Bad Blood (City)


Bad Blood (City) – Premieres 21st September – Renewed

Mafia drama that’s based on the true story of Montreal mob boss Vito Rizzuto. Set in 2006, ten years after uniting the rival gangs in the area to create a drug distribution ring, the FBI are hunting down Vito for a murder he committed in 1981 while a rival group from New York are trying to break up Vitos syndicate.

As this is going on Vito puts into place the plan to legitimise his businesses and leave his son as the face to the soon-to-be legal empire. This goes awry when Vito is arrested, leaving a vacancy that his son places himself into leaving Vitos second-in-command a wee bit miffed.

As mob dramas go it sort of has a Sons of Anarchy feel to it all with the acting and dialogue, and while it goes along at a decent pace it doesn’t really do too much to make you want to keep watching.



Second Jen (City TV)


Second Jen (City TV) – Starts 27th October – Renewed

Standard coming of age sitcom-ery where two young second generation asian friends decided to move out of their family homes to flatshare together. When they move into their new gaff they begin to have teething problems with them living together, as one of the two has her overprotective family trying to get her to go back home.

It’s a by the numbers comedy where a constant stream of asian stereotypes are used in place of jokes which becomes tiresome quickly.


Between (CityTV/Netflix)


Between (CityTV/Netflix) – Starts 21st May – Renewed

A mysterious plague hits the town of Pretty Lake that kills anyone over the age of 21 causing the town to be quarantined and studied from afar like a clone of Under The Dome.

In the town the story focuses on a pregnant daughter of a preacher, a boy genius who discovers the age limit of the plague, a guy in prison who is being attacked by the only latino in there and another chap who’s entertaining himself by taking advantage of the lack of living police officers in the town.

The whole thing was unmemorable to the point where trying to recall the plot was a bit of struggle.


Young Drunk Punk (City TV)


Young Drunk Punk (City TV) – Starts 21st Jan – Cancelled

A terrible comedy involving two friends who have finished high school and are intent on playing a punk record anywhere they can. They hijack the graduation and play the record. They help steal the sisters stereo back, and play the record. And they break into the video surveillance room of the dads work… and play the fucking record.