Corner Gas Animated (Comedy Network)


Corner Gas Animated (Comedy Network) – Premieres 2nd April – Renewed

A reboot of a popular Canadian comedy, but this time animated. The show is set in Dog River a remote town in Canada ,where the petrol station is run by a slacker called Brent who has taken over the running of the place from his dad.

As Brent spends most of his time talking about old pop culture in an almost Clerks manner with his friend Yarbo. His dad is intent on making him more responsible by sabotaging the shop in a bid to make Brent act more professionally.

Along with Brent and his dad, his shop assistant Wanda is known as the smartest person in the town, but is regularly goaded by Yarbo to help him complete his more crackpot ideas. The local cafe is run by Lacey who is adamant to expand the culinary horizons of the town to no avail, and the police department is run by two vaguely inept cops.

For a comedy it’s not too bad and has some decent moments. It’s a more than acceptable way to burn 20 minutes.



The Beaverton (Comedy Network)


The Beaverton (Comedy Network) – Starts 9th November – Renewed

Satirical show in the guise of a news programme, where the newsreaders do the recap of the current events then it goes into a few field reporter segments that parody recent events.

It very hit and miss where the segment rarely hit the mark though the in studio parts have a couple of decent joke in there at times. But it’s nowhere near the standard of the likes of The Daily Show or Last Week Tonight.


Letterkenny (Comedy Network)


Letterkenny (Comedy Network) – Starts 7th February – Renewed

Comedy centered on Wayne, a hick who is still smarting after his girlfriend dumped him. The split has caused him reign in his violent ways towards the towns hockey players and goths, even though his sister and friends try their best to regain his status as the toughest bloke in the town.

It’s not a great start. Though it’s not the easiest to follow with everyones accent being so thick it’s like listening to the mumbling character in King Of The Hill in stereo, while they’re in the Canadian equivalent of Craggy Isle.