Good Eats: Reloaded (Cooking Channel)


Good Eats: Reloaded (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 14th October

A show where host Alton Brown revisits an old episode of Good Eats and updates and corrects aspects that were either wrong or needed updating.

During the programme Alton reveals behind the scene info about the episode and how it came together. Then when there is a section where the content needs to be updated, it cuts over to modern day Alton, where he explains how the theory was initially incorrect and why, or if it’s to do with cooking, goes over the new and improved techniques.

For what it is, if you liked the original this is literally more of the same. Though with the way everything is presented and explained it an easy enough bit of viewing, but not something you’d go out of your way to watch.



Crazy Cakes (Cooking Channel)


Crazy Cakes (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 24th August

Like Ridiculous Cakes! & Dallas Cakes, this is a show that follows different bakers as they get in a request from a client for them to produce an extravagant looking cake.

After getting the brief the bakers explain what the finished cake will look like, and the show follows them through the process. And when the cake is finished shows them presenting the finished version to their delighted customers.

Even for this kind of show, this one puts in the minimal of efforts. Where each segment is taken from various other baking shows like Texas Cake House, and is presented as if it’s an original show. So if you watch many of these things you would have already seen this, making this a waste of time.


Seaside Snacks and Shacks (Cooking Channel)


Seaside Snacks and Shacks (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 19th July

A by-the-numbers food travel show, where host and restaurateur Sabin Lomac heads off to a coastal town in the US and samples the food from a few local eateries.

After Sabin arrives in town he heads to a local popular restaurant, where after chatting with the owner. Heads to the kitchen to find out how the dishes are made, has a taste of them, and then chats to a few of the customers. Before moving on to the next place to do it all over again.

The show is similar to other food travel shows like Burgers, Brews & ‘Ques, Beach Bites & Cheap Eats. And while the pacing of the show never drags, it’s a format that’s been done to death, making it one that would only interest fans of that type of show.


Carnival Kings (Cooking Channel)


Carnival Kings (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 12th July

Hosted by chef Richie Farina, this is a mix between Carnival Cravings with Anthony Anderson and Big Bad BBQ Battle, where Ritchie challenges a carnival food stall owner to a competition as to who can make the best version of their signature dish in two hours.

It starts off with Richie heading to a carnival, where his competition shows the dish he will be going against, along with showing how its made. After Richie meets the challenger and the smack talk is exchanged, he heads off to visit other vendors to sample what they’re making, and to get some inspiration. Richie then returns to his food truck where he makes the dish that he’s devised, and after it’s been sampled, notes what parts need to be fine tuned.

The show finishes off with the competition, where Ritchie and the challenger have two hours to create 30 potions of their dish. Then the crown of carnival attendees judge whose food is best, and a winner is crowned.

For a short 20 minute show it goes along at a decent pace, and has enough variation in the programme to keep your interest. For what it is it’s a lot more enjoyable than most of the current food competition shows.


Crazy Delicious (Cooking Channel)


Crazy Delicious (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 20th November

Generic food based list show where the programme goes around the country reveal the more unusual dishes that have been concocted and gained popularity.

It uses the standard template of showing of the dish, then having the creator talk about how it all came to be, then following it up with showing how the dish is created and ending with customers trying it out and saying why they like it.

The show is similar to Going Off The Menu with its focus on the weirder food combinations, though as a food list show it’s no different to the other already out.


Southern And Hungry (Cooking Channel)


Southern And Hungry (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 9th October – Renewed

Standard food travel show shenanigans where cook Damaris Philips and former Top Gear USA host Rutledge Wood head off to a town in the south of the US to sample restaurants making home style local dishes.

The format is the same as Vinny & Ma Eat America, Man Finds Food, & Incredible Edible America, where when the hosts rock up to the restaurant they chat to the locals as to why they eat there and their favourite dish, then head off to the kitchen to see how the food is made before sampling the final meal.

For a what it is, it delivers exactly what you’d expect.


Farmers Market Flip (Cooking Channel)


Farmers Market Flip (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 20th April

A cooking equivalent of Swap Meet Showdown, where two teams go up against each other at a farmers market in the chance to win $5k between them.

The show is set over two rounds, the first has them creating a dish using the produce of one of the market owners, where the winner is given the second round advantage of having the host help work on food prep for 10 minutes.

In the second round the teams are given 20 minutes to purchase their ingredients to be used to make 100 covers for the crowd who then vote on who wins $5k.

It’s a pretty cheap and cheerful show which doesn’t rely on the need to create needless drama from the chefs doing a small mistake. That said it’s not really something you’d go out of your way to watch either.