The Deed: Chicago (CNBC)


The Deed: Chicago (CNBC) – Premieres 29th March – Renewed

Possibly setting a spinoff show record with a mere 28 days separating the launch of the original show to this spinoff, The Deed: Chicago follows real estate honcho Sean Conlon as he helps out folks who have run into financial trouble leading to the construction job in jeopardy.

Conlon meets up with the person behind the development, then comes up with a deal that will get the building finished and teaching the developer on how to correct the mistakes they made and how to avoid them in future.

It’s literally identical to The Deed, so if you like that then this is more of the same.



The Partner (CNBC)


The Partner (CNBC) – Premieres 7th March

Reality competition where after investing in numerous businesses of the course of The Profit, Marcus Lemonis is in need of a partner to help him look after the projects.

Luckily Marcus has narrowed down a few thousand applicants to the final ten, where after a 6 weeks the winner ends up getting a three year contract and a 1% equity stake in Lemonis’ portfolio.

Like The Apprentice, Lemonis sets the applicants a challenge then reviews their performances before getting them all together and eliminating the worst using the handy catchphrase “You will not be going forward”.

Even though the prize for the winner is more prestigious, it a lightweight version of The Apprentice where nothing of note really happens.


The Deed (CNBC)


The Deed (CNBC) – Premieres 1st March – Renewed

A show that’s the opposite to the HGTV and DIY Network house flipping programming, where entrepreneur Sidney Torres goes and helps out folks whose renovation projects have stalled and are pushing them brink of financial ruin.

Sidney meets up with the failing renovator to find out what went wrong and how much they are in the hole for. He then breaks down the problems they’re facing, buys a percentage of the project, and shows them how to how to correct the problems they faced.

After that the project gets completed, everyone makes a profit and there’s smiles all round. It’s bit like a renovation version of Kitchen Nightmares if Ramsey purchased a stake the place he was helping and didn’t go mental at them.


Cleveland Hustles (CNBC)


Cleveland Hustles (CNBC) – Starts 24th August

Moderately famous sportsman LeBron James takes time off from basketballing to challenge four successful Cleveland entrepreneurs to find four small businesses that they believe could grow rapidly and go national, but more importantly help revive an area of Cleveland.

The investors whittle down the possible winners to 8, then each investor takes two them to go against each other in a couple of challenges, where the one business that performs the best is given a new shop property and the entrepreneurs help to expand the business.

Unlike Blue Collar Backers which is all about the investor, this focuses on the people in charge on the companies trying to succeed in the tasks and the usual telling of their origins, all of which has minimal input from the entrepreneur as they figure it all out until the end where they make their decision.

It’s a lot more enjoyable to watch than Blue Collar Backers.


Billion Dollar Buyer (CNBC)


Billion Dollar Buyer (CNBC) – Starts 22nd March – Renewed

In a mash up between Dragons Den/Shark Tank and Kitchen Nightmares, a billionaire meets up with two companies with the intention in selling their good through his business empire. When meeting with the prospective suppliers he goes through the business setup and highlights where they need to improve before he can order from them.

After going through the companies weaknesses, he gives them a few weeks to show show him that they are trying to improve and gives them a chance to pitch for a contact depending on how they’ve priced themselves and performed.

There’s nothing in it that hasn’t been done before and is more or less background viewing stuff.


Jay Leno’s Garage (CNBC)


Jay Leno’s Garage (CNBC) – Starts 7th October – Renewed

Jay Leno drives around in a plethora of of cars where he visits some celebrity chums and checks out their car collections, does a classic car segment with a car auctioneer, meets up two car company honchos to try out their cars and gets some driving tops from pro racers.

It’s like an extremely watered down version of Top Gear.


West Texas Investors Club (CNBC)


West Texas Investors Club (CNBC) – Starts 4th August – Renewed

A hillbilly take on Dragons Den/Shark Tank where an inventor takes their product to West Texas in the hope of getting the financial backing they need. The pitcher is initially picked up from the airport by the money mens crazy old friend Gil, where he interrogates the person on the way to the pitch in the manor of a rambling elderly relative.

Gil drops the entrepreneur off to meet the main fellas in a barn where they drink beer and ask questions. The product is then trialled a local establishment before the decision in made wether they want to invest in it. There is also an awkward bit where the entrepreneur is serenaded by Gil and a montage of the events is shown.

Unlike the other investment programmes it focuses mainly on one product for about 85% of the show then quickly shoehorns another right at the end as if they forgot they needed 45 minutes of footage.