Wild Food (Destination America)


Wild Food (Destination America) – Premieres 23rd June

A food travel show where chef Georgia Pellegrini heads off to a location where she meets up with locals and joins them in catching the regional animals they hunt for food.

After arriving in town Georgia meets with the local she’ll be spending the trip with. And from there is taken out to try to catch the first of the animals that she will be using to create a leaving meal for her hosts.

Along with catching three types of different animals for the feast, Georgia also joins her host catching another type of animal that is more widely eaten, and joins them for a meal that they prepare in the local methods.

Then before she leaves, Georgia cooks up what has been caught in ways that aren’t commonly done, and serves up the meal to those that have joined her over the course of the episode.

As cooking shows go, it is different to the norm and it shows them tracking, hunting and killing the animals that will be consumed later. Though on the cooking front it’s almost non-existent, making more of a travel hunting show.



Terror In The Woods (Destination America)


Terror In The Woods (Destination America) – Premieres 10th October

Using reenactments and narrations from those involved, this is a 45 minute show that covers two stories told by regular folks of supernatural things they’ve encountered in the American woodlands.

It’s a lot like the paranormal shows Paranormal Lockdown, Haunted Case Files & Paranormal Survivor, where it comes over as a sub par campfire tale with the occasional bad special effects. There’s nothing in the programme that would make you want to watch it again and it’s all pretty forgettable.


Haunted Towns (Destination America)


Haunted Towns (Destination America) – Premieres 15th August

Ghost hunting goings on where the Tennessee Wraith Chasers (TWC) head off to towns that have had a bloody history in the hope of seeing a higher concentration of supernatural occurrences.

As the team arrive at their location they meet up with locals to find out the history and visit a couple of places that have had some recent activity. After scoping out the possible venues they perform the first of two night investigations, where they use all the standard ghost hunting paraphernalia to try and gather evidence that spirits are there.

After conversing with the dead, the lads then move on to the next location where they do the second and final investigation, chat to more spirits and then in the morning all agree that the town is a bit haunted.

As ghost hunting show it does everything you’d expect and doesn’t offer anything different. It one for those that like watching folk getting freaked out and making out words in radio static.


Killing Bigfoot (Destination America)


Killing Bigfoot (Destination America) – Premieres 4th February

A show that follows the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organisation (GCBRO), a team of Bigfoot hunters who go about trying to help folk in Louisiana who believe the are being harassed by Sasquatch. To help them out they do preliminary searches of the area to find any evidence of activity, then set up night time missions where they hope to find and kill the offending Bigfoot.

The GCBRO are also not on the best of terms with other members of the Bigfoot hunting community who believe that they should stop they shoot to kill approach they insist upon. To the point where the head of the organisation makes the statement that for scientific research they need to bring in a dead Sasquatch, and they are a potential menace to the community.

It’s ultimately a silly programme following a group of rednecks into woodlands where they use semi automatic guns with almost reckless abandon while obviously not really knowing what they’re doing.

It makes $10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty look like the pinnacle of scientific research.


Haunted Case Files (Destination America)


Haunted Case Files (Destination America) – Starts 28th August

Standard Destination America ghost based shenanigans when four ghost hunters recount their scariest encounters with the spirits of the dead. While they tell their story it switches between them being interviewed and some reenactments that have some top drawer comedy effects to show the ghosts interacting with them and how they tried to banish entities with a surprisingly low success rate.

It’s a bog standard ghost show that only just becomes passable background viewing due to the effects.


Ghosts Of Shepherdstown (Destination America)


Ghosts Of Shepherdstown (Destination America) – Starts 12th June – Renewed

After being continually harassed by the residents phoning up and complaining of home and business breaks ins, only to find out it was the abundance of ghosts in the town being the cause. The sheriffs department does the only logical thing and brings in three ghost hunters to get rid of them all.

After arriving the three paranormal experts get to work, going through one building at a time. In it they manage to do a first in any ghost show i’ve seen and cancel a night time investigation due to the spirits being too evil.

After getting their shit together, they then get back to business doing the usual paranormal stuff of recording conversations and making out ghostly voices from unintelligible noises and getting freaked out by ghostly apparitions. In the end they manage to clear the building of the activity and the owner and workers are delighted.

It’s a normal piece of paranormal investigation silliness, though the fact this is a series where they are working through an entire town makes it worth another watch.


Smoked (Destination America)


Smoked (Destination America) – Starts 1st June

Barbecue cooking competition where two bbq cooks who have a long rivalry go head-to-head to find out once and for all who is the better cook, and to get an oversized cheque for $5k.

The competition goes through three rounds, the main event where the barbecuers are given a cut of meat and the timeframe for them to cook it in. While the round is ongoing there are two side rounds where the cooks are the challenged to create a dish in each, and if they win are given an advantage that could help them in future rounds.

It’s a standard, by-the-numbers cooking competition.