Gold Rush: White Water (Discovery)


Gold Rush: White Water (Discovery Channel) – Premieres 19th January – Renewed

Gold hunting shenanigans that is a spin-off from Gold Rush. This follows the Dakota Boys, father and son team of Fred and Dustin Hurt, as they attempt to extract gold from precarious ravines in Alaska.

Returning to a site on McKinley Creek, the pair find that all their equipment has been washed away, and the river has become too dangerous to work on. This leads to Fred having to get into contact with his old mining rival Todd Hoffman to get a loan.

After securing the money Fred gets the crew together where they search the river and find a new site to focus on. Then when it’s found they begin to work the area to get it ready for some prospecting.

For a gold hunting programme it does the job and is a passable way to burn through 45 minutes, though it’s no where near as interesting as Devil’s Canyon. Though if you like Gold Rush, this is more of the same.



Street Outlaws: Memphis (Discovery)


Street Outlaws: Memphis (Discovery) – Premieres 15th January

Another spin-off from Street Outlaws, this version follows the street racers of Memphis lead by a chap called JJ Da Boss. In it JJ makes sure that everyone is aware that his collection of racers don’t race each other like those in Street Outlaws: New Orleans, but pool their resources together to get the most money out of the visiting challengers.

The programme starts off by JJ introducing all of the team, where they talk about how they got into street racing, the car they drive and how they help each other out getting their motors ready.

Then after going through the team it heads off to the meet, where JJ pairs up his drivers with the out of towners and begins haggling the stake of each race. As well as trying to up their returns by setting a few side bets with anyone that will take them. It then shows all the races, with a running total of what the Memphis team are potentially recouping.

While it doesn’t have the japery of the New Orleans version running through it, it does have more actual race action and is a decent enough watch.


The Interrogation Room (Discovery)


The Interrogation Room (Discovery) – Premieres 4th January

A docu-series that looks into how a crime was solved by showing the actual interrogation footage that led to the capture and conviction of the criminals.

The show starts off by interviewing the victims of the crime, as well as the police involved which examine the scene, where they recount the events and show the actual CCTV of the crime in progress. The programme then goes into how the police via a series of interrogations begin to find out everyone involved and the motive behind it all.

The show is similar to Criminal Confessions, though with its better content and production is a more interesting watch.


Tesla’s Death Ray: A Murder Declassified (Discovery Channel)


Tesla’s Death Ray: A Murder Declassified (Discovery Channel) – Premieres 2nd January 

Using a similar format to Hunting Hitler & The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer, investigator Jack Murphy and Tesla historian Cameron Prince examine the recently released files on Nikola Tesla. Where the pair hope to find out about the history of the Death Ray he patented and if it was the reason behind his death.

As the duo head off around the country talking to historians and Teslas surviving family members, they try to uncover evidence that the Death Ray was ever constructed or at the least prototyped. While this is happening engineer Aron Koscho and his team attempt to build a working version using the limited information they have to hand in their workshop.

While the investigative side of the show has been done to death, the fact that they are trying to recreate the Death Ray gives it a nice added aspect, and helps the watchability no end.


Last Stop Garage (Discovery)


Last Stop Garage (Discovery) – Premieres 23rd October

Following CRB Automotive, a garage in Labrador, Canada. Where being the only garage in a remote part of the country, they have to bodge together machinery to tackle any problems they face.

Along the Scrapyard Challenge style solutions they come up with this is a show that is mainly a group of co-workers dicking about and coming up good at the end of the day.

It’s at best a bit of background viewing, and nothing you’d go out of your way to watch.


Bushcraft Build Off (Discovery)


Bushcraft Build Off (Discovery) – Premieres 8th November

A survivalist competition hosted by Matt Graham of Dude, You’re Screwed fame, where two bushcraft experts are challenged to build a shelter that could house their team for a year from only what they can source from their location within a 7 day time limit.

Both competitors have a team they have personally selected, where each person in the team can bring one tool for the challenge. To decide on the location where each the teams will build the shelter, the team leaders go head to head in a wilderness challenge, and the first one to complete it gets first pick on the two places given.

During the main build Graham visits the team giving his advice on what the teams are doing well, or highlights areas that they can improve. At the end of the 7 days the final buildings are judged by Graham using the four categories Materials, Craftmanship, Function and Livability, and the winning team get’s there shelter posted on the shows website.

As survival competitions go it’s a different take on what is normally released and is an easy bit of laid back viewing.


Max Grundy (Discovery)


Max Grundy (Discovery) – Premieres 6th November

Custom car creator and owner of Max Grundy Designs, Max Grundy, is know for his retro-futuristic customisations and is looking to get his shop known on the wider stage.

In the show Max gets two beat up cars into his garage and with the help of his master mechanic and the rest of his team converts the cars into drivable custom vehicles within a set deadline.

While the show shares more than a few similarities to programmes like Detroit Steel, Diesel Brothers & Iron Resurrection, it doesn’t offer anything different and while the designs they come up with look cool the personalities of those in the show don’t make it as watchable as the other.