Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir: The Mane Event (BET)


Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’oir: The Mane Event (BET) – Premieres 17th October

A reality show where the titular stars are about to get married. The first episode is the live showing of their wedding where the guests get interviewed before heading off to the ceremony and they show snippets of what the programme would actually be, the couple planning the whole shebang.

As live broadcasts of a wedding go, it did exactly what you’d expect, though to why anyone would want to watch the live footage of a couple they don’t know getting hitched is beyond me. And the preview of the actual series looks like the run of the mill reality show that you’d avoid at all costs.



The Comedy Get Down (BET)


The Comedy Get Down (BET) – Premieres 12th October

Heading out on tour together as the Comedy Get Down, this is a sitcom that follows what George Lopez, DL Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin and Charlie Murphy get up to between them going on stage.

In it there are persistent problems with their sponsor finding problems in the act and demanding that changes be made, the inept PA White Terry getting simple requests wrong and the tour manager Nina doing her best at keeping the show running on time.

As a comedy it’s impressive that virtually none of it is funny, and looks like everyone involved is phoning it in. It’s one to miss.


The Rundown with Robin Thede (BET)


The Rundown with Robin Thede (BET) – Premieres 12th October

A weekly topical comedy show in a similar vein to Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, where host Robin Thede goes through a selection of things that have happened in the news while giving her take on things.

As well as the usually satirical stuff in front of an audience there’s also a musical performance, and all in all, the show does what you expect and for a comedy it gets the job done.


Face Value (BET)


Face Value (BET) – Premieres 27th September 

Comedy gameshow hosted by Dion Cole, where two celebrity captains are given two regular folk team mates, and by the end the winning team has the chance to win £10k.

The game has three rounds, in the first round six random people on the street are interviewed and when they are asked a question that is loaded with stereotypes the team whose turn it is has to decide whether it’s true or false, and if they’re correct get 100 points. For the 2nd round each correct answer is given 200 points, and four of the six people interviewed in the first round are brought back, where after they’re questioned the team is given a choice of four answers to pick from.

At the end of that round the team that’s amassed the most points gets to go to the final stage where after picking one of the four interviewees, have to get 10 correct answers to true or false questions posed to them within 60 seconds to win the $10k.

As a comedy gameshow it dishes out a few funny moments, though the deeper into the quiz it gets, the comedy tends to decrease. That said it’s a decent enough way to waste 20 minutes.


50 Central (BET)


50 Central (BET) – Premieres 27th September 

A weird mishmash of a show hosted by 50 Cent where it mixes comedy sketches, with on the street skits where after asking regular folk questions they surprise them with Fiddy appearing, and finish off the programme with a music video.

That said it’s predominantly a comedy where the troupe of comedians picked by Mr Cent do a couple of sketches, and a hidden camera bit that challenges anything done by Jerks With Cameras in the unfunny stakes.

All together it comes over as a bit of a jumbled mess where they’re trying to fit in as much as they can, and barely any of it hitting anywhere near the mark.


Tales (BET)


Tales (BET) – Premieres 27th June – Renewed

Drama where each episode is themed on a famous rap song, the first episode is based on NWAs Fuck the Police where it follows a youth who witnessed the police murdering a local youngster.

The programme begins in a courtroom where after the prosecution delivers its opening statement then reveals that the murdered kid is white and the cops that killed him were black. This sets up the world the episode is in as reversal of racial stereotypes, where the white communities live in the low income areas working in low skilled jobs, and the black community reside in the affluent areas working in the high powered jobs.

As the episode goes along the witness is intimidated by police after they find out he’s to testify against them, his affair with the wife of the head of the local news station is uncovered and generally everything turns to shit for him.

The whole race reversal that that the episode is built on doesn’t give anything to the episode and comes across as a needless twist. While the story itself gets a bit muddled with an ending that seems to be hastily thrown together. It’s all pretty incoherent and has been done better in other shows.


Rebel (BET)


Rebel (BET) – Premieres 28th March

Cop based drama, where maverick cop Rebecca “Rebel” Knight goes on a call with her partner, only to find that the suspect is her own brother. After talking her brother into dropping the gun he was holding her partner panics and begins shooting at him. Rebel resolves that problem by shooting her partner in the foot, only for back up to arrive thinking her brother shot the partner, and killed him while he ran.

Rebel is then investigated by Internal Affairs to find out what happened, leaving her on gardening leave from the force being hounded by the press. She then gets a call from a friend to ask her to look into some suspicious behaviour that her husband is showing.

This leads Rebel to investigate both her friend and her husband, finding out the fella has a kid with another woman and her friend is having an affair with a dubious looking sort. Both she can confront them properly, the friends boyfriend murders the husband, leading Rebel to track him down and discover he’s part of a Chechnyan terrorist organisation plotting to somewhere in the States.

After getting the police down to the scene of the bomb production, the gang have cleaned the place out, leading to Rebel quitting the force to become a private detective and to hunt the gang down.

The show while come across as wanting to be a moderately serious drama ends up becoming reminiscent to the 70’s style blaxploitation cop films, where the ridiculous premise is underpinned by occasional funk bass and electric organ.