Gnarnia (Comedy Central)


Gnarnia (Comedy Central) – Premieres 13th July

A short 10 minute stoner comedy that follows the owners of Gnar Tapes, who receive a final notice saying the need to pay $3k in three days or they will be evicted.

In an attempt to get the money together the quartet try various schemes, including an internet telethon where they show off a song they written, to having a drug induced conversation with a stuff toy about getting a job. All the while the show cuts in reality show style interviews with the members as the each scheme is put into action.

For a short comedy this is lacking in any decent jokes, and along with including a couple of punchlineless songs, it fills like it’s one joke being drawn out for all its worth. 



Playlist w/ Jak Knight (Comedy Central)


Playlist w/ Jak Knight (Comedy Central) – Premieres 6th July

A standup comedy show that’s compared by Jak Knight. It kicks off with Knight doing a five minute set, then Jak introduces three comedian who each perform a brief set before it’s wrapped up with a live musical performance.

With the show only being 20 minutes long, the sets that are shown as so brief you can’t really get into it, before it moves on to the next comedian. But with the format being similar to Hart Of The City & All Def Comedy, if you liked them then this is more of the same.


Man Up (Comedy Central)


Man Up (Comedy Central) – Premieres 27th April

A comedy with a slight Nathan For You vibe that follows Theo Von, a fella who hosts a podcast that helps out men with their problems.

In the show Theo meets up with fella that has contacted him with a situation they need his help with. From there Theo meets him and then does some left field solutions to solve their problem.

While this is similar to Nathan For You with its setup of a person helping folk who find themselves in a quandry. The main difference between the two is that this is entirely scripted where Nathan actually deals with real life people. That said with it being 15 minutes long it does go along at a decent pace, and does have a few funny moments in it.


Taskmaster (Comedy Central)


Taskmaster (Comedy Central) – Premieres 27th April

US version of the UK comedy panel show, where Reggie Watts resides as the Taskmaster, who assisted by Alex Horne, sets the five celebrity contestants various simple, lateral thinking, challenges to be completed.

Differing to the UK version, this is about half the runtime so there is a reduction of the amount of challenges in each episode. Along with the opening prize round just being one of the contestants putting forward a personal item as the prize for the episodes winner.

Along with the reduction in in the challenges this version also feels rushed, as the usual mocking chat of the original that happens after witnessing the attempts is pretty much non existent.

All in all it’s a pretty poor imitation of the original.


Corporate (Comedy Central)


Corporate (Comedy Central) – Premieres 17th January – Renewed

Set within Hampton DeVille, a borderline evil conglomerate that produces virtually everything that can imagined. This follows Matt and Jake, two junior executives who get lumbered with the thankless unwanted jobs their superiors don’t want to do.

As the company try to hush up various PR scandals involving supplying arms to illegal wars and insensitive tweets about natural disasters, the pair manage to blunder their way into getting the job done. All the while staying on the on the brink of depression caused by working for the place.

As a comedy it’s a blend of dark comedy with mundanity of working in a large office. It’s a decent bit of viewing.


Hood Adjacent with James Davis (Comedy Central)


Hood Adjacent with James Davis (Comedy Central) – Premieres 28th June

Comedy where host James Davis goes through his life experience of straddling the cultural divide, being raised next to a hood in South Central yet going to a private school and enjoying golf.

In the show with a mixture of standup and on location segments Davis goes through highlighting the differences and similarities of both worlds. It’s a solid opener that does the job.


Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level (Comedy Central)


Kevin Hart Presents: The Next Level (Comedy Central) – Premieres 18th June – Renewed

A stand up half hour show where Kevin Hart introduces a lesser known comedian and after having a brief chat with them gives them the stage for the rest of the show.

The programme is sort of similar to the other Kevin Hart show Hart Of The City, where it’s only as strong as the guested acts. It’s one for those who like checking out more obscure stand ups.