Bake It Like Buddy (Discovery Family)


Bake It Like Buddy (Discovery Family) – Premieres 8th September

A cooking competition hosted by baker Buddy Valastro, where two teams made up from two family members go against each other to win $1k and some professional kitchen supplies.

The competition is held over just the one round, where after Buddy gives the theme that the bakers have to work within, they have four hours to produce their confection.

During the round while the teams work away, Buddy and his two other judges chat to the contestants and each other as they highlight possible problems, what may have gone wrong, or things they are looking forward to. Then at the end of the round, the baked goods are tasted and judged, and the winner is crowned.

As a more family centric cooking competition it’s an easy piece of viewing, and comes across as a condensed version of similar shows. But while it does what you’d expect, it’s not one you’d seek out to watch.



Lost And Found (Discovery Family)


Lost And Found (Discovery Family) – Starts 11th November

Reality show where Big Mike and Jesse, two professional finders, are called into action to help reunite people with items that have been lost over time.

A bit like American Pickers, they search through antique and second hand shops as well as meeting up with private sellers in their mission to find the items.

By the end they reunite the former owners with their possession and tears of joy are shed.