Corporate (Comedy Central)


Corporate (Comedy Central) – Premieres 17th January – Renewed

Set within Hampton DeVille, a borderline evil conglomerate that produces virtually everything that can imagined. This follows Matt and Jake, two junior executives who get lumbered with the thankless unwanted jobs their superiors don’t want to do.

As the company try to hush up various PR scandals involving supplying arms to illegal wars and insensitive tweets about natural disasters, the pair manage to blunder their way into getting the job done. All the while staying on the on the brink of depression caused by working for the place.

As a comedy it’s a blend of dark comedy with mundanity of working in a large office. It’s a decent bit of viewing.



Hood Adjacent with James Davis (Comedy Central)


Hood Adjacent with James Davis (Comedy Central) – Premieres 28th June

Comedy where host James Davis goes through his life experience of straddling the cultural divide, being raised next to a hood in South Central yet going to a private school and enjoying golf.

In the show with a mixture of standup and on location segments Davis goes through highlighting the differences and similarities of both worlds. It’s a solid opener that does the job.


Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level (Comedy Central)


Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level (Comedy Central) – Premieres 18th June

A stand up half hour show where Kevin Hart introduces a lesser known comedian and after having a brief chat with them gives them the stage for the rest of the show.

The programme is sort of similar to the other Kevin Hart show Hart Of The City, where it’s only as strong as the guested acts. It’s one for those who like checking out more obscure stand ups.


The Jim Jefferies Show (Comedy Central)


The Jim Jefferies Show (Comedy Central) – Premieres 6th June – Renewed

A weekly topical comedy show that is similar to Last Week Tonight and to a lesser extent Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Jim Jefferies covers the recent news events.

The show is split into three segments, in the first part Jim does a brief round up of the weeks news, which has a Daily Show light feel to it, and is the weakest part of the programme. After that there’s a video segment where Jim Visits a country to to interview folk about a regional custom that can be seen as offensive. Then the show is finished off with Jim tackling a subject and offering up his theory on how the problems could be resolved.

It’s a solid bit of current affair based comedy that’s well worth a watch.


The President Show (Comedy Central)


The President Show (Comedy Central) – Premieres 28th April

A comedy talk show hosted by Donald Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik, where for the majority of the show has the Trump character in various sketches where he is either addressing the press, in the oval office with Mike Pence or out on the town interacting with the public.

It then moves on to an Ali G style of interview where the Trump character highlights his stupidity in front of the guest. As a show it misses the mark more often than not with the highlight being the interview segment.

Overall, even with the quality of the impersonation, it comes across as the same joke done multiple times and becomes a bit grating after a while.


Problematic With Moshe Kasher (Comedy Central)


Problematic With Moshe Kasher (Comedy Central) – Premieres 18th April

Comedy current affairs talk show along similar lines to Black & White, where Moshe after breaking down the topic of episode has a chat with a panel of celebrity guests to gauge their opinions.

Along with the talk show element questions are fielded from the audience and a couple of interviews and skits are shown. Though with the subject matter and the guests involved it comes over a something that’s preaching to the converted, and at times comes over as a bit smug.


The Gorburger Show (Comedy Central)


The Gorburger Show (Comedy Central) – Premieres 9th April – Cancelled

Comedy chat show shenanigans in the same vein as Comedy Bang Bang, where Gorburger an alien that has come to Earth, gatecrashed a Japanese tv show eating most the people onstage, and decided to use the chat show format to learn about humans.

Like Comedy Bang Bang, there are a couple of guest who end up taking part in the weird trains of thought that the blue alien goes through, along with a on location bit with Gorburger dicking about.

It’s a surreal bit of TV which sometimes gets too weird for its own good.