We Are The Joneses (Centric)


We Are The Joneses (Centric) – Premieres 22nd April

Reality gumpf that features the Jones family, where husband Michael is a plastic surgeon and wife Cathleen is a journalist and TV presenter.

In the show it follows Michael as he consults and performs surgery on clients, leading him to have the idea of creating a contest to find out what is the most preferred arse shape in New York. While Cathleen in between helping her husband rate arses is trying to pilot and pitch her own talk show entitled Chit Chat.

It’s a mix between reality shows like Dr Miami and For Peete’s Sake and equally as forgettable.



Queen Boss (Centric)


Queen Boss (Centric) – Premieres 14th January

Similar to West Texas Investors Club and the like, Queen Boss has 18 entrepreneurs that battling it out to be the final person standing where they’ll be the recipient of a £25k startup fund.

Each episode has 3 of the 18 going head to head where they talk through their business model to three judges in the same way they do in Dragons Den/Shark Tank, then after all three have gone through their spiel, the one that the judges decide is the weakest is eliminated.

The remaining two then go into a business challenge where their performance in it is taken into consideration alongside their pitch by the judges, when the one that’s decided be the better business prospect wins and gets through into the semi finals.

For what it is, it doesn’t offer anything new, so if you’re a fan of shows like Project Runway Fashion Startup or Quit Your Day Job, this is more of the same.