Pink Collar Crimes (CBS)


Pink Collar Crimes (CBS) – Premieres 28th July

Crime docu-series where in each episode it interviews the female perpetrators of some unlikely crimes.

The show kicks off with the person in question giving a brief description of what they did. Then the show begins where the person, as well as their family members and friends, talks about their life before turning to crime. Then the perp explains how they came to the point to where they decided to break the law.

After the background has been set up the show then goes through the crimes they committed, where the interviewee goes through how they planned and executed the act. Along with interviewing members of the police force that were trying to catch her, who reveal how they deduced who it was. Before showing how the woman was caught.

As crime shows go it does give a different spin compared to similar shows. Though the tone of the programme does come across as a bit weird. Where when an explanation of a bank robbery has background music you’d hear on a Gordon Ramsey show, it does feel it’s trying to make it appear as a comedy. All-in-all, while it does have some interesting aspects, but for a 45 minute show it does get a bit bogged down down in places. That said, it’s decent enough background viewing.



Whistleblower (CBS)


Whistleblower (CBS) – Premieres 13th July

A docu-series that looks into the cases of former company employees who after witnessing illegal activity, acted as whistleblowers helped bring legal action to their former employees.

The episode covers two different cases, where the people behind the whistleblowing are interviewed. Where they explain how they ended up working for the business, what at first tipped them off that something wrong was going on, and how they helped bring those activities to light.

Along with the interview the programme also shows some of the undercover footage of the malpractices. And also interviews former customers who ended up suffering from the results of what the company was doing wrong.

For an investigative docu-series, it covers some interesting topics, through with how the cases are shown it is slow paced enough to the point that you start to lose interest. Overall it’s not too bad a show, but not one you’d actively hunt down to watch.


TKO: Total Knock Out (CBS)


TKO: Total Knock Out (CBS) – Premieres 11th July

An obstacle course game show hosted by Kevin Hart, where five competitors go against each other in the chance to win some lovely cash.

In the show each competitor has one run on the course, where along with the obstacles, the people not running get to man Takeshi Castle style projectiles to knock the people off balance.

During the run the competitor has to go through four stages, Where if they fall off once they get to try again to complete it, but if they fail again they are given a one minute time penalty, and made to move onto the next stage. After completing the run their final time has all the time penalties added and are placed on the leaderboard.

By the end of the show the 4th place runner picks up $1k, 3rd gets $2.5k, 2nd receives $5k and winner earns $50k. And if they have one of the top four times in the series are invited back for the grand final for the chance to get $100k.

The show is like a mix between Ninja Warrior, Wipe Out and Takeshis Castle. And with Hart flitting between encouraging and mocking the contestants while they run the course, it all comes across as a bit of family friendly Saturday early evening programming. It not something you’d go out of your way to watch, bit it’s a piece of entertaining fluff that you’d have on as background viewing.


Strange Angel (CBS)


Strange Angel (CBS) – Premieres 14th June

Drama based on the life of rocket engineer Jack Parson, where as he and his research partner Richard Onsted are trying to get a research grant to fund their rocket development.

After talking the professor of the Aeronautical Lab around to their idea that rocket development is a worthy area to study, and can in fact be researched to scientific standards. The pair the begin their work to find out how how to generate the thrust required and start tackling the problems of finding a consistent fuel source.

At the same time Jack begins to meet up with his new neighbour Ernest, who in between drunken evening shenanigans, acts suspiciously enough for Jack to following him one night. This leads to Jack watching an occult ritual that Ernest was taking part in, but manages end up getting spotted. Where after Ernest starts leaving occult paraphernalia about to try and recruit him.

For an opening episode, there’s nothing that happens during it that really grabs your attention. But while it’s something that you could have on in the background, the way it plods along makes it a bland bit of viewing.


Instinct (CBS)


Instinct (CBS) – Premieres 18th March – Renewed

When the NYPD discover that a serial killer is leaving a calling card linking him to a book written by famed author, and university professor Dr. Dylan Reinhart. Detective Lizzie Needham decides to recruit him to help hunt the killer down.

After initially turning down the offer, Dylan is persuaded to change his mind after his agent trashes his new novel, and tells him working with the police may reinvigorate his work. So as Dylan becomes Lizzies first partner she’s had since the death of her last one, she starts to realise that Dylan has access to information revealing that he used to be a CIA agent. And taking on this case Dylan has broken the promise he made to his husband that he would not return to that life, leading to him trying to keep his new job work secret from him.

As a procedural crime show this one is like a mix between Perception and Deception. Though the wise cracking moments in this jar against the story making it feel a bit of a mess.


Living Biblically (CBS)


Living Biblically (CBS) – Premieres 26th February – Cancelled

After attending the funeral of his best friend Ray and hearing his mother say she expects him to go to hell. Newspaper writer Chip Curry decides to change his lifestyle to try and stop the possibility of living in damnation.

His plan to stop a hell based afterlife is to live his life following the bible to the letter, much to the disbelief of his wife newly pregnant wife Leslie and Gene a local priest. Who will end up becoming Chips spiritual advisor. From there Chip finds himself in various situations where his resolves the problems by doing everything in accordance to the bible, which in turn ends up with good things happening to him.

As shows go it’s the standard laugh track style network comedy, where most the jokes can be spotted a mile off. It’s a bit of a grind to get through.


No Activity (CBS)


No Activity (CBS) – Premieres 12th November – Renewed

Comedy set during a police stakeout at a dock, this follows two cops during the stakeout, the people at dispatch and the criminals awaiting orders while they are hiding out in a haulage container.

As the title hints as there this no activity going on, so this is all about following the groups wasting time until something happens where they usually end up in weird conversations or annoy each other.

To be fair it’s a nice laid back comedy.