Mr. Mercedes (Audience Network)


Mr. Mercedes (Audience Network) – Premieres 9th August

Two years after the unsolved mass killing outside of a Job Fair, the recently retired detective Bill Hodges is settling into the lifestyle of alcoholism and depression. All the while scaring the local kids playing hockey and resisting the advances of the widow living next door.

This is all brought to a head when Bill receives an email that’s from the murderer taunting his current state and challenging him to finished the job he started and to catch him. This leads Bill into start looking into the case where he finds that the killer has left additional videos taunting him over the internet,  showing off that he has been recently surveilling him.

It’s a slow burning opener but covers Bills backstory as well as revealing the unique lifestyle choices of the killer without getting bogged down. It’s a nicely watchable start.



ICE (Audience Network)


ICE (Audience Network) – Starts 16th November

Crime drama about the LA diamond trade, where the members of a Green family business are dropped into a spot of bother when Freddy, the drug fan and diamond connoisseur of the family, ends up killing a prominent diamond dealer.

This leads to Freddy being held by a rather miffed crime lord, by the name of Sister Rah, who demands that his half brother Jake has to raise a vast amount of cash for his release. After tapping up all his contacts Jake is whisked away to a meet with the Rah where he’s told to complete a prearranged deal for some blood diamonds that the deceased dealer was supposed to complete.

At the meet Jake is reunited with Freddy who with Rainman type skills identifies the type of diamond they their about to purchase, while Jake notes something is afoot and bails out of the deal.

With them not going through with the transaction puts the already miffed Sister Rah to the point of feeding them to her Hyenas before they reveal it was a sting set up by the Feds. This doesn’t curry enough favour to settle the debt and are told in no uncertain terms that they’ll be doing more errands for her.

It’s a solid opening ep which takes a while to get going, but when it does it’s an entertaining watch where the only real annoyance in the show ends up being Ray WInstones wandering american accent.


Almost There (Audience Network)


Almost There (Audience Network) – Starts 22nd March

Comedy about a single psychiatrist who meets the woman of his dreams when he is waiting to meet his blind date for the evening. After only getting her first name and what she does of a living, he and his drug dealing friend goes about trying to help him find her.

It’s like How I Met Your Mother where everything about it is in the build up to them meeting properly but without the studio audience.


You Me Her (Audience Network)


You Me Her (Audience Network) – Starts 22nd March – Renewed

Romantic comedy ménage à trois action, where after wanting add a spark to the relationship the husband takes advice from his brother and meets an escort to try and improve his flirting game. He instantly feels guilty and reveals what he’s done to his missus, who in turn contacts the same escort and receives a footjob in a restaurant.

Comedy wise it isn’t great but helps waste 30 minutes.


Billy and Billie (Audience Network)


Billy and Billie (Audience Network) – Starts 3rd March – Cancelled

Comedy drama following Billy and Billie, a couple that have just had their first sexual liaison and are contemplating whether to take the relationship forward. Also thrown into the mix is Billys recent conquest of his boss at work and a couple of his co-workers deducing what happened.

Along with that there’s also the small problem that Billy and Billie are Stepbrother and sister. A bit of an awkward situation.

Comedy wise it’s more in common with Togetherness where there aren’t any of the classic sitcom comedy setups, just more wry observations.