Little Weddings (Lifetime)


Little Weddings (Lifetime) – Starts 23rd November

Reality tedium where a family run wedding planning company of little people specialise in planning weddings for little people.

As well as arguing with each other while organising the venue in the build up to their clients big day, they do the normal family stuff. It’s like Little Women: Atlanta but if they were related and had a business. It’s mind numbing tripe.



Shock Trauma: Edge Of Life (Discovery Life)


Shock Trauma: Edge Of Life (Discovery Life) – Starts 1st January

Another hospital based reality show where you can watch a woman who has a gunshot wound to the gut, and other such inpatients, getting fixed up by doctors.

It no different to Save My Life: Boston Trauma, except for the lower film quality and it being only 20 minutes long.


New Girls On The Block (Discovery Life)


New Girls On The Block (Discovery Life) – Starts 11th April

A take on scripted reality shows like Hot GRITS, but with the twist that the five featured women are transgender.  Along with explaining the transgender process and how it’s effected them, there is also the more regular reality show topics; revealing their secret in a surprise announcement to family members, a dispute with an athletics team, problems within their relationships and picking out the right dress for a coming out party.