Farmers Market Flip (Cooking Channel)


Farmers Market Flip (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 20th April

A cooking equivalent of Swap Meet Showdown, where two teams go up against each other at a farmers market in the chance to win $5k between them.

The show is set over two rounds, the first has them creating a dish using the produce of one of the market owners, where the winner is given the second round advantage of having the host help work on food prep for 10 minutes.

In the second round the teams are given 20 minutes to purchase their ingredients to be used to make 100 covers for the crowd who then vote on who wins $5k.

It’s a pretty cheap and cheerful show which doesn’t rely on the need to create needless drama from the chefs doing a small mistake. That said it’s not really something you’d go out of your way to watch either.



Vinny & Ma Eat America (Cooking Channel)


Vinny & Ma Eat America (Cooking Channel) – Premieres 31st January

Culinary travel show where Vinny Guadagnino has come to the verdict that his Italian mother should step out of her comfort zone of making and eating Italian dishes, and should expand her horizons.

So to get his mum to try new food he takes her on a road trip around America, where they visit a city and sample a few selected eateries. Like other Cooking Channel show likes Extra Virgin Americana and Haylie’s America, there’s the usual bits where they see how the dishes are made and the occasional chatting to the customers.

Though this has a reluctant host trying to get her head around the use of donuts as burger buns, and marvelling at at how asian restaurants hand make noodles that gives it a more natural feel compared to the aforementioned shows.


Big Bargain Eats (Cooking Channel)


Big Bargain Eats (Cooking Channel) – Starts 8th December

A culinary travel show along the lines of Cheap Eats, where the host goes to an american locale and finds the best places to eat on a budget. Like in Man Finds Food when the host gets to the restaurant, he chats to the propritor, finds out how the most popular dish is made, then eats with the locals while awkwardly chatting to them before revealing how much it all costs.

It’s a standard Cooking Channel type show, which is formulaic at best, but the host is so awkward it makes the programme more than normal.


Haylie’s America (Cooking Channel)


Haylie’s America (Cooking Channel) – Starts 8th September

Haylie Duff, the older sister of Hillary, goes around a part of america with a friend in tow to sample the culinary delights of the area. Haylie and her friend take turns in showing each other lesser known spots, where they sample the food and find out how it’s made.

It’s a by the numbers Cooking Channel/Food Network food travel show like Beach BitesCheap Eats or Guy And Hunters European Vacation.


Food’s Greatest Hits (Cooking Channel)


Food’s Greatest Hits (Cooking Channel) – Starts 11th July

Taking three well known dishes, the show explains its origins and popularity in the States. It then takes three groups of tasters get to sample a three reworkings of the popular meals some of which are combinations of ingredients that not many would have thought would go with each over. Luckily not one of the tasters dislikes what they eat.

As an example to see how some weird shit put together can still work it does the job, as a TV show, not so much.


Big Bad BBQ Brawl (Cooking Channel)


Big Bad BBQ Brawl (Cooking Channel) – Starts 31st May – Renewed

New York barbecuer Shannon Ambrosio and his rotund brother begin throwning down challenges to popular bbq places from around the country, where they rock up and have a cook off.

The cook off is decided by a couple of judges and any tiebreakers involve the crowd. It is exceptionally similar to the show they did last year, Big Bad BBQ Battle, but without the visiting of produce suppliers