Renovation Realities: Ben And Ginger (DIY Network)


Renovation Realities: Ben And Ginger (DIY Network) – Premieres 6th May

Renovations show where Ginger a TV meteorologist, and her husband Ben a daytime TV reporter, have decided to move out of New York and buy a house in the suburbs.

To work in their budget they buy a place that’s in need of a complete renovation, so along with occasional help from their folks, get a team of builders in who do the majority of the work while Ginger and Ben do a couple of small pieces of DIY.

As the programme focuses on the dealing with once area of the house at a time it’s reminiscent to Holmes + Holmes and Welcome Back Potter, but with the hosts having an almost complete lack of building skills.


Backyard Goldmine (DIY Network)


Backyard Goldmine (DIY Network) – Premieres 25th April

Renovation programme where builder Ben Sargent meets up with a client who wants to convert their large shed/barn into a rental property.

After meeting the client and having a brief walk around the building, Ben and his co-worker get to work renovating the place and making it liveable. After the conversion is complete Ben reveals it to the owners and then helps them place the property on a rental site.

As property renovation programmes go this is one of the better ones.


Big Beach Builds (DIY Network)


Big Beach Builds (DIY Network) – Premieres 20th March

A short 20 minute renovation show, where the owners of a rundown beach house call in the services of Marnie Oursler, a third generation beach home builder.

After being given a tour of the home and what they want improving to it, Marnie sets about renovating the building to her clients requests. Like other renovation shows they run into a few problems, quickly rectify them, then show off the finished rebuild to the delighted owners.

It’s your typical renovation programme along the same lines as Good Bones.


Restored (DIY Network)


Restored (DIY Network) – Premieres 11th January

Restoration show where homeowners bring in expert Brett Waterman to take their home that’s been modified over time, to bring it back to look how it stood when it was originally built.

After being shown around the property, Brett points out how the layout has been changed and his plan on how to bring it back to it’s original state. Along with the usual demolition and rebuilding, he takes the homeowners to a similar period property to show off different design aspects to find out what they’d like to incorporated to their home.

It’s similar to something like Lone Star Restoration, where it’s mainly the hosts unbridled enthusiasm of what they do that makes it different to the the usual restoration shows.


Maine Cabin Masters (DIY Network)


Maine Cabin Masters (DIY Network) – Premieres 9th January

A show following Chase Morrill and his sister, brother-in-law and best friend who work on log cabins that are in need of repair or transformation are called in by the cabin owners, given a budget and a 45 minute programme of them working on it is created.

It pretty much follows the same lines as Cabin Fever, and any other sort of restoration show. It’s background viewing at best.


Love Yurts (DIY Network)


Love Yurts (DIY Network) – Starts 1st December

What could be best described as a house construction show, it follows a couple that construct yurts throughout Hawaii for people that want to live in low cost accommodation. In it a client gets in contact and the couple assemble their team to sort the setting the foundations, prefabricate the building, then arrange the transportation to the site before erecting the yurt.

It’s a little bit like My Floating Home but with less water and more tent like structures.


Alaska Flip N Move (DIY Network)


Alaska Flip N Move (DIY Network) – Starts 18th November

Renovation show where a family run company in Alaska buys up a cheap pieces of property then transports the home to their renovation lot for them to restyle the abode.

After the usual refurbishment shenanigans such as resizing rooms bring up problems there weren’t ready for and debates about what colour to paint the place in. The home is finished then put up for auction, where there’s a viewing period of various folks will gushing over how nice the place is. Then it goes to the auction where the winning gushing folk with their successful bid get to witness to the sight of an auctioneer waving an oversized gavel.

It’s by the numbers stuff and not that entertaining either.