Mike Judge Presents: Tales From The Tour Bus (Cinemax)


Mike Judge Presents: Tales From The Tour Bus (Cinemax) – Premieres 22nd September 

Animated comedy where Mike Judge narrates on the life of a selected musician and the more dubious stuff they got up to.

To bulk out the stories the artists friends and management are interviewed where they recount the events that went on, all while the there’s cartoon reenactments along with some stock footage of performances and news reports.

While the show setup is vaguely similar to Party Legends, the actual stories told are funnier and more messed up. It’s a decent way to burn through 30 minutes.



Quarry (Cinemax)


Quarry (Cinemax) – Starts 9th September – Cancelled

Returning home after taking part in a morally dubious mission in the Vietnam war, Quarry discovers that getting a job with having a war crime on your cv is particularly difficult. After struggling to get any work he is visited by a shady gent who calls himself The Broker, with an offer of $30k with the stipulation he pays him back by becoming a hitman.

After turning down the offer, The Broker hires Quarrys army buddy leading him to help on a botched mission, where in the end he is left with a $30k debt to the Broker.

It’s a slow moving start and has a pretty bleak feel to it all, yet is all very watchable.


Outcast (Cinemax)


Outcast (Cinemax) – Starts 3rd June – Renewed

A supernatural horror centered around Kyle Barnes, a man who has had demonic possessions happen to his loved ones since his childhood, has returned to his childhood home to live out a solitary existence.

After being pestered by his sister to go into town he discovers that a boy in the area is currently being exorcised by the local reverend, which leads him to go and help with the spirit removal.

After being flung across the room he discovers that his blood would remove the demon if it’s ingested by the kid, so as the exorcism works he is warned by the departing spirit that the upcoming cavalcade otherworldly happenings will be unstoppable before disappearing.

It’s a much easier pilot to get into than Preacher, where it lays out the story simply and then gets right into it. Easily worth another watch.