Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers (Animal Planet)


Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers (Animal Planet) – Premieres 8th April – Miniseries

A programme where in each episode, biologist and angler Jeremy Wade heads off to one of the largest waterways on the planet. When there Wade looks into the state of the rivers, and sees how human treatment to them have effected the aquatic life they contain.

During the episode Wade visits a certain section of the river, then slowly heads upstream, where he meets up with locals to get their opinion of the state of the water. There he either heads out with fishermen to see how the fish population has reduced, or local scientists who show him how pollution and illegal dumping have effected the area.

As Wade conducts a couple of small investigations on the state of the water, he then meets up with folks who are trying to reduce the contamination of the river. And afterwards goes about trying to find out if any of the larger apex predators are still living in the waters.

For a nature programme it’s an easy watch and more watchable than expected.



Cat Vs Dog (Animal Planet)


Cat Vs Dog (Animal Planet) – Premieres 11th November

A pet training programme where cat expert Jackson Galaxy and dog trainer Zoe Sandor, head off to a household where the owners are having problems integrating their pets.

Like Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation, the duo head off to the pet owners home and talk to them about the problems they’re facing, after spending time with the pets they device and training programme for the owners to do, before they return in two weeks.

While the owners are doing the training, Jackson and Zoe head off to another owner who is suffering from a different set of problems where they go through the same set up. After a month, Jackson and Zoe return to the owners to see how they are progressing, where they increasing the training routines and help with any problems the owners are having.

Then after an additional 5 weeks the pair do a final visit to witness the progress, where by then both sets of animals are getting on like an house on fire.

As pet training shows goes this is watchable enough.


Mystery Of The Lost Islands (Animal Planet)


Mystery Of The Lost Islands (Animal Planet) – Premieres 7th November

Nature documentary where zoologist and predator expert Dave Salmoni heads off to remote islands over the world to study the generally unexplained animal behaviours that are unique to the area.

As he arrives at the island Dave begins to look into the different habitats on offer and what animals it attracts, and how that effects the eco system. When after exploring the island fully comes to the conclusion on how the various aspects of the location create the conditions necessary which the strange events that occur and why they happen.

The show is pretty solid nature documentary, though while it start to dip half way through, the way the discoveries are tied together at the end to explain the uniqueness of the island jeeps it an interesting enough watch.


Intruders (Animal Planet)


Intruders (Animal Planet) – Premieres 5th November

A show that recounts to stories of regular folks having to deal with unwanted animal visitors to their homes. The programme gets through three separate stories where those involved narrate through the sequence of events while reenactments are played out on screen.

It’s similar in its delivery to I Was Prey, though while that dealt with animal attacks this is solely focused on folks dealing with infestations and unwanted guests, while explaining how they were dealt with and the after effects it caused.

It’s not the best programme to ever be created though if you enjoyed I Was Prey, this is almost more of the same.


Animal Cribs (Animal Planet)


Animal Cribs (Animal Planet) – Premieres 3rd November

A property renovation show where Antonio Ballatore and his team head off to a property where the owner is wanting to make their home more animal friendly to their pet.

After finding out what the client is after and seeing how their pet currently acts in the building, Antonio draws up a plan on what to do, sends the owners out of their house for four weeks and gets everything renovated while incorporating all of their wants while throwing in a few additional surprises.

Then when the time is up the family returns to the home and gets shown around everything thats been done, and there is much rejoicing. As property programmes go, you find it being more watchable just because of the premise being a break from the norm. It’s not too bad.


Animal Black Ops (Animal Planet)


Animal Black Ops (Animal Planet) – Premieres 4th October  

An animal based crime documentary that shows how Fish and Wildlife Services managed to capture some of the more notorious and illusive animal poachers.

Using a mix of reenactments and interviews with those involved the episode goes through how they initially made contact with the poachers, gain their trust and ultimately caught them in the act.

While the programme isn’t breaking any new ground the first ep was surprisingly interesting with the whole cat and mouse of them trying to get the arrest.


My Big Fat Pet Makeover (Animal Planet)


My Big Fat Pet Makeover (Animal Planet) – Premieres 30th September 

Pet trainer Travis Brorsen helps out two owners of overweight animals in creating a new dietary plan for their pets and showing them exercise techniques and ways to improve their pet’s behaviour.

In the show after meeting with the owners and weighing their pet, Travis gives them their new itinerary and sets a goal to reach in three months time. After 2 week into the new regime Travis visits to see how everything is coming along where he introduces a new element to help the animal with it’s weight loss along with helping the owner with any problems they’ve encountered.

At the end of the three months Travis returns to give the final weighing and finding out if the animal and has got to the ideal weight for its size, which they do and there is much rejoicing. All-in-all it a pretty standard Animal Planet type show.