Blood Ivory (Animal Planet)


Blood Ivory (Animal Planet) – Premieres 12th September

A docu-series that follows VETPAW, a group of former military personal who have got together to help with the conservation of the elephants in Tanzania, where they work with the local anti-poaching group.

After getting through their temporary licence, VETPAW being in their assistance of breaking down the local ivory trade by a five stage plan the goes after the poachers through to the main regional distributors.

The show follows them working undercover where after finding a possible target, arrange a deal for some ivory before arranging and executing the sting to arrest to poacher. For an Animal Planet show t’s not too bad a watch.



I Was Prey (Animal Planet)


I Was Prey (Animal Planet) – Premieres 16th July

A show that recounts the true stories of two people that survived animal attacks. The way the attacks are recounted is similar to the delivery used by Still Alive, as it constantly flits between the two stories being told, though instead of having film footage it uses reenactments and photos of the injuries to add to the narration from the the survivor.

Unlike Still Alive the show goes along at a decent pace without too much repetition as it rejoins a story, though it’s still nothing you’d hunt down to watch.


Safari Live: Migration (Animal Planet)


Safari Live: Migration (Animal Planet) – Premieres 14th July

A live wildlife programme hosted by the South African cross between Richard O’Brian and Chris Packham. In it the show follows a selection of animals as they go about their business during the migration season through the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya, while being closely followed by an wildlife expert and camerman.

Like most live wildlife shows such as Autumnwatch and the like, not much really happens as they switch between the experts, but is held together by the earlier filmed footage and host answering questions fired in by the viewers.

The show is pretty slow going and something you wouldn’t go out of your way to watch, but the host with his eccentric demeanour and passion for the subject is the highlight of the programme.


Expedition Mungo (Animal Planet)


Expedition Mungo (Animal Planet) – Premieres 28th May

Renowned adventure camera man Paul “Mungo” Mungeam travels around the world visiting remote place to see if he and his team can catch some of the more mysterious animals on film for the first time.

Like Destination Truth, Mungo picks one of the stranger animals he’s heard about on his travels then gets a team together and heads to the country of the animals origin. There he chats to locals to find any witnesses and possible locations of where the creature has be known to appear.

After finding the most likely location to catch the animal on film, they set up motion activated cameras and head on off on a night hunt in an effort to see it. Where afterwards all the footage is reviewed and Mungo delivers his verdict on the possibility of the creature existing.

For a creature hunting programme similar to the ones Josh Gates makes, it’s not as good as Destination Truth or Expedition Unknown, but it’s worth a viewing.


North Woods Law: New Hampshire (Animal Planet)


North Woods Law: New Hampshire (Animal Planet) – Premieres 5th March – Renewed

Similar to fellow Animal Planet shows Rugged Justice and Lone Star Law and spinoff of North Woods Law, this follows the members of the New Hampshire Fish and Game as they go about their daily business.

In it they deal with rogue bears making an appearance in built up areas, keep an eye on trail paths for reckless ATV driving, ward of animal poachers and come to the aid of folks in trouble.

If you’ve seen any of the aforementioned shows then this is more of the same.


The Zoo (Animal Planet)


The Zoo (Animal Planet) – Premieres 18th February – Renewed

A show that follows the going on at the Bronx Zoo, where the it shows various zoo staff working with a selection of animals showing how they are being teated for any illnesses, helping the procreation of rare species and how what they find out in the zoo has practical uses in helping the conservation of animals in the wild.

It’s an archetypal Animal Planet show, where if you have a passing interest in zoo based shenanigans then this would cover everything you’d want.


Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson (Animal Planet)


Animal Nation with Anthony Anderson (Animal Planet) – Premieres 10th February

A show that joins Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party in the strange chat show stakes, Anthony Anderson gets a few celebs in for an animal centric chat. In between the interviews there are a couple of set segments including a review of animal clips found on the internet and a trainer bringing in an animal for a live demonstration.

It all comes across as something shoehorned together at the last minute and topped off with the shows announcer, Tina the Brain Coral. It all comes together to be utterly tedious viewing.