The Indian Detective (CTV)


The Indian Detective (CTV) – Premieres 23rd November

Comedy where after bumbling wise cracking Toronto cop Doug D’Mello botches a possible drug smuggling run over the Canadian border, ends up getting suspended for a month and demoted for going against police protocol. At the same time Dougs father in India is taken ill so he heads off to Mumbai to check up on him.

While there he finds out that his dad is at best a hypochondriac and meets his neighbour Priya a lawyer who asks Doug to help on a case that is proving to be more than a little suspicious.

As Doug helps Priya solve the case he begins to find links from the people behind the case to the drug running operation in stumbled across back in Canada.

All-in-all it’s a inoffensive bit of comedy that is pretty hit and miss in the joke department.



The Disappearance (CTV)


The Disappearance (CTV) – Premieres 1st October 

Canadian drama where after producing the most in depth school report that used covert photography and other forms of personal intrusion, Anthony Sullivan receives a lecture to not to take suggestions from Henry, his grandfather and retired judge, so literally.

After apologising to the townsfolk he had been spying on, Anthony then gets to go on his 10th birthday treasure hunt which has been organised by Henry, while at the same time his parents finalise their divorce.

So as the family wait for Anthonys arrival at home with a large party gathering, it slowing dawns on them that he has gone missing, and that there are no witnesses or evidence on what has happened to him.

The show is nicely paced where the actual disappearance isn’t forced in being one of the first things you see and allows the story to develop at a nice pace. It’s a surprisingly good watch.


Cardinal (CTV)


Cardinal (CTV) – Premieres 25th January – Renewed

Crime drama where detective John Cardinal after being kick out of the homicide division is brought back in after the missing child in the last case he was working was discovered murdered.

As Cardinal beings reworking the case he is teamed up with recently transferred detective Delorme who he takes a distrust to so makes her look after his outstanding work to prove herself to him. At the same time he beings to believe that the childs murder is the work of a serial killer that preys on children.

While his superior in the department insist that he concentrates on the case in hand and that his theory is a possible waste of time, Cardinal continues to dig into his serial killer angle which leads to him finding another body.

While Cardinal is off doing his job, it’s then revealed that Delorme has been placed as his partner to keep tabs on him as it’s believed that he is a dirty cop who is helping out a known drug dealer escape conviction.

The show comes across as a bit of a mix between The Killing and the first series of 19-2. It’s worth a watch.