In Contempt (BET)


In Contempt (BET) – Premieres 10th April

Procedural legal drama that follows Gwen Sullivan, a talented but opinionated public defender who does her utmost to get the people she’s representing acquitted.

While working a case she been given where her client has been wrongly accused, Gwen tries to find holes in the prosecution and to ultimately find the evidence that gets the case won. At the same time her colleague Bennett is trying his best to get back with her while also mentoring Vanessa. A newly qualified attorney working at the firm to fulfil her case load before she can move on to her job at another firm. And Gwens co-worker Tracy, along with occasionally helping her out, is having an affair with one of the judges.

For a legal drama it’s more or less on the same level as For The People, though slightly more watchable.



Death Row Chronicles (BET)


Death Row Chronicles (BET) – Premieres 20th February 

A docuseries that looks into the the rise and fall of Death Row Records. In the programme it looks into the history of the major players with the label, so in the beginning it primarily looks at Suge Knight. During the documentary it talks to the people that knew him during his childhood through to when he began to get into the music industry.

The programme at the same time shows the causes of the fall out between Dr Dre and Easy-E, and how Suge took advantage of this to form the label. Then the formation of the Death Row it highlights some of the more dubious ways it was initially funded and reenacts a few of the rumoured altercations that became part of its folklore. Along with the reenactments, it also interviews the people involved in them and those working there as they give the varying accounts on what went on.

For a music documentary it’s an interesting watch especially since it does a decent job of trying to separate the mythology from the events that happened. It’s a decent bit of viewing.


Black Card Revoked (BET)


Black Card Revoked (BET) – Premieres 18th January 

Based on the popular card game, this is a game show hosted by Tony Rock where three teams, consisting of a celebrity captain and regular person, go against each other answer questions on black culture.

In the first round the teams are asked a question, and after their answers are revealed the crowd get to decide on which is the best. Then the teams with the most popular answer then get 50 points.

During the second round, the teams are asked a question that has been asked to 100 people. The teams are then offered four answers to pick from, and if the pick the correct one that was the most popular from the people surveyed gets them 100 points.

The third round changes the format slightly where each team is asked one multiple choice question that could get them 500 points. Then at the end of the round the team with the most points heads off to the final round.

In the last round the regular folk of the surviving team gets the chance to win up to $10k. All they have to do is answer 10 questions correctly where the answers have been sourced from the 100 people previously surveyed. For each correct answer they get $500, and if they manage to get all 10 correct the money is then doubled.

As comedy quiz shows goes it’s OK, but not as good as Face Value.


BET’s Mancave (BET)


BET’s Mancave (BET) – Premieres 18th January 

Talk show hosted by Jeff Johnson, where he is joined with comedian Slink Johnson, R&B singer Tank & music producer Kosine. Where the four talk about current news stories through to getting their perspective of everyday things. It’s like a male version of Loose Women or The View.

The show begins with the four chatting about certain news stories, ranging from the serious to the silly, that have appeared during the week and give their opinions on what’s happened. After that segment, a celebrity guest is introduced where they have an interview about their life and get their outlook on certain pivotal moments.

It then moves on to the four asking light hearted one-or-the-other questions to the guest and is wrapped up with a pre-recorded Mancave Mission, where two of the four go to a location to create something for the show, then going back to the studio where everyone gets to sample it.

As chat shows go it’s lightweight to the extreme, and is akin to something that would be aired during the daytime. It’s all very forgettable.


Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir: The Mane Event (BET)


Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir: The Mane Event (BET) – Premieres 17th October

A reality show where the titular stars are about to get married. The first episode is the live showing of their wedding where the guests get interviewed before heading off to the ceremony and they show snippets of what the programme would actually be, the couple planning the whole shebang.

As live broadcasts of a wedding go, it did exactly what you’d expect, though to why anyone would want to watch the live footage of a couple they don’t know getting hitched is beyond me. And the preview of the actual series looks like the run of the mill reality show that you’d avoid at all costs.


The Comedy Get Down (BET)


The Comedy Get Down (BET) – Premieres 12th October

Heading out on tour together as the Comedy Get Down, this is a sitcom that follows what George Lopez, DL Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin and Charlie Murphy get up to between them going on stage.

In it there are persistent problems with their sponsor finding problems in the act and demanding that changes be made, the inept PA White Terry getting simple requests wrong and the tour manager Nina doing her best at keeping the show running on time.

As a comedy it’s impressive that virtually none of it is funny, and looks like everyone involved is phoning it in. It’s one to miss.


The Rundown with Robin Thede (BET)


The Rundown with Robin Thede (BET) – Premieres 12th October

A weekly topical comedy show in a similar vein to Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, where host Robin Thede goes through a selection of things that have happened in the news while giving her take on things.

As well as the usually satirical stuff in front of an audience there’s also a musical performance, and all in all, the show does what you expect and for a comedy it gets the job done.