Wolves and Warriors (Animal Planet)


Wolves and Warriors (Animal Planet) – Premieres 1st September

A show that follows the folks involved with the Lockwood Animal Rescue Centre, where along with focusing on rescuing and rehabilitating wolves in the area. Also run a program where they employ former military folks who are having trouble adjusting to civilian life.

In the programme it shows the group as they are called out to a wolf rescue, where they safely catch the animal, before bringing it back to their grounds to release it in an enclosure with the other wolves they saved.

Along with this is shows some of the problems the group encounters with some of their new ex-military employees, and how working with the animals help them deal their their own personal problems.

For an Animal Planet show it’s an easy bit of viewing, though it is one that would only interest those with an interest in the subject matter.



Scaled (Animal Planet)


Scaled (Animal Planet) – Premieres 24th August

A pet based home renovation show for reptile owners. Where the employees of Cornel’s World meet up with a client, find out what sort of installation they want to put in their home, and go about creating a rather epic scaled solution.

After being shown the animals that the owners want to rehouse, and finding out their wants and needs for the new terrarium. Ranging from it look to functions to help with the upkeep of the animals. The team head back to their factory to begin work on the build.

As the team agree on how the final piece should look, they begin manufacturing the parts. Along with creating some bespoke pieces to surprise the clients. Where after a few moments of adapting the piece to incorporate things they may have misjudged. Transport and install the final product and reveal it to the new owners.

The show has some vague similarities to Animal Cribs, with it being about a pet owner wanting to dedicate a part of of their home solely to their pet. But in this one everyone involved during the process do seem a lot more passionate about the creature they are working with, making it more enjoyable watch. That said, it is something you’d only watch if you have an intense interest in the subject matter.



Vet Gone Wild (Animal Planet)


Vet Gone Wild (Animal Planet) – Premieres 10th June

A programme that follows vet Dr Chris Brown as he travels the world, helping local communities and conservation programmes who treat injured or poorly animals.

In the episode Dr Brown heads of to a specific country, where he ends up meeting three different animal advocate groups. With each group Chris meets up with, he helps them with the treatment of a couple of the animals they take care of. Where after he diagnoses the animals condition, teaches the groups in what to look for and how to treat them.

Along with helping improve the groups ability to treat the animals the look out for, Chris is also brought in to help with the more specialist problems that require surgery. Where after performing the operation it show the animal making a healthy recovery. And the finishes off with giving an update on the animals shown during the programme.

Compared to other vet based shows like Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, Dr Dee Alaska Vet & Love And Vets, this comes over as more varied show and is a lot more watchable for it.


Extinct or Alive (Animal Planet)


Extinct or Alive (Animal Planet) – Premieres 10th June

This is a programme where biologist Forrest Galante heads off to in search for animals that have been classified as extinct, but have been rumoured by locals to still be in the area.

After arriving in the country in question, Galente heads off to find the history of the animal he’ll be searching for. Where along with speaking to historians about how the animal became extinct, meets up with locals to find out about why they believe it is still in the area, and where the sightings have occurred.

From there Forrest then begins to put together a number of attempts to capture physical evidence that can scientifically confirm the creatures existence, along with trying to capture the animal on film.

As Forrest does his investigation, various ideas end up becoming redundant until he ends up with a plan that start to turn up a few results. Leading to a couple of night time investigations happening, where by the end Forrest comes to a pretty conclusive idea on whether the animal is extinct, if it’s being confused for another indigenous animal, or in fact it still exists.

The way the show is set up, it’s like an animal centric version of Expedition Unknown, though with this the night time investigations actually turn up some results. And for a show that’s an hour and a half long it goes along at a decent pace and keeps your interest through out. It’s worth a watch.


Dodo Heroes (Animal Planet)


Dodo Heroes (Animal Planet) – Premieres 9th June

A documentary series where in each episode it follows a person that specialises in a specific field, that helps animals in a unique way.

During the show, it follows the person in question as they go to extreme lengths to help an animal in need. Where they use their expertise in giving an animal a better quality of life.

Along with the main story, the programme also shows the person helping out another animal. Which acts as an introduction to what they do, how they do it and why, before they head out for the main challenge. When there, after meeting the animal and their carer, they monitor the animal in its current state. And then over time implement their technique, making sure the carer knows how to continue the treatment, and making sure the animal adapts to it correctly before they head off.

As nature programmes go, this one has more of a PBS vibe about it all. And when compared to other wildlife programmes like Vet Gone Wild, lacks anything to really keep your interest.


Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers (Animal Planet)


Jeremy Wade’s Mighty Rivers (Animal Planet) – Premieres 8th April – Miniseries

A programme where in each episode, biologist and angler Jeremy Wade heads off to one of the largest waterways on the planet. When there Wade looks into the state of the rivers, and sees how human treatment to them have effected the aquatic life they contain.

During the episode Wade visits a certain section of the river, then slowly heads upstream, where he meets up with locals to get their opinion of the state of the water. There he either heads out with fishermen to see how the fish population has reduced, or local scientists who show him how pollution and illegal dumping have effected the area.

As Wade conducts a couple of small investigations on the state of the water, he then meets up with folks who are trying to reduce the contamination of the river. And afterwards goes about trying to find out if any of the larger apex predators are still living in the waters.

For a nature programme it’s an easy watch and more watchable than expected.


Cat Vs Dog (Animal Planet)


Cat Vs Dog (Animal Planet) – Premieres 11th November

A pet training programme where cat expert Jackson Galaxy and dog trainer Zoe Sandor, head off to a household where the owners are having problems integrating their pets.

Like Cesar Millan’s Dog Nation, the duo head off to the pet owners home and talk to them about the problems they’re facing, after spending time with the pets they device and training programme for the owners to do, before they return in two weeks.

While the owners are doing the training, Jackson and Zoe head off to another owner who is suffering from a different set of problems where they go through the same set up. After a month, Jackson and Zoe return to the owners to see how they are progressing, where they increasing the training routines and help with any problems the owners are having.

Then after an additional 5 weeks the pair do a final visit to witness the progress, where by then both sets of animals are getting on like an house on fire.

As pet training shows goes this is watchable enough.