Bachelorette Weekend (CMT)


Bachelorette Weekend (CMT) – Premieres 2nd August

Reality TV gubbins that follows the employees of Bach Weekend. A Nashville based company that organises and puts on bachelorette weekends for their clients.

In the show the company has a client that they have to create a custom planned weekend on for. So after a staff meeting the employees kick on with their job, where they have to deal with some of the finer points of the weekend, as well as some client generated annoyance.

As the weekend is ready to happen, it follows the employees as they chaperone the group around town. Watching them get drunk and trying to stop them getting lost or walking into traffic.

While this is all going on, the employees have the usual bitching between each other, questioning why certain people have a job and the like, before ending the episode like nowt has happened.

The programme doesn’t offer anything new to the genre, and what it does show has been seen numerous times before. So even if you like reality shows, this one is beyond bland.



Music City (CMT)


Music City (CMT) – Premieres 1st March – Renewed

A reality show that follows six twenty somethings who live in Nashville and all have ties to the music industry.

In the programme it has the usual reality staples of following the women to the gym where one sets up a date for another with the fitness instructor, some chat about failed relationships and the only married couple in the programme getting used to having one of the pair off on tour for extended periods.

While the show is another run of the mill piece of scripted reality, the production values are up there, with it visually being miles ahead of similar shows in the genre. Though that said it’s still a tiresome bit of viewing.


Sun Records (CMT)


Sun Records (CMT) – Premieres 23rd February – Cancelled

Drama about the formation of record label Sun Records. Sam Philips has arrived in Memphis from Nashville to open a recording studio with the aim of finding some original artists to record that are different from the usual country music being played at the time.

Inbetween Sam is setting up the studio, it also follows Elvis Presley as he starts turning up to a church in the wrong part of town to listen to the gospel choir, leaving him to be shunned by fellow white folk. And Johnny Cash who is tried of working on the family farm that is slowly becoming a barren wasteland, and announces that he’s enlisted to the airforce in a bid to get out of town.

The first ep wraps up with the local radio DJ hooking up Sam with the chance to record BB King for a label exec visiting town, which leads Sam to hunt out a local artist to record and to show the record exec in a bid to start up his own his own label.

For an opening episode it’s not too bad, if a bit slow going. Though it would definitely be of more interest to anyone who like that era of music.


Still The King (CMT)


Still The King (CMT) – Starts 12th June – Renewed

Billy Ray Cyrus fronted comedy where he plays an alcoholic singer who obliterated his own chart career by having a sexcapade with a sheriffs 17 year old daughter. He then becomes an Elvis impersonator but while drinking, sex and driving a lorry crashes into a church and is sent to prison.

After begin released from jail, he discovers he has a 15 year old daughter and is given community service at the church he crashed into. So to gain access to his daughter and to get the money together to pay off his outstanding child support he pretends to be the new preacher of the church.

It’s a lot like Impastor, but uses an alcoholic singer instead of a career criminal as the main character.


The Ed Bassmaster Show (CMT)


The Ed Bassmaster Show (CMT) – Starts 14th April

Hidden camera show where a fella whose work has been seen a few times has been given his own show. He goes about in various guises performing some substandard jokes on the public.

A lot like Fool Canada, the majority of the members of the public that are involved in the skits just look unimpressed with whats happened, all of the pranks seem  to plod along to no real conclusion.

It’s not good.


The Dude Perfect Show (CMT)


The Dude Perfect Show (CMT) – Starts 31st March – Renewed

Reality show following the members of Dude Perfect, a company that creates viral videos based on performing outlandish trick shots.

In it they contacted by a celebrity about creating a new video which is generally ignored for the whole programme barring the last 5 minutes, and the rest of the show is mainly them taking the piss out of the the intern and doing other stuff.

It’s effortlessly boring.


I Love Kellie Pickler (CMT)


I Love Kellie Pickler (CMT) – Starts 5th November – Renewed

A reality show that proves it is possible to get a programme to air with a couple that makes everyone involved with Donny Loves Jenny looking like the most interesting people on the planet. It’s 19 minutes of intense drivel occasionally broken up with reminders they make country music, and with the obligatory declarations of love every couple of minutes.