What Would Sal Do? (CraveTV)


What Would Sal Do? (CraveTV) – Premieres 24th March – Cancelled

Canadian comedy, where on his 30th birthday Sals mother reveals that he was an immaculate conception, and that she and the local vicar believe that he is the second coming.

Sal however is a self centred slob who, in between doing nothing, is generally a rather odious person to be around. Though when told that he may be the second coming decides to test the theory out by deliberately being nice to people and seeing if he can perform miracles.

After trying and failing at helping someone who is down on their luck Sal ends up in prison. Where he discovers, through the help of delivering a right hook on a blind fella, that he may have some sort of ability to perform miracles and begins to change his ways.

It’s sort of reminiscent to My Name Is Earl where the main character is a dick and trying to change his ways, but comedy wise it pretty much misses the mark.