Southern Charm: New Orleans (Bravo)


Southern Charm: New Orleans (Bravo) – Premieres 15th April

More reality TV tedium with another Southern Charm spin off to go alongside Southern Charm Savannah. In this version it follows six friends, some of which are married to each other, as they go about doing New Orlean stuff in New Orleans.

Along with that there are the usual relationship problems and the almost constant get togethers where they talk about their lives, and not much else. It’s a standard bit of by the numbers reality television that is beyond tedious.



Sell It Like Serhant (Bravo)


Sell It Like Serhant (Bravo) – Premieres 11th April

Hosted by Million Dollar Listing: New York estate agent Ryan Serhant as he heads off to help a struggling salesperson improve their skills, as they’ve been given the ultimatum to improve or be sacked by their boss.

Like in Kitchen Nightmares, this has Ryan initially visiting the sales person and watching them go about their usual sales technique. After witnessing them in action, Ryan then breaks down what they are doing wrong and then goes about giving them tips on how to improve as well as giving the tasks to do to help them with their job.

After the training is complete Ryan watches the salesperson try and meet the quota set by their boss for them to keep their job, occasionally jumping in when they start to flounder and revert to their old ways. Then at the end of the day they meet up with the boss to find out if they’ve done enough to keep their role.

The show is like a Kitchen Nightmares take on Relative Success with Tabitha, and while it’s not the greatest of programmes it’s an easy bit of viewing.


Your Husband Is Cheating On Us (Bravo)


Your Husband Is Cheating On Us (Bravo) – Premieres 1st April

A reality show where producer and director JD Lawrence is putting together an urban theatre production. To get the play ready on time JD gets his cast together, where they will live in the same house for 8 weeks, rehearsing and and getting their parts nailed.

As the members of the ensemble arrive at the house, a few of the cast realise there’s people they’ll be working with that they have history with. As well as the male lead, R&B singer Genuwine, having a schedule that takes him away from a lot of the rehearsals, also discovers one of his female co-stars is someone he wants to try and crack on with.

What follows is the usual arguments between the high maintenance members, the standard flirting, and JD having to sort out the problems with some folks struggling to learn the script, or having issues with their parts.

It’s some pretty mundane stuff.


Bethany & Fredrik (Bravo)


Bethany & Fredrik (Bravo) – Premieres 6th February

Reality property gubbins where real estate agent Fredrik Eklund has offered a partnership deal to former client Bethenny Frankel after being wowed by her property development skills.

In the show Fredrik has decided the time is right to flip a property he purchased in a new build, where he has already hired a team of designers to draw up plan to renovate the place. After Bethenny turns up and begins to pick holes in what has been missed and the general amount of cash Fredrik want to throw into the project, Fred offers the partnership deal.

After some conflict of opinions in front of the lawyers as the deal is being drawn up, the pair compromise between the stake Bethenny puts in and the amount of money that should be put into the project. All the while this plays out, it’s interspersed with the usual reality show talking head interviews and overplayed drama of regular situations.

It’s all very tedious.


Relative Success with Tabitha (Bravo)


Relative Success with Tabitha (Bravo) – Premieres 17th January 

A business reality show where Tabatha Coffey meets up with the owner of a family business that finds itself at a crossroad, and who has reached out for help to solve a problem where the family members that have conflicting visions for the business.

After meeting with the owner and finding out exactly what the current situation is, Tabitha meets up with the other family members involved in the running of the business to assess what they perceive as the main problems and how their vision differs from the owners.

From there Tabitha looks into both sides of the proposals given, and sets tasks to both sides to organise their plans for the company and how they would be achieved, along with producing the visuals and content to show it would be viable. Then when both sides have been looked into Tabitha puts forward what she feels would be the correct course of action, leaving it up to the owner to make the final decision. And then gives a three months later highlight of how the business was going.

The show feels vaguely similar in places to shows like Kitchen Nightmares, Garage Rehab & Help My Yelp where there is a problem with the business needing to be solved. But unlike those shows this is decidedly more hands off and is more consultancy in it’s approach, and in the end can get pretty bland.


To Rome For Love (Bravo)


To Rome For Love (Bravo) – Premieres 7th January

A reality show where matchmaker Diann Valentine takes five women who are tired of the dating pool in the US, over to Italy for five weeks to help them find their perfect partner.

In the show the women stay together in a house in the centre of Rome, where Diann and her team set up events for them to go to so she can assess them and set them up with the right fella.

Along with this the women get up to the usual reality basics of drinking too much, flirting with nearly everyone they see, having the occasional argument and finishing up with them having heart-to-heart conversations about the events that led them to end up in Italy.

It’s some pretty mundane stuff.


Stripped (Bravo)


Stripped (Bravo) – Premieres 5th December

A social experiment type of reality show where a couple that have a reliance on material things, have 21 days where all their belongings are taken from them.

At the start of the experiment all of the couples belongings and clothes are put into storage half a mile from their home. Leaving the pair naked. Each day the couple are allowed to take one item each from storage, all the while they have to continue their normal working and social life.

At the end of the 21 days the pair realise that they may own too much stuff or are too reliant on technology, and resolve to change their ways. For what it is, the show is surprisingly dull considering it involve people trying to continue having a normal life while having to wear a cardboard box for a couple of days.