around each offer he finds out the reasoning to why they need his help, along with him discovering the profit margin available if he invests and assessing whether the time to commit to the project would be worthwhile.

After selecting the project he wants to team up with, Scott invests his cash then helps the development along by showing the owners what to look out for during a renovation, and to gives tips on how to plan the property to get the optimum returns. During the redevelopment there are the usual property show hitches that happen which could end up adding to the outlay. Then when they are resolved the property is finished and sold, leaving everyone happy and a few quid richer.

For a renovation programme the addition of McGillivay investing in the project does give it an additional Dragons Den/Shark Tank/The Deed type vibe. Though that said The Deed does the same type of premise in a more interesting way.


Containables (DIY Network)


Containables (DIY Network) – Premieres 7th December 

A property show that follows Jon and Kristen Meier, a couple that owns a company that builds homes using old shipping containers. In the programme the couple have a client get in contact with them about a construction they want, then after receiving the information on the requirements needed get to work making the thing.

Like Love Yurts, the business constructs the main parts of the building at their warehouse, then exports all the elements to the build site. After getting around the logistical problems of moving everything to the site they begin getting everything together to make it liveable.

After the construction the show follows them building out the interior where they head off and get some reclaimed features and other general renovation show staples. Then when completed, the pair show their clients around their new home.

For a 20 minute property show it’s an easy enough watch.


Bargain Mansions (DIY Network)


Bargain Mansions (DIY Network) – Premieres 7th November

Property renovation shenanigans where Tamara Day buys up large houses on the cheap, then after some quick renovating sells on the property for a profit.

Like similar shows such as Mark and Derek’s Excellent Flip and Renovation Realities: Ben And Ginger this shares the format of following certain parts of the house being renovated in each episode. Though with this it’s doesn’t go into the details of what and how the restyling is achieved, but more with Tamara explaining her plans, a brief couple of shots of her team working on the house, then ending with Tamara showing her friends around the house explain what she has done.

For a renovation show it’s on the basic side of the genre and pretty forgettable.


Vintage Rehab (DIY Network)


Vintage Rehab (DIY Network) – Premieres 6th September

Renovation show where Pittsburgh native Ally Mahon helps out folks whose period homes are in of a spruce up. It starts off with Ally meeting up with the owners of the house and being shown the areas that need renovating, and the budget they have for the job.

From there Ally draws up plans she has on reworking the areas, and then gets her team of builders in to start on the renovation. Like other similar shows such as Stone House Revival and Rustic Renovations, there’s the usual unexpected discoveries that occur which have implementations on the designs, the rectifying of such problems and the reveal to the delighted owners.

If you like property renovation shows then this is more of the same.


Ultimate Retreat (DIY Network)


Ultimate Retreat (DIY Network) – Premieres 7th August

Renovation show where DIY Network hosts take on a lakeside retreat room by room as they remodel the house in preparation for it to become a prize for one of the channels viewers.

The set up for the show is similar to Welcome Back Potter and Mark and Derek’s Excellent Flip as each episode focuses of a certain section of the house. During the episode the hosts go through explaining on a couple of the techniques they use in the construction and and other general DIY show type tips.

All-in-all it’s another run-of-mill property show


Amazing Space (DIY Network)


Amazing Space (DIY Network) – Premieres 12th July

Renovation show where builder Eric Griffin heads off to a property where the owner is in need of their home being a little more spacious. After checking out the building Eric and his team then go about remodelling the place, freeing up the space and delighting the owner when they see the results.

It’s a 20 minute show does exactly what you’d expect.