Instinct (CBS)


Instinct (CBS) – Premieres 18th March

When the NYPD discover that a serial killer is leaving a calling card linking him to a book written by famed author, and university professor Dr. Dylan Reinhart. Detective Lizzie Needham decides to recruit him to help hunt the killer down.

After initially turning down the offer, Dylan is persuaded to change his mind after his agent trashes his new novel, and tells him working with the police may reinvigorate his work. So as Dylan becomes Lizzies first partner she’s had since the death of her last one, she starts to realise that Dylan has access to information revealing that he used to be a CIA agent. And taking on this case Dylan has broken the promise he made to his husband that he would not return to that life, leading to him trying to keep his new job work secret from him.

As a procedural crime show this one is like a mix between Perception and Deception. Though the wise cracking moments in this jar against the story making it feel a bit of a mess.



Living Biblically (CBS)


Living Biblically (CBS) – Premieres 26th February – Cancelled

After attending the funeral of his best friend Ray and hearing his mother say she expects him to go to hell. Newspaper writer Chip Curry decides to change his lifestyle to try and stop the possibility of living in damnation.

His plan to stop a hell based afterlife is to live his life following the bible to the letter, much to the disbelief of his wife newly pregnant wife Leslie and Gene a local priest. Who will end up becoming Chips spiritual advisor. From there Chip finds himself in various situations where his resolves the problems by doing everything in accordance to the bible, which in turn ends up with good things happening to him.

As shows go it’s the standard laugh track style network comedy, where most the jokes can be spotted a mile off. It’s a bit of a grind to get through.


No Activity (CBS)


No Activity (CBS) – Premieres 12th November – Renewed

Comedy set during a police stakeout at a dock, this follows two cops during the stakeout, the people at dispatch and the criminals awaiting orders while they are hiding out in a haulage container.

As the title hints as there this no activity going on, so this is all about following the groups wasting time until something happens where they usually end up in weird conversations or annoy each other.

To be fair it’s a nice laid back comedy.


S.W.A.T. (CBS)


S.W.A.T. (CBS) – Premieres 2nd November – Renewed

Police drama that follows a unit within the LA SWAT Team. After coming to the assistance of two policemen caught under fire in a warehouse the team chase down the assailants leading to three of the four perps getting caught in a rather extravagant manner, but with the final shooter the team leader accidentally shoots down a kid in a black neighbourhood.

This leads to the team leader being relived of duty, and to try and make the unit more approachable to the community the only black member of the unit is promoted to take over the vacancy. While this instantly effects his love life where he has to break off his relationship with the Captain of the LAPD, he takes the opportunity to use his knowledge of the area to gain the trust of the locals to help with breaking the cases the they are put on.

Even for a CBS police show this is tough going to get through, ignoring that the SWAT team would hang out in an underpass shooting things after their shift is finished, this is a clunky as hell drama, that becomes laughably bad in places.




9JKL (CBS) – Premieres 2nd October – Cancelled

Laughter track hell of a sitcom that follows Josh, a recently divorced actor who has moved back East to New York and is now living in an apartment between his parents and brother.

As Josh attempts to get his life back on track, anything he does is sabotaged by his family who have no ability to respect his personal space causing much forced hilarity.

Its a Chuck Lorre style network comedy where the laughter happens almost every 5 seconds, even though the jokes are no where near funny. It’s not good.


Wisdom Of The Crowd (CBS)


Wisdom Of The Crowd (CBS) – Premieres 1st October – Cancelled

Coming across as a shoddy knock off of APB, this has a tech billionaire, who after his daughters murder sets up a website that crowd sources information on the evidence they have to find who killed her.

After getting in a detective to work the leads the site also gets used to source information for other cases, where they follow the popular bits of information and solve all manner of nefarious situations.

Even for a network crime show this seems to be scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas, it’s one to miss.




SEAL Team (CBS) – Premieres 27th September 

A military drama similar to that of SIX, where the members of a SEAL Team are lead by a commander who is still coming to terms of the loss of one of his unit during a mission that went awry.

As the team begin to train up the new recruit, they are sent off on a covert mission to capture an ISIS leader. During the operation they find new intel meaning that the operation has to change on the fly, while the new guy shows off his inexperience by going against orders, putting a black mark against him to the team leader.

As it goes it’s not as good as SIX, though it’s watchable enough even though it doesn’t offer anything that hasn’t been done before.