Xscape: Still Kickin It (Bravo)


Xscape: Still Kickin It (Bravo) – Premieres 5th November

Reality gubbins where after finding out their former record boss is planning to produce a film about the band without their consent, the four members of Xscape together agree to beat him to the punch and tell their story before him.

This starts of with one of the group having to do an apology during a radio interview to for what she said after the group first split. This leads to the radio host announcing the band are back together which wasn’t their plan, but leads to them getting offered gigs that they agree to do.

The show then follows them arguing about rehearsals, set lists and whether they’ll be ready to perform as the begin to agree to more performances.

As a reality show it’s slightly less of an argument-fest compared to some other programmes, though it remains to be a grind to get through.



Real Estate Wars (Bravo)


Real Estate Wars (Bravo) – Premieres 5th October

More painfully tedious reality tripe, this time following two estate agents in Orange County as they try get their companies to out perform the other by getting the biggest clients on their books. All the while the agents that work for them do their best to try and get the best properties to themselves by any means possible.

It’s the usual scripted reality crap where anything that could lead to a conflict happens, and along with the arguments is the usual slagging each other off in the interviews.

Even for a reality show this is instantly forgettable.


A Night With My Ex (Bravo)


A Night With My Ex (Bravo) – Premieres 18th July

Based on the UK series where a former couple get one night in a hotel room for them to go over what went wrong in their relationship and to see if they could get back together.

With the programme having no narration and the only back story coming from the two interviews of the people involved, the editing at times makes the whole thing incoherent. As at one moment there could be an argument going on and after the very next cut they’d be on a sofa laughing together with absolutely no explanation.

All in all it’s a shambolic mess of a show.


Cyrus Vs Cyrus: Design And Conquer (Bravo)


Cyrus Vs Cyrus: Design And Conquer (Bravo) – Premieres 25th May

Featuring two of the lesser known members of the Cyrus family, mother Tish and daughter Brandi, who moonlight in Nashville as interior designers.

In the show the turn up to a clients home and give separate pitches to the homeowners, on what they want to do within the budget given. The owners then give their verdict if the want to go solely with one of the proposals or a mix of the two, and then the pair get to work remodelling the rooms.

It then follows the usual home renovation setup, but with less building and more buying in and refurbishing furniture. Then at the end the owners are shown their remodelled rooms and there is much rejoicing.

It’s a pretty bland bit of viewing.


Invite Only Cabo (Bravo)

Invitation Only - Season 1

Invite Only Cabo (Bravo) – Premieres 14th May

Reality gubbins where celebrity hairstylist Larry Sims has decided it’s time for him to go on a holiday, so rents a villa in Mexico and invites six of his friends to join him.

After arriving at the Villa Larry waits for his buddies to turn up one a time, revealing that none of them really know each other and more than likely have the classic scripted reality clash of personalities. This is then proved 5 minutes later where they being to drink and get on each others tits.

This form then continues through the rest of the programme where in between slanging matches a couple of them try to get it on with each other. Like Summer House it’s a mind numbingly crap bit of telly.


Southern Charm Savannah (Bravo)


Southern Charm Savannah (Bravo) – Premieres 8th May

Spinoff of the reality show Southern Charm, this follows six 30 something friends from privileged Savannah families socialise. While socialising they do the usual reality show things like gossip about each other, get drunk, and have barely heated discussions. All the while trying to sleep with each other.

The show is similar in nature to Summer House where it’s just a few rich folk getting up to not much.


Sweet Home Oklahoma (Bravo)


Sweet Home Oklahoma (Bravo) – Premieres 20th March

Reality show that follows three friends who either divorced, divorcing or are separated from their partners as they go about their daily business. The programme is similar to The Real Housewives type shows but instead of there being multiple situations leading to slanging matches it’s just them chumming about.

For a reality show that’s scripted this comes across as something that’s already run out of ideas for the protagonists to do. It’s mind numbingly tedious stuff.