Slasher (Chiller)


Slasher (Chiller) – Starts 4th March – Renewed

Like a blend of the MTV version of Scream and Se7en, Slasher is set 30 years after a masked killer called The Executioner murdered the mother and father of Sarah Bennett. In a way to confront her demons Sarah makes the wise choice of moving back to the town to live in the same house that her parents were killed in with the husband.

Upon her return a copycat Executioner makes an appearance and starts killing off townsfolk in a variety of ways, so to hunt down who is behind the new killing Sarah beings to enlist the help of the imprisoned original Executioner.

While most the times the killer appears on screen it comes across as borderline comedic moments, it is one of the better horror series to have come out with it having the a mid 90’s horror vibe to it.