Crawford (CBC)


Crawford (CBC) – Premieres 2nd February 

Comedy set in the Canadian town of Crawford where it follows the family of the former police chief as their home becomes infested with raccoons.

After being woken with what he believes is a home invasion, Owen, who can’t speak due to a bullet wound, sends an alert to the police who accidentally take down his son Kyle. Who has just returned home from tour after his band has split, leaving him in debt to his parents after spending his college tuition on funding the group.

After the police leave, Owen is insistent that he can hear scratching in the walls, where his wife Jill, who along with looking after him is having an open affair, believes he is making it up.

At the same time Kyle is adamant that he is not returning home. Though agrees to stay for a while after listening his younger brother Brian, who has a hatred of bald men due to him beginning to lose his hair, pleads to him to stay, along with his sister Wendy who welcomes his return.

After an incident in a shop that leads to Kyle and Brian being arrested, Owen turns up to smooth out the situation. And when return home Kyle also hears the scratching leading them to find the raccoons and for him to find out that he has a talent with handling the critters.

As comedies go this is weird one, a very weird one. Joke wise there’s not too much going on, and it holds back the main part of the premise until the very end. And even then it doesn’t reveal much, making it the show feels incomplete.



The Detectives (CBC)


The Detectives (CBC) – Premieres 10th January

A crime docu-series where the detective who led the investigation of a notorious crime is interviewed and narrates how the case was solved.

The programme starts off at the point where the police first arrive at the crime scene, then goes through the main discoveries and how they led the investigation. And then goes all the way through to the arrest and conviction of the guilty party.

Along with the interview the programme reenacts what happened throughout the case, similar to the reenactments seen in Wormwood, and also shows some of the actual news footage shown at the time.

For what it is, it’s an interesting watch.


Burden Of Truth (CBC)


Burden Of Truth (CBC) – Premieres 10th January

A drama where after a cheerleader, performing a routine at a football game to celebrate a clearly offside goal, suffers a fit, the medical company that supplied a recently implemented vaccine is called into account.

This leads to lawyer Joanna Hanley, lauded by her perceived lack of conscience, representing the company and having to go back to her home town where the incidents are occurred. There she manages to stop the vaccine clinic from being closed and to get the families of the girls who suffered the seizures to accept a minimal payoff.

After having her diner meal ruined by yet another girl collapsing in fit, she gets her to hospital and finds out that the latest victim didn’t have the vaccination. This discovery gets the medial company off the hook, leaving her bosses delighted and the victims now out of pocket and without a clue to what really happened.

In a fit of conscience, Joanne talks to her old school mate who is representing the girls about how to look into the case and prepares to head back to the city. But after getting more than a few hints that her family isn’t held in the best regard in the town, along with cheerleader telling her that she no longer dreams to become a lawyer after seeing her work. Joanne decides to stay in town and find out what is the real cause of the illness.

As dramas go it’s all pretty lightweight, though watchable enough.


Frankie Drake Mysteries (CBC)


Frankie Drake Mysteries (CBC) – Premieres 6th November

A private detective show set in 1920’s following Frankie Drake, a daughter of a notorious criminal who uses some some the skills learned from her father to solve cases that the Toronto PD are either oblivious to or don’t want to look into.

The show is the run of the mill whodunnit type affair, but with the way it’s set out gives the feel of something that would only be shown on a Sunday afternoon to pad out the scheduling. It’s all completely inoffensive and kind of forgettable.


The Great Canadian Bake Off (CBC)


The Great Canadian Bake Off (CBC) – Premieres 1st November – Renewed

Another remake of the Great British Bake Off, this time using the residents of Canada, where ten amateur bakers cook off against each other inside a marquee over three challenges.

The challenges remain the same as the original so there is the Signature Bake, the Technical Bake and the Showstopper. After each round the bakers are judged by the two pro chefs and at the end of the episode the best performer of the week is awarded the title Star Baker while the worst overall performer is eliminated.

While the set up is identical to the original, the only real difference is with the hosts though they manage to keep the tweeness of the original.


Alias Grace (CBC)


Alias Grace (CBC) – Premieres 25th September – Miniseries

Adaptation of the Margaret Atwood novel, where after being sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering Thomas Kinnear and his housekeeper, Grace Marks has a group from the Methodist church trying to get her pardoned. To help with their case they employ the help of Dr Jordan, an psychiatrist, to help Grace remember what happened on that day of the killings.

As Jordan tries and fails to get Grace to do general association and talking about her dreams, suspecting she is giving answer she expects him to hear. Jordan makes an arrangement with so they can have their sessions held in the governors mansion when Grace used to work as a way to get her comfortable. There Jordan asks Grace to recount her life story in hope that it will help her remember what happened.

While it’s a slow paced period drama, there’s enough going on to keep you watching.


21 Thunder (CBC)


21 Thunder (CBC) – Premieres 31st July

A sports drama that follows the under-21 team of the Montreal Thunder, that appears to be written by someone with minimal knowledge of football and who has just watched an episode of Dream Team.

After pushing through a signing of an Ivory Coast striker, the under-21 manager who appears to have more control over the team transfer policy than most first team bosses, is given the news that not only has the team signed a problematic Scottish player/coach who is on more money than him. They have also hired the leagues first female coach that the owner describes as a “PR squirtfest”.

Along with the coaching staff shenanigans their star striker is involved in some gangland mishaps leading him to be blackmailed into doing some shady dealings. It’s all pretty ludicrous stuff that barely makes any sense.

It’s a very silly bit of TV that’s somehow sort of watchable in shambolic manner.