Last Stop Garage (Discovery)


Last Stop Garage (Discovery) – Premieres 23rd October

Following CRB Automotive, a garage in Labrador, Canada. Where being the only garage in a remote part of the country, they have to bodge together machinery to tackle any problems they face.

Along the Scrapyard Challenge style solutions they come up with this is a show that is mainly a group of co-workers dicking about and coming up good at the end of the day.

It’s at best a bit of background viewing, and nothing you’d go out of your way to watch.



Bushcraft Build Off (Discovery)


Bushcraft Build Off (Discovery) – Premieres 8th November

A survivalist competition hosted by Matt Graham of Dude, You’re Screwed fame, where two bushcraft experts are challenged to build a shelter that could house their team for a year from only what they can source from their location within a 7 day time limit.

Both competitors have a team they have personally selected, where each person in the team can bring one tool for the challenge. To decide on the location where each the teams will build the shelter, the team leaders go head to head in a wilderness challenge, and the first one to complete it gets first pick on the two places given.

During the main build Graham visits the team giving his advice on what the teams are doing well, or highlights areas that they can improve. At the end of the 7 days the final buildings are judged by Graham using the four categories Materials, Craftmanship, Function and Livability, and the winning team get’s there shelter posted on the shows website.

As survival competitions go it’s a different take on what is normally released and is an easy bit of laid back viewing.


Max Grundy (Discovery)


Max Grundy (Discovery) – Premieres 6th November

Custom car creator and owner of Max Grundy Designs, Max Grundy, is know for his retro-futuristic customisations and is looking to get his shop known on the wider stage.

In the show Max gets two beat up cars into his garage and with the help of his master mechanic and the rest of his team converts the cars into drivable custom vehicles within a set deadline.

While the show shares more than a few similarities to programmes like Detroit Steel, Diesel Brothers & Iron Resurrection, it doesn’t offer anything different and while the designs they come up with look cool the personalities of those in the show don’t make it as watchable as the other.


Finding Escobars Millions (Discover)


Finding Escobars Millions (Discover) – Premieres 3rd November

After being given permission by the Colombian government, two for former CIA Operatives are given 45 days to try and hunt down and find the locations where Pablo Escobar had buried parts of his fortune kept in cash, gold and jewellery. If the duo manage to find anything they have agreed that the rewards they receive will be given back to the local communities to help improve their standard of living.

With the estimated hidden fortune at over $1billion, the two CIA bods decide the best way to track down the possible locations is to befriend and interview the former close allies of Escobar. There after agreeing to give them a a small cut of the finders reward are given some possible locations, where they bring in their search team using ground penetrating radar to see if anything is there, then dig up the plot.

The show has some vague similarities to other treasure hunting shows like Cooper’s Treasure & Rebel Gold where every place they go is the place to dig, only to end up disappointed. Though with what the two are planning to do with the cash and the history of the loot they are after it’s a decent watch.


Gear Dogs (Discovery)


Gear Dogs (Discovery) – Premieres 4th September 

Car restoration goings on that follows Nate Boyer who owns the Kultured Custom garage as he opens up a community garage called the Dog House where folks can rent out space and work on their cars.

While bringing in folks to works on their motors, Nate offers them a deal where he will help them renovate their cars with the plan to sell the finished vehicle, splitting the profits. If the person agrees they confirm a percentage split and then they do the usual car renovation gubbins.

The show is an easy way to burn through 45 minutes and guys in it are a bit reminiscent to Douche Larouche members in Sacred Steel Bikes.


American Made Inventors (Discovery)


American Made Inventors (Discovery) –  Premieres 2nd September

Millionaire inventor Dave Yonce and his business partners Jason Shackelford and Billy Crimmins open up their development facility for budding inventors who need help in refining and releasing their ideas. After the budding inventors get their idea past Jason, they then present it to Dave, where if he likes it he then helps them out in making their product affordable and sellable.

After refining the prototypes and discussing the business plans, Dave and the team decide whether they want to go forward with funding the product or to pass on the opportunity. The show is like a mix between Dragons Den/Shark Tank and Blue Collar Backers, and is a watchable enough way to burn 45 minutes.


Garage Rehab (Discovery Channel)


Garage Rehab (Discovery Channel) – Premieres 30th August

The mechanics answer to Kitchen Nightmares, Richard Rawlings the owner of Gas Monkey garage, where he heads off to a struggling garage and helps them by investing in the company and renovating their shop.

Like Kitchen Nightmares the owner initially admits everything is wrong and they need help, but as soon as the changes are being put into place gets cold feet. After a brief pep talk they get back on board and are sent away for 4 days while Rawlings team finish off the renovations. On the day of the reveal there is much mechanic style oooohing and ahhhhing, then that’s it. Not a word to whether it helped them turn their business around, it just ends.

For a show that says that they’re trying to turn a business around it’s more of a property renovation show with car lifts.