The Neighborhood (CBS)


The Neighborhood (CBS) – Premieres 1st October

A sitcom where the Johnsons, a white family from from the midwest, move into a predominantly black area in LA, where they become neighbours with the Butlers.

As the Johnsons arrives they meet Malcolm Butler, who takes great joy in telling his father Calvin that the new neighbours have moved in but doesn’t reveal they’re white. Calvin passes the Johnsons off as being the second type of racist, as ones that are overly friendly and want to be friends so they can say they have a black friend.

Dave Johnson walks into this as he is an overly friendly person and tries his best to get on with the Butlers without know about Calvins thoughts, which is only made worst as he uses job skills of conflict resolution between Calvin and Malcolm.

Like Happy Together this is another CBS comedy that has the endless canned laughter and below average jokes. Making it another comedy that ends up being painful to watch.



Happy Together (CBS)


Happy Together (CBS) – Premieres 1st October

A sitcom the follows Claire, a restaurant designer, and Jake, an accountant whose client includes pop star Cooper James, who are a thritysomething couple that enjoy an uneventful run of the mill existence.

After having a high profile split with his girlfriend, Cooper turns up unannounced on Claire and Jakes house, as he needs somewhere quite to hideout until the media interest dies down. From there Cooper begins to enjoy the quieter life, as it something he’s missed out on, and Claire and Jake enjoy having the chances to mingle with various celebrities.

For a network comedy this is filled with the usual constant canned laughter, and most of the jokes miss the mark. Overall there’s not much going on that grabs your interest, making it one to miss.




FBI (CBS) – Premieres 25th September

Another Dick Wolf procedural crime series, where in this show it follows members of the FBI New York office as they deal with threats to the population, and hunt down the perpetrators.

Centred on Special Agents Bell & Zidan, they arrive on the scene of a dangerous incident, then with the help of folks working in the FBI office, begin to track down the relevant clues to find the people behind it all. All the while Bell is struggling with the death of her husband, which she believes she was at fault for.

For a Dick Wolf show it does exactly what you’d expect, as it follows the usual crime show formula. And while it doesn’t offer anything new to the genre, there’s worse ways to burn 45 minute if nothing else is on.


Magnum P.I. (CBS)


Magnum P.I. (CBS) – Premieres 24th September

A reboot of the 80’s series, that follows Hawaiian based private investigator Thomas Magnum. Who between living in the grounds of famed author Robin Masters and constantly clashing with the estates caretaker Higgins, works on cases with the help of his old military friends Rick Wright, TC Calvin, and occasionally stepping on the toes of the local police.

Like the original, this is a procedural crime drama, where after getting a client, Magnum looks into the crime while utilising the plethora of expensive amenities Masters has at his home, as well as the help of his friends. As Rick has an endless list of contacts on the island, and TC gives Magnum reluctant access to his helicopter, all of which help him solve the case.

The show is pretty much what you’d expect if you ever seen an episode of the original version, though with this one there does seem to be a massive increase in explosions and the destruction of Ferraris. That said it’s an entertaining enough piece of trashy TV.


God Friended Me (CBS)


God Friended Me (CBS) – Premieres 30th September

A comedy drama where podcast hosting atheist Miles, after getting interest from a podcast company about signing up his show. Begins to get Facebook friend requests from a profile called God.

After ignoring it for a while Miles finally accepts the friend request, where the God account suggests a person to befriend. After rejecting the suggestion, Miles sees that person having a public breakup, and decides to follow them as they head to the subway. Miles realises that the person is intent on jumping in front of a train and manages to stop them before owt happens.

Chalking it up as a strange coincidence, Miles defriends the God account, and when he does, his electronics go on the fritz losing his podcast presentation. Leaving Miles to accept the next request, a reporter called Cara.

As Miles accuses her of being behind the account and being proved wrong, Cara decides to help him find out who’s behind it all. Which ends up with the pair finding out that it’s Cara who is in need of some help.

After the pair get to the bottom of the issue that was troubling her, Cara promises to help Miles with his future requests and to finally get to the bottom of who is behind it all.

The show is like a strange family friendly mix of Person of Interest and Touch, if the machine in POI was a Facebook account, while keeping all the coincidence based stories lines of the latter. It’s all very fluffy and lightweight, making it something that’s pretty forgettable.


One Dollar (CBS)


One Dollar (CBS) – Premieres 30th August

Set in a small steel producing town in the US, this is a murder mystery where after a crime scene is discovered, the police deduce that seven people were murdered and the bodies hidden.

In each episode it focuses on a specific character who is carrying a marked one dollar bill, where it reveals the persons involvement in the goings on in the town. Along with that that character, it also follows the police as the look into the case, a former police detective who is now doing private jobs for the more suspect people in the town, and young couple who may have witnessed something that could help solve the murders.

While the theme of focusing on the person that holds the one dollar doesn’t really work. The actual story of the murder mystery decent, and with the slow pace makes it a relaxed, enjoyable, easy piece of viewing.



Pink Collar Crimes (CBS)


Pink Collar Crimes (CBS) – Premieres 28th July

Crime docu-series where in each episode it interviews the female perpetrators of some unlikely crimes.

The show kicks off with the person in question giving a brief description of what they did. Then the show begins where the person, as well as their family members and friends, talks about their life before turning to crime. Then the perp explains how they came to the point to where they decided to break the law.

After the background has been set up the show then goes through the crimes they committed, where the interviewee goes through how they planned and executed the act. Along with interviewing members of the police force that were trying to catch her, who reveal how they deduced who it was. Before showing how the woman was caught.

As crime shows go it does give a different spin compared to similar shows. Though the tone of the programme does come across as a bit weird. Where when an explanation of a bank robbery has background music you’d hear on a Gordon Ramsey show, it does feel it’s trying to make it appear as a comedy. All-in-all, while it does have some interesting aspects, but for a 45 minute show it does get a bit bogged down down in places. That said, it’s decent enough background viewing.