Real Money (AXS)


Real Money (AXS) – Premieres 8th April

A reality show that follows 70’s rock frontman Eddie Money and his family, as they go about doing their daily business and playing gigs.

The show mainly revolves around Eddie along with his wife and five adult kids, as they prepare for a gig. Where three of his children perform with him in his band, along with trying to make they own name in a separate group.

Along the way the programme follows them as Eddie tries to keep a dry house as his kids are drinking before and after shows. Having the occasional argument when there is some overspending, or when songs haven’t been learned correctly. And generally revolves around a whole lot of nothing.

The programme is like a sedated version of The Osbournes, and comes across as a lazy way for Eddies kids band to get some free publicity. It’s an easily forgettable bit of television.