Last Outpost (Discovery)


Last Outpost (Discovery) – Premieres 17th April

A show that goes along the same lines as Last Stop Garage, this follows the owners of Alaskan garage, CT Mad Mods, Clint and Todd as they go about making custom vehicles for folks.

In the programme Clint and Todd meet up with a local that need a vehicle made to suit their specific needs that can cope with the Alaskan terrain and climate. So the pair come up with an idea and agree payment in either cash or a trade of goods. From the there the duo being salvaging parts of other machines to be used in the vehicles creation.

During the build the Clint and Todd take what they’ve made and try to test it till it breaks, by either using it themselves, or subjecting one of their workers to an unsuspecting test. Then after everything passes their standards they add the finishing touches and reveal it to the new owner.

For what it is, this is more in line with car shows like Car Saviours but without the lavish outlay on new parts. That said it’s not too bad a way to burn 45 minutes, mainly for the Scrapyard Challenge-esque bodging together of old vehicles.



Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings (Discovery)


Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings (Lifetime) – Premieres 7th March 

Another spinoff of Street Outlaws, where in this iteration it concentrates on a no prep tournament concept. As racers from the other shows, along with some additional characters take part in a season long competition to find out who is the fastest there is.

The season consists of 8 races where the drivers earn, 5 points for turning up, going up to 30 points if they win the final along with getting $50k. At the end of the season the overall winner gets the title and a grand prize that has yet to be decided on.

In the show the night before the main race is dedicated to grudge races, where like in the regular series, racers call each one another and and bet their own money against each other. Then on the race day it goes over to a regular race format.

While there still is a fair amount of driver introductions and setup chat, it does have more racing than normal. And it’s definitely one for those that enjoyed the regular format.


Rocky Mountain Railroad (Discovery)


Rocky Mountain Railroad (Discovery) – Premieres 5th March

A programme that follows the workers and train drivers on a few of the main Canadian rail lines that are exposed to extreme weather conditions. And how they go about trying keeping the railways running with minimal delays.

In the programme it highlights a couple of the routes that are susceptible to adverse conditions, and shows the techniques used by the rail workers to predict potential problems. Along with showing the procedures that they go through to rectify the situation while keeping the disruption to the service at a minimum.

As well as following those working on the railway, the programme also shows the people who use the routes to keep people in the more remote locations of Canada with provisions and goods they require during the winter months.

All in all it’s a pretty standard programme and something you’d only really watch if there was nowt else on.


Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman (Discovery)


Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman (Discovery) – Premieres 5th March

Fronted by Aaron Kaufman previously of the Fast ’n’ Loud series, he has left the Gas Monkey Garage and started a new company called Arclight Fabrication with a new handpicked staff.

In the show he has decided to go in a different direction to his former place of work. Where along with fabricating custom truck parts, also works on creating custom vehicles that he will test in extreme ways.

The programme starts off with Kaufman being invited to marshal an dirt track race, which leads to Aaron in deciding the first big project the garage will make is an offroad racer that he will entering the King of the Hammers. A 14 hour trial race that usually wipes out two thirds of the field.

After picking out a unique looking vehicle that’s on it’s last legs, Kaufman and the team begin to work on it so it will be able to tackle the demands of the race. As well as being a roadworthy vehicle. During the build time Kaufman also heads off to some of the component producers to see how the parts are made, along getting some training from a King of the Hammers veteran. Where he finds out how his vehicle should adapted to handle the race, and to get some much needed driving experience. 

The show has more in common with Twin Turbos than Fast ’n’ Loud, and for a car restoration programme it’s more interesting than the shows that do the usual buy vehicle, modify and sell format.


Twin Turbos (Discovery)


Twin Turbos (Discovery) – Premieres 28th February

Doing a different take on the usual car modification shows this follow the father and son team of Doug and Brad DeBerti. Where son Brad has had his racing career on hold for the past year, after a crash he was involved in left him with a damaged his spine.

Nearing the end of his recovery, Brad is looking to get back into racing as he tries to achieve his goal of competing in NASCAR. So to restart his racing career the pair use the profits from their garage to fund his racing expenses. The show follows the pair as they get orders in from high paying customers to make one off custom vehicles and shows them getting Brads cars ready for upcoming race weekends.

As a car modification programme the addition of the racing aspect does make it stand out from similar shows, though it could do with covering a bit more on the actual races they show at the end. It’s not a bad way to waste 45 minutes.


Gold Rush: White Water (Discovery)


Gold Rush: White Water (Discovery Channel) – Premieres 19th January – Renewed

Gold hunting shenanigans that is a spin-off from Gold Rush. This follows the Dakota Boys, father and son team of Fred and Dustin Hurt, as they attempt to extract gold from precarious ravines in Alaska.

Returning to a site on McKinley Creek, the pair find that all their equipment has been washed away, and the river has become too dangerous to work on. This leads to Fred having to get into contact with his old mining rival Todd Hoffman to get a loan.

After securing the money Fred gets the crew together where they search the river and find a new site to focus on. Then when it’s found they begin to work the area to get it ready for some prospecting.

For a gold hunting programme it does the job and is a passable way to burn through 45 minutes, though it’s no where near as interesting as Devil’s Canyon. Though if you like Gold Rush, this is more of the same.


Street Outlaws: Memphis (Discovery)


Street Outlaws: Memphis (Discovery) – Premieres 15th January – Renewed

Another spin-off from Street Outlaws, this version follows the street racers of Memphis lead by a chap called JJ Da Boss. In it JJ makes sure that everyone is aware that his collection of racers don’t race each other like those in Street Outlaws: New Orleans, but pool their resources together to get the most money out of the visiting challengers.

The programme starts off by JJ introducing all of the team, where they talk about how they got into street racing, the car they drive and how they help each other out getting their motors ready.

Then after going through the team it heads off to the meet, where JJ pairs up his drivers with the out of towners and begins haggling the stake of each race. As well as trying to up their returns by setting a few side bets with anyone that will take them. It then shows all the races, with a running total of what the Memphis team are potentially recouping.

While it doesn’t have the japery of the New Orleans version running through it, it does have more actual race action and is a decent enough watch.